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Todd Brown is “Conversionfly” Review And Demo Videos & Exclusive Bonuses [valued at $3050]

It’s the most complete marketing funnel tracking, reporting, and optimization tool ever created.

ConversionFly is a direct marketer’s dream come true!

It tracks every marketing funnel, every stage of every campaign, every traffic source, every ad, every link, every visitor, every sale, and more… and gives you stunning real-time reports on every critical marketing metric you need to optimize, scale, and profit from every piece of your marketing.


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Product Name         :  ConversionFly

Creator                      : Todd Brown

Product Price               : $47/Monthly – $399/Annual

Official Site              :

Cart Open                 : April 21 Thursday,2016

Cart closes                : April 28 Thursday,2016

Tracking Your Marketing Will Never Be The Same Again!


ConversionFly Slice-1The power of having the right tools to set your business on new heights is sublime. You can break the limitations and build new paradigms with the use of Conversionfly. It helps you track your Market funnel and optimize all the tools to get you outstanding results. There are so many products that have graced the market but this has set the Internet Marketing space in a whole new direction. One of the things it does is to give you the breakdown of the activities that go on in your market funnel even before you make a conversion. This gives you the right data to make your analysis and take composite decisions.

This review of ConversionFly would be incomplete without stating that it is set for a unique launch. Every savvy Marketer is getting on the train to be a part of this winning team. This is an open secret but one that is worth saying – this tool has changed the shape of the Internet Marketing world. One of the things that resonate with anyone that has used this product is the multiple reports you can get in one move. It gives you the confidence to plan your campaigns with the assurance that you are well equipped to handle each step of the process.

ConversionFly Slice-1SSSAmong the many things that are on offer, the Conversionfly bonus gives you greater value for money. It has a reward system that can help you make real cash once you sign up. Interestingly, when you sign up as a VIP, you get to enjoy a superb support from an expert JV director. The speed and the analysis that comes with the Conversionfly bonuses make it the leading name in its niche. You can track your customers for life and use the information to your advantage. Everything about your business takes new shape when you use this tool with its dynamic offerings.

When we look at everything that the Conversionfly Todd Brown created stands for; you would realize that the expertise that went into it is the best. It is important to mention that the field is open to accommodate other partners. You can make it a date by getting into this process that would give you guaranteed success. One of the things that would evolve as a result of this tool is that you get quick access to the right data. You do not need to go through the complexities that were a norm in the Internet marketing business.

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On a final note, you cannot miss this unique opportunity which would make Champions out of those who partner with it. There is something new brewing in the industry and this cannot be taken away from the input of conversionfly. The interesting times that are ahead would definitely authenticate what the experts are already projecting. This is the product that would give you the impetus to soar above the conundrum that abounds in the marketplace. There are reviews of many products that promise so much and are unable to deliver when put to use; however, this product is simply efficient and effective in its delivery.

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ConversionFly TODD BROWNLT3jJMany people have branded themselves leaders on the internet, but even with that, only a few deserve to be acknowledged for their exceptional internet marketing skills. Todd Brown is one internet marketer who has established his mettle and has been very successful in the field. This stems from the fact that he has taken time to understand sales and marketing, an issue that is right at the heart of every business.

Having started his job as an online marketer in 2003, Todd has been a prominent figure in the industry for over 10 years, and the fact that he has taken different fields by storm is clear. Through his company MoreChiroPatients, Inc., he has been able to develop chiropractic dashboard, an automated multimedia marketing system targeted at chiropractor.

Todd Brown –Product Overview

Owing to their busy schedules, patients may sometimes forget to include their chiropractic visits in their to-do-lists, and as time goes by, they may get too embarrassed to schedule another appointment. This means that they may not come back to get the services they need, and for the chiropractic office, this can only amount to lost business. It is based on these premises that the chiropractic dashboard was developed.

The system helps maintain communication with patients as a way of showing concern so they are encouraged to visit the office again. Even when a patient has disappeared for months, contacts made at the right time can bring back half or more of them and make great impact on a chiropractor’s practice.

Todd Brown – Experiences In The Industry

Other than the many products Todd has developed to help businesses triple their profits, he has through the company Strategic Profits, worked alongside Rich Shefren, a highly respected online entrepreneur known to have made over $3,000,000 in only 7 days. When Todd isn’t working on ways to grow his business, he has presented his ideas on effective internet marketing alongside authors such as Michael Geber and Brian Tracy among other notable professionals.

Today, Todd is often sought-after to take part in interviews and conferences regarding chiropractic marketing as different establishments aim to incorporate his solutions –cutting edge technologies that have been proven to generate new patients while enabling them to keep up with their chiropractic care. Through his products, many businesses have been able to get back on course.

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See how each and every stage of every funnel is converting.
It shows the performing of every traffic source, ad, and link.
You’ll get reports regarding more than 15 critical direct response metrics, including: Breakeven Speed & Lifetime Customer Value.
You’ll be able to see the performance of all organic traffic, blog traffic, social media traffic, and paid traffic.

What is included and HOW it Works

The Conversionfly program consists of many advantages to you. The program comes equipped with…

-Individual Traffic Source Split-Testing

ConversionFly the-split-gen-processThis feature helps to cut time by running multiple tests at once in one funnel. For a market, this saves time and can show what works the best faster.

-Breakeven Speed Analysis

Another program feature in Conversionfly is the Breakeven Speed Analysis. It helps the market understand how long it takes for them to regain the cash spent on ads. Paid traffic is a method that is used and works well for marketers.

-Cross-Platform Tracking

There are multiple ways to obtain customers, and this feature helps to track across all of those platforms for getting customers. Conversionfly tracks across all types of smart devices for the most accuracy and convenience.

-Customer Tracking

Each customer that buys can also continue with membership or with other service purchases. Conversionfly helps with Lifetime Customer Tracking and helps the marketer know how much a customer has spent on purchases.


Every type of customer is tracked through Conversionfly, this can be organic, paid, social media traffic, and more. Every blog or video that the buyer has can be tracked and customers and views observed from one source, Conversionfly.

-Funnel Jump Reporting

Not every customer buys the first time, so Conversionfly can help a business owner know if the customer may be worth more time.

Pros of ConversionFLY

-Conversionfly saves time thanks to the tracking speeds.
-A business owner can get better productivity thanks to this service.

Cons of ConversionFLY

-The program does not do the work for the individual, and you as the marketer will need to apply your own techniques. This is where my bonuses come in to create a done-for-you service.


With a reasonable price, it makes this program more accessible to new marketers. Also, the buyer can utilize efficient technology.

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What is Conversionfly and What It’ll do for your Business:

Conversionfly is a marketing tool that is aimed to help entrepreneurs convert their audiences into buying customers.

When becoming a marketer, users have to run many ads and campaigns to promote their service to potential buyers.

This can be very time consuming to create and track everything. The fact that it is so difficult to maintain can cause for mistakes.

This program, Conversionfly, is meant to fix this issue by creating an easy to use platform that helps buyers to manage their business more efficiently. With any company, it is essential to have an organization to perform.

Conversionfly is basically like a virtual assistant that keeps track of how business is doing and how each task is performing.

What makes Conversionfly so unique that you should use it?

You can track across various platforms, including mobile, tablet, and desktop.
You can split-test stages of a single funnel for specific traffic sources. You will be able to optimize a single funnel for each source of traffic and leads.
You can see how long it takes you to recoup 100% of your ad spend to become profitable.
Know the value of each customer and see learn where your most valuable customers are coming from.
Track every source of your traffic, including organic traffic.
You will learn how much revenue every funnel brings you from sales generated from other funnels and offers.


Get the best tools for business as you can aid individuals in obtaining the results you want. Everyone has their reason to create a successful business; goals can be achieved faster with the appropriate techniques.


Brand New FREE Special Report From Todd Brown

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The Simple Mathematical Marketing Method:

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“The Secret Of Complete Campaign Tracking”

How The Savviest Marketers Get Some Simple Numbers That Tell You Exactly What To Do With Your Funnel To Optimize Your Conversions And Grow Your Sales!

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“Fast, Easy & Profitable Marketing Decisions”

Simply Let These 3 Categories Of Marketing Metrics Tell You What To Do Next So

You Never Have To Make Another Marketing Decisions By Guessing At Anything!

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ConversionFly REVIEW


(Valued at $3050)

Bonus #1 –

Email Marketing A to Z (Valued at $144)


Bonus #2 –

WP No Right Click Plugin (Valued at $99)

IM conversion suite     We are giving you an additional booster to enhance its value. This WordPress plugin helps you to catch extra money by displaying popups whenever someone tries to steal your blog content or views your source code. Trust me, this package is a sure shot profit booster for you. Take its benefits in order to become successful in the long run.

Bonus #3 –

WP News Pro (Valued at $95)

    IM conversion suite Getting more leads, subscribers and sales are the top most concerns for every online marketer today and with your purchase, you are on a smooth ride on the road to success. With this exclusive WP News Pro plugin, you will be able to get more leads and sales for your business. This plugin is an easy to install and can pull traffic from search engines and social media sites. Take its benefit in order to become a success story.

Bonus #4 –

WP Social Widget Plugin (Valued at $97)

IM conversion suite    When it comes to getting targeted traffic on your website in order to boost your sales and profits, social media does not need an introduction. WP Social Widget is a fantastic WordPress Plugin that will help you massively increase your social traffic to your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, RSS Feeds, Pinterest and much more. 

Bonus #5 

WP iAsk Plugin (Valued at $98)

    bonus4This plugin you will be able to grab important information about your visitors. WP iAsk is a fantastic and useful WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and effortlessly incorporate surveys, gather critical data such as Statistics and Answers from your visitors into your WordPress website. Use this powerful plugin and let your profits skyrocket in a short time period.

Bonus #6 

Bullet Nova WP Theme (Valued at $45)bullet-nova

Bonus #7 

Viral Marketing 101 Tips (Valued at $77)


Bonus #8 

 List Building Aces(Valued at $85)


Bonus #9

(Valued at $99)

10 List Building Mistakes: How to Avoid These Email Marketing Killers

2016-03-21_1323This ebook will reveal the top 10 list building mistakes that the majority of email marketers make.  Watch your optin rates, open rates, click-through rates soar after avoiding these conversion killers!

Bonus #10

fffffAffiliate Tutor (Valued at $144)

With over 18 hours of video training taught by 2 seasoned marketers, you will learn everything you need to become a super affiliate – basic affiliate marketing principles, list building, niche site building, CPA marketing, guerilla marketing and more.

Bonus #11

Lead Gen Pro WordPress Plugin (Valued at $197)

lead-gen-proBuild responsive lead generating landing pages that work! No Leak Landing Pages.

Take every opportunity possible to capture the lead of every visitor. Works with any auto-responder. Amazingly simple page setup!

Bonus #12

Facebook Lead Capture (Valued at $197)

fb-lead-captureCreate Awesome Captures Pages in Your WordPress Blog

Using a simple 3 step system, you can create unlimited custom landing pages using the easy to use admin option panel on all of your wordpress blogs. Includes developer license.

Bonus #13

EVERLEAD (WordPress Plugin) (Valued at $197)

ever-leadThe easiest way to get high quality leads. 8 pre-designed professional styles or build your own! Super easy to edit and get going. Connect to any auto-responder service. Add a video or headline image.

Bonus #14

spark-engineSPARK ENGINE (WordPress Plugin) (Valued at $197)

Build Any Web Page Yourself in Only Minutes. Web Page Editor in Your Web Browser.  See a Video Landing Page Built in 30 Seconds.

Bonus #15

Inside Mark’s Home Video Studio (Valued at $197)

MarkBonus1See inside of one of the creators of EasyVSL, Mark Thompson’s home video studio for how to crank out high quality audio and video content super quickly.  Content / Product creation is the other secret to Internet success. The ones that produce content/products efficiently can truly scale from 6 to 7, then 7 to 8 figures.

Bonus #16

Video Affiliate Pro (Valued at $197)

MarkBonus2Utilize this plugin with your EasyVSL videos to start building an email list.  Lightbox Popups have been around for a WHILE…because they work. Take 5 minutes to setup and configure. 

Bonus #17

YouTube Squeeze Pages (Valued at $197)

MarkBonus3Learn how to create killer Video Squeeze Pages using YouTube videos and free software.

Bonus #18

Legally Use Other Peoples YouTube Videos (Valued at $197)

MarkBonus4Learn how to legally utilize an ENDLESS number of YouTube videos for your own use. Perfect to use with the Tube Trackr software!

Bonus #19

MarkBonus5How to Generate 10,000 Views On YouTube (Valued at $197)

Youtube Videos getting no views? This report reveals how to get 10,000 REAL views in a week

Bonus #20

WP Video Optin (Valued at $197)

MarkBonus6Create powerful video background e-mail landing pages perfect for exciting offers.






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