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Review of: Zero Up™
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Fred Lam

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On October 5, 2016
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Zero Up™ By Fred Lam

Zero Up™ Complete Review and Demo By Fred Lam – Ultimate eCommerce AUTOMATION Software.

Zero Up Review

Product Name     : Zero Up

Creator                  : Fred Lam

Product Type       : Web-based Software and training program

Niche                     : eCommerce

Product Price       : $1497 (Payment Plans Also Available)

Official Site          :  (Direct To Cart Link)

The Verdict          : 100% Recommended

What’s Zero Up?

Fred Lam has been quietly working on his eCommerce businesses for nearly 12 years. He has assisted generate over $20 Million in sales solely from the blueprint that he will share within Zero Up. Fred is also one of the foremost specialists on the planet of Media Buying. From Facebook advertisements to AdWords and BING– he has mastered the art of getting traffic for pennies!

So what if I informed that you automate the production of your eCommerce business with Zero Up by Fred Lam. Sounds not bad? Well, let’s take things to the next level and say you can automate the whole store.

Zero Up

Throughout Fred, he has discovered three major flaws in the eCommerce world.

  • Obstacles – It is extremely tight for NEWBIES to split the eCommerce market. There are just too many significant barriers that stop people dead in their tracks.
  • Technology – It is challenging to set up a store. Set-up the tracking and automate the products and buying. Well, not any longer! This is all now 100% click-click and automated!
  • Coaching – Let’s face it. In our lives, whatever Fred –  get assistance and help. However, why is it any various with beginning an Internet Business? Well, this is precisely why Fred Lam is making himself 100% offered to help his students!

Watch The Zero Up Demo Below

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With these three major issues, Fred Lam has now invested over $140,000 with his entire team and with top-level consultants – all so he could develop a full eCommerce automation software– something that can 100% automate the procedure of running a full-blown business!. It has taken more than 12 months of production and screening to finish and announce the release of Zero Up finally.

Who Is Fred Lam?

 Fred LamAnother reason that Zero Up is useful is that you are in the led hands of a professional who has more than 12 years of experience in the field. He has evolved his advertising and sales experience for many years and also has consistently stayed on track with systems like Facebook, Adwords, and also others. Overall, the skills, as well as expertise that he has developed throughout the years, has caused the generation of more than  $20 million. ‘

His Story

Twelve years ago, Fred Lam started his online venture while employed as a dishwasher at a local restaurant. He never did well in school and wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He thought his career would end in a restaurant until he got introduced to the Internet Marketing world. After that, his life changed.

Starting with zero experience, Fred struggled to unlock the secret codes to succeed in the online business industry. Through dedication and hard work, he finally discovered a system and together with his ex-partner, Fred created their first online business and generated over $4.6 million dollars in sales in just 4 months.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of business knowledge and infrastructure at a young age, the business collapsed. Despite the downfall, Fred was fortunate to mastered parts of his 5-step blueprint, which he will share with you in this book.

After the business collapsed, Fred went through a state of depression. He quit Internet Marketing and created his own ad agency with the skills he acquired. Quickly afterward, Fred was retained by a local automotive dealer to be the youngest Marketing Manager for BMW Group Canada, MINI, and Rolls-Royce. From there, Fred has expanded his agency to have more than 15 dealerships under his wing along with top clients around the world. With his new success, Fred gained

With his new success, Fred gained confidence to craft his second online business venture. Within only six months, Fred generated $6 million dollars in sales.

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The Members Area

One-Click Shopify eCommerce Store Creation: – Setting up a Shopify store can be tedious for newbies. Even with Shopify’s easy-to-use dashboard, many people still face challenges, and many just quit within 5 minutes. Well, with Zero Up, just click a few buttons and your store is up and 100% functional in less than 5 minutes!

Step #1 – Select Your Theme
zero up review

Step #1 – Select Your Theme

zero up software

Step #3 – Fill In Your Store’s Details

Zero Up Fred Lam

Full Integrated with AliExpress & Access To Their Millions of Products : – You can turn China into your store. If it is sold on Aliexpress, you can now sell it with just a few clicks. Just go and search for any product, using any search words. Once you find the product you want – just click “Publish.” That is it. Instantly – your product will be listed on your Shopify store, and you will be in BUSINESS.  Imagine, you can now sell any (or all) of the MILLIONS of products marketed in China!


Permits you to look for product concepts by entering a KEYWORD, or simply get in the AliExpress URL. From here you can rapidly include products to your shop with a click.

You can likewise include products to your watch list (which allows you to search for rate increases /drops), include suppliers to your favorite VENDORS list & even carry out a product from your Shopify store.

zeroup review

100% Fulfillment Automation – Never Manually Process an Order! : – Listen, this one feature alone is worth $10,000. So, in the past, every time you got a sale you had to go and place the purchase manually. This required you to either spend hours doing it OR you had to hire someone else to do it.  Well, not anymore! Zero Up™ will now completely automate the ENTIRE process. The minute you get a sale, Zero Up™ will instantly fulfill that order for you. You never have even to click a button!. Fred developed an entire fulfillment automation module which automatically orders & fulfills any sale your Shopify store gets.

 zero up download

Advanced Email Integration with 12 Autoresponders – HUGE Profit Boost! :- For a long time, you have been forced to use Mail Chimp(even the new integrations are all faulty and flawed). Even if you get the integration to work, the automation is horrible. It is so limited that you are flushing millions of profit down the drain. Well, that comes to an end now! – You cannot capture Emails of those who ABANDON, You cannot segment by the product they bought! Moreover, so much more… Well, not any more!. Zero Up™ now has incredibly sophisticated integrations with over 12 of the Industry’s TOP autoresponders! All the new features Fred added can genuinely add millions to your business without you even knowing!

Profit Multiplier – Maximize Your Sales Instantly! : – Once someone purchased from your store, chances are for them to keep buying from you is extremely high. You want to keep them in the buying behavior and maximize your initial cart value. With Profit Multiplier, you are now able to sell anything right on your Shopify’s thank you page with a simple coupon creator – a video pop-up and even customized HTML. This is proven to increase your sales by 30% but simply using this tool.

Funnel Builder – Drag & Drop Sales Funnel Builder For eCommerce: – As marketers, Fred has know just how important FUNNELS are.  However, most people think that funnels are ONLY for digital products. WRONG. If you use MY formula, you will see just what a huge impact a funnel can have on your eCommerce business.  However, this has never excited before – no one has ever built a tool like this, till today. Zero Up allows you to develop the entire funnel and even create your customized landing pages! Fred cracked the ENTIRE Shopify code, and now, Fred have a full drag and drop landing page creator. You can even split-test your product page to sky-rocket your sales!. On top of all these automation tools within Zero Up, Fred has documented his 12 years of eCommerce success into a full step-by-step training academy. It is created for any individuals starting from zero to advanced eCommerce owners who wanted to scale their eCommerce store. In fact, Fred will bring your newly referred students behind the curtains to his ENTIRE 8-figure empire and show how Zero Up members can just copy and paste his success. These are proven techniques and tools that many of his beta users are experiencing.


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The Training:

Currently, if you DON’T know Fred Lam – he is the creator of iPro Academy. The man is a web traffic brilliant. He is invested millions on FaceBook advertisements, Google ads, and also various other media buys and recognizes more than any person I understand when it comes to buying and also converting web traffic. Every little thing from A-Z is covered INCLUDING lots of training on … you thought it, FaceBook advertisements as well as traffic!

Module 1: –  Store Creation

Discover the step by step procedure on creating your very first eCommerce store.

Here The Lessons:-

  • Lesson1 – Niche Selection
  • Lesson2 – Business Creation
  • Lesson3 – Purchasing Domain
  • Lesson4 – Branding Your Store
  • Lesson5 – Creating Your Shopify Store
  • Lesson6 – Site Wizard
  • Lesson7 – Using Another Shopify
  • Lesson8 – Setting Up Payments
  • Lesson9 – Setting Up Shipping Table
  • Lesson10 – Porting Domain
  • Lesson11 – Setting Up Email Address
  • Lesson12 – Final Steps

Module 2:– Inventory Arbitrage

Discover the Inventory Arbitrage method to sell any physical products.

Here The Training:-

  • Training #1 – Inventory Arbitrage
  • Training #2 – The Golden Marketplace
  • Training #3 – Spying On Top Sellers
  • Training #4 – Increasing Perceived Value
  • Training #5 – The Pricing Formula
  • Training #6 – Crafting A Great Product

Module 3:– Turbocharging Your Store

See a list of apps and configurations needed to turn your store into a cash machine.

Here The Training:-

  • Training #1 – Email Integration
  • Training #2 – Autoresponder Sequence
  • Training #3 – The App Store
  • Training #4 – App: Conversio
  • Training #5 – App: Fomo
  • Training #6 – App: Abandonment Protector
  • Training #7 – App: The Shipping Duals
  • Training #8 – App: Hurrify
  • Training #9 – App: Privy

Module 4:– Creating A Sales Funnel

Learn how you can maximize your revenue from every new customer you acquire.

Here The Training:-

  • Training #1 – Crafting Your Sales Funnel
  • Training #2 – The Funnel Builder
  • Training #3 – Profit Multiplier
  • Training #4 – The Art Of Copywriting
  • Training #5 – Increasing Your AOV

Module 5:– Advertising Your Store

How to attract unlimited targeted customers to your website and turn them into profit.

Here The Training:-

  • Training #1 – Creating Your Facebook
  • Training #2 – Your Facebook Business
  • Training #3 – Everything About Pixels
  • Training #4 – Finding Your Target Audience
  • Training #5 – Different Types Of Targeting
  • Training #6 – The Different Ad Types & Strategies
  • Training #7 – How To Create Your Facebook Ads
  • Training #8 – The Tripwire Method
  • Training #9 – Content Marketing Strategy
  • Training #10 – Demo Ad Method
  • Training #11 – Skimming The Market
  • Training #12 – Analyzing Your Facebook
  • Training #13 – Scaling With Facebook Ads
  • Training #14 – Advanced: Custom Audiences
  • Training #15 – Dealing With Account Suspension

Module 6:– Store Management – Learn the tips and techniques to maintain and run your store.

Module 7:– Traffic Genius

Expand your presence in other advertising networks to reach more customers.


Here The Training:-

  • Training #1 – The Network Within A Network
  • Training #2 – Compiling Your Keywords
  • Training #3 – The “Right” Setup Method
  • Training #4 – Bing Ad Copy Hacks
  • Training #5 – Tracking Your Conversions


Here The Training:-

  • Training #1 – Understanding Google Advertising
  • Training #2 – Being Compliant With Google
  • Training #3 – Preparation For Google AdWords
  • Training #4 – Understanding Google Search
  • Training #5 – Understanding Quality Score
  • Training #6 – Keywords & Ad Groups
  • Training #7 – Creating Effective Ad Copies
  • Training #8 – Setting Up Google Search Campaign
  • Training #9 – Optimizing Google Search Campaign
  • Training #10 – Understanding Google Contextual
  • Training #11 – Effective Contextual Ads
  • Training #12 – Google Contextual Campaign Setup
  • Training #13 – Hidden Features Within Contextual
  • Training #14 – Optimizing Contextual Campaigns
  • Training #15 – Understanding Google Display
  • Training #16 – Google Display Planner
  • Training #17 – Creating Effective Display Ads
  • Training #18 – Google Display Campaign Setup
  • Training #19 – Hidden Features Within Display
  • Training #20 – Optimizing Display Campaigns
  • Training #21 – Google Remarketing
  • Training #22 – Advanced Google Tips
  • Training #23 – Power of AdWords Editor

Module 8:– Scaling Up – Discover how to scale your store, increase its brand presence and sales.




eCommerce Automation with Zero Up

While I have no idea you personally, I understand that you, like me and everybody else has tons of other things to do than finding out, or re-learn whatever there is about every online endeavor there is. That is information overload.

That is why I am always pleased to see systems and software that automation parts of the procedure. This assists all groups of online web marketers as the newbies have a solid start where they do not have the struggle, and it leisure time for the advanced users. That is why I will be using templates or automated eCom shops more and more now.

However, a lot of automation end producing the store, some go as far as for add items based on filters (which hardly ever works), however, that is it. You still need to meet the orders by hand or employ VA to do it and make dumb mistakes that can cost you your brand name. What if there was an easier and faster way?

Inside at Zero Up

So, the way you start with Zero Up is to go throughout the training first and after that start constructing your store. Alternatively, you can do what I did and just leap best to it. I indicate a store with this baby takes under 10 minutes and it is straightforward enough that you do not need a manual.

Then you begin adding items, and while Zero UP does not have items by itself, it is completely integrated with AliExpress (popularly outsources for eCommers), so all you have to do is search and click publish to get that item in your store.

Now to the enjoyable part, if you ever fulfilled the orders you understand it is a pain in the butt. A meaningless job that has to be done over and over again without using any brain power. This is where many individuals make errors by copying incorrectly the order putting h in the wrong box. One choice to combat that was to employ a virtual assistant just but even cheap ones can be a problem on your wallet after a while. So Fred invests a good portion of the budget and brain power to take ti to the next level and automate the procedure.

The course also consists of complete combination with 12 autoresponders, profit multiplier, drag and drop funnel home builder and weekly coaching.

Zero Up: More Traffic For Free

Obviously, once you have your store prepared you will require traffic, and the more traffic you have, the more commissions you will make (without wasting time on fulfilling orders.) So as a reward I decided to give you the supreme natural traffic and rank your site or Shopify store for you.

Fred Lam is a master at paid advertising, and he si my go-to guy when it comes to Google paid ads, but if you want to get the additional traffic you can’t go wrong with organic. Which is the best covering traffic out there.

Final Thoughts

I hope you can see how powerful Zero Up is. Fred Lam has literally spent over 12 months and $140,000 just so he could create this software – Zero Up™. Honestly, everyone told him it couldn’t be done. There were many times where he even doubted himself. However, God’s grace and everyone’s support – It’s not only done…  I highly recommend this Zero Up Software. You’ll get access to premier eCommerce training and software tools to help you build your online business profitably! Just make some commitments with Zero Up Software and start earning Money from the sale of good products online now. This program gives you all the information that will help you with the secret to earn real money in a real way. It also has the support of a 24/7 Customer. I think it’s going to change the entire World of eCommerce and I believe that you will absolutely love what you’re about to see and learn from Zero Up!

Click Here To Join Zero Up

Zero Up™ By Fred Lam

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