The 100K Shout Out Review & Ampifire Members Area DEMO! – Is It Really Great?

The 100K Shout Out Complete Review & Real Ampifire Members Area Demo, Is It Really Great? – How To Build $100,000/yr Business Using This Unique Strategy!

100K Shout Out Review

PRODUCT:100K Shout Out
Creators:Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz
Product Type:Web-based Software and Training Program
Price:$2497 or 3 Payments of $997
Official (Direct To Special VIP Enroll Page)
Money-Back Guarantee:YES! (60-Day Refund Period)
The Verdict:100% Recommended

In this review, I want to tell you about a new course, linked with some very innovative software that has been put together to take anyone from $0 to an incredible $100,000 per year. At this stage I hope you are saying “OK, another one, I have heard it all before”.
The course I taught in the UK was designed to teach students about affiliate marketing and other online business techniques well away from all the scams, and disinformation that would mislead them. Obviously, to do this I had to immerse myself online and learn to identify genuine opportunities as distinct from the majority of dishonest products.
I am writing this review to continue my quest to bring only genuine opportunities to novice online entrepreneurs. It is my intention to introduce this opportunity to you in such a way that you will see and understand how genuine this opportunity is with no hype or exaggeration.

What Is The 100K Shout Out?

100K Shout Out logo
The 100k Shout Out is a new course which explains how even a total newcomer, with no experience, can create an income stream that is worth $100,000 a year. The course comes with associated software. That opening statement is quite a claim and I want to look at how they plan to achieve this.
First, they refer to a total beginner and that experience is not needed. This makes a lot of sense as many people who have some experience have developed terrible habits and attitudes which they need to “unlearn” first. A beginner comes with a virgin mind.
The 100k Shout Out is a course by Chris Munch and Jay which shows students how to earn $100, 000 in a year. The program shows how even a beginner can earn more than $ 100k within a year by following the program. You don’t need to have much to make such an amount; you can even begin from scratch. The students are provided with unique strategies to help them achieve this goal. They are supplied with revolutionary software which helps them generate campaign for them. The program provides the students with AmpiFire software. The software is capable of creating campaigns which can engage the audience to go for a product. The campaigns are shared on paid traffic such as YouTube, SlidesShare, and Vimeo.

So how is this income going to be generated?

Well, I like the fact that at no stage do they say it is achieved without work. That is always a giveaway that something is not genuine. They go on to say that this $100k is achieved by stacking $1,000 monthly payments. This brings it back to figures that are, in my opinion, attainable.
The core of this system is traffic generation. Not an artificial generation by trickery but by organic traffic that comes from some excellent sources. This is something that wearing my “Professors” hat I would endorse as a sound strategy. A key component of the system is the associated software that comes linked with the course.

What is AmpFire software and how does it work?

AmpifireThey describe AmpFire as a content amplification engine. This is essentially a clever piece of software that is designed specifically to get your content on highly desirable pieces of Internet real estate. Some top websites in the country.
These are the kind of places your content will appear:

>> Real HIGH TRAFFIC blogs
>>> Mainstream news sites
>>> Videos onto YouTube and Vimeo
>>> LinkedIn SlideShare
>>> Audio Clips onto well-known podcast directories
>>> Social Shares to Facebook and Twitter
>>> Google News.

100K Shout Out Software
These are the kind of places that Google will regard as high authority sites and links to your website will be highly effective in generating traffic. When researching this product I read an article by a guy who quickly tried it out pointing at a totally new, unpromoted website. This site would normally expect zero traffic yet one blast from AmpFire and he made $42 on 8/18/2019. I accept that is not $1,000 but it was a hurried trial on a site that had zero attraction to Google. If that had pointed at a real site where there was already activity I am sure that it would have been substantially more. For me, it proves that the system works. A little hard work and it would produce excellent results.
Had that review stated that he turned the system to pointing at a worthless website and immediately earned $1000 he would have lost all credibility as this cannot happen. This is why I am happy to lend my name to promote this product and endorse the fact that it is genuine.
100k Shout Out Ampifire
The training is done online. When a student enrolls to the program through the sign-up, they are presented with videos. They are also provided with the AmpiFire tool. During the first week of training, the students are given the outline of the program through a two-hour video tutorial. After the first week, training is done live. Throughout the course, Chris Munch and Jay talk to the students, showing them how to target top industries and how to choose top niches to make more profit. One of the most exciting aspects of the program is AmpiFire software. This is an evolutional piece of technology. The program works by exposing your content to paid traffic. It automatically creates and shares audios, videos, news, social posts, and articles about the products you are promoting. The best thing about it is that it handles all the work for you.
It posts the content created on high traffic like YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare, Facebook, blogs, and Google News. The program helps you to ease your work; you can focus more on establishing your business instead of dealing with product promotion half of the time. Since automation may not be very effective, the creators of 100k Shout Out back up the AmpiFire service with manual content creation and optimization. They combine human intervention with artificial intelligence to make the program full proof.

About Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz?

Chris Munch
Chris Munch and Jay are the creators of the 100k Shout Out program. They build the program to help people to earn through promoting products online. They use their vast experience in the industry to mentor newbies and help them make over 100k a year. Chris much is the founder and CEO of one of the larges PR (Press Release distribution) companies in the world.
Jay Cruiz
His has made marketing strategies which have gone viral reaching over 30 million people. Over the years he has built software and websites which have made sales of hundreds of physical and digital products. Some of the programs he has launched include Kindle TRIPLER Pigeon, Signal Pigeon, State Of SEO, LoveClaw, BIG Traffic Software Launch, Press Traffic, and Auto Video Software.
Jay Cruiz is the co-founder of PressCable, which is a software that releases your content online to gain traffic form high ranking site. The partnership of Jay Cruiz and Chris Munch combines their years of experience to create the 100K Shout Out Program.

What Is Included In The $100k Shout Out Program?

The program involves live training with hours of video tutorials. Chris Munch and Jay train the students themselves. They use their experience in the industry to direct the students on how to earn. As a student, you are provided with innovative tools to help you promote products. You learn how to use the AmpiFire to create content which is shared on high traffic sites. The training takes eight weeks. Within two months, the program will have turned you from a beginner to a professional.

The 100k Shout Out Members Area (Ampifire) DEMO

100k Shout Out Members Area
More training is coming soon…!. Remember, this is a 12 week LIVE training program, which won’t commence until after the launch, so there’s nothing to review yet.

What are the advantages of the 100k Shout Out System?

Here are the hard facts. When you sign-up for the $100k Shout Out System you will get:

  • $100k Shout Out – 6 Week Live Training
  • AmpiFire Enterprise Software Access
  • AmpiFire Ultimate Profit Pack
  • Done-For-You Authority Site
  • Private “$100k Shout Out” Mastermind
  • The 90 Day “ROI” Roadmap
  • Dedicated 24/7 Coach & Concierge

As part of this system, you get all the above resources and you are guided down a pathway that is well worn by previous students. It is a system that is tried and tested. Think of it this way, you can either follow the path of others who have hacked their way through the jungle and follow the path they have created OR you can strike out in your own direction slowly hacking your way through the jungle until you just wear out.

How Will $100K Shout Out Help You Earn an Income?

If you are new to the marketeering industry and would like to earn huge income, then you should try the 100k Shout out the program. The program is designed to help you achieve an income of $100,000 a year. Here is how the $100k shout program will help you earn.

Release your content to high paid traffic

The product you are promoting will be published and posted on some of the most highly visited sites. Some of these sites include YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare, and Facebook. The sites have very high traffic, which means your product will be sent to a broad audience.


The course provides you with the AmpiFire program, which creates marketing campaigns for you. The app is designed to craft creative campaigns that will attract your audience. It then shares the content created to high traffic sites like YouTube and Facebook. AmpiFire helps to save time to focus on other things. Strategizing campaigns can take up much of your variable time. The software takes the weight off your hands and does the marketing for you. It is handy for people who have low-level skills in marketing. The program chooses the right site to post your content.

Earn more from a few campaigns

You don’t need to post many marketing campaigns to reach the $ 100,000-year target. You only need to have nine campaigns which pay about $1000 per month. You don’t even need to manage them; the AmpiFire program automatically handles them.

Pros & Cons of $100K Shout Out Program?

The $100K Shout Out is an excellent program that aims at helping both beginners and professionals to earn big through product promotion. Here are its pros and cons.

  • Automation. The AmpiFire program handles product promotion. It does the work for you.
  • The program posts your content on multiple highly paid traffic.
  • You don’t need initial capital to start. The creators of the program assure their students that they don’t need to have a product, start capital, audience, or skill to earn.
  • The trainers have vast experience in online marketing.
  • The program features the best tools, software, and training to help you learn.
  • You are provided 60-day cashback if you feel that the program isn’t for you.
  • The program is easy to follow.
  • You can earn over $100k by the end of a year.
  • The program does not include website hosting services. Given the cost of the product, you would expect them to have web hosting.
  • It is a costly program. Some people might find it hard to afford the program.
  • You are not provided with unlimited credits.

Why do you need to buy the $100K Shout Out System?

You do not NEED to. You could try publishing articles and getting them published on the top website and media outlets that the AmpFire software does. Personally, I suspect you would not succeed.
There are an elite few people out there who do make a lot of money online. They do succeed in getting things published; they do get videos out there; they have podcasts published; they are producing well-written material; they seem to be everywhere. Yes, they succeed, but to achieve all that they invest a huge amount of money on large personal marketing teams. They are not doing it alone.
By buying into the $100k Shout Out System you are getting access to a shared team of individuals there to support you and all the other members.
I have seen this so often with my students in the past. They start out with great intentions and start having a little success and then they question why they are paying out for access to whatever resource has been generating the income from them. They become convinced that they can do it all themselves and they stop paying, go it alone, and it all falls apart.
If you had a bricks-and-mortar business like a store. You decided that you did not want to continue paying the rent and of course your business would fall apart. All businesses have costs. As long as the cost is generating an income then that is fine.

Is 100k Shout Out a scam?

Good question. You should always ask that question before staring anything new. However, this program is offered to you “Risk-Free”. If within a massive 60-day period you are of the opinion that it is not for you they will refund ALL your money.
Now since you should be earning a good income by then, I cannot imagine why you would come to this conclusion, but you can join this program knowing that whatever happens you come out on top.
If the team behind $100K Shout Out were not pretty convinced that you would succeed, it would make no sense to offer this guarantee.

Reasons to enroll in the 100k Shout Out

You have a dream; you see a future that is very different from your current life. That is the reason to enroll in this program. Nobody is saying that you WILL earn x amount of money, the exact earnings you have will be dependent on your efforts, but the following people had their own dreams and achieved these results. Can you give a reason why you cannot do what they have done?
>>> Denker S. Earned $200,000 in 9 months
>>> Brent G hit $42,481 Per month rate within 6 weeks
>>> Adam J earned $107,229.94 in 11 months
>>> Justin W earned $136,801.36 in One year
I could go on and on. Now they MAY be the biggest success stories and I am sure there are probably some people who earned less than that but you can be a success story yourself and even if you achieved just 50% of these guys, would you complain?


To conclude this 100K Shout Out review, I’ll say that this program is a once in a lifetime opportunity to help you to quit your regular job which doesn’t pay you as per you value.
If you want to earn extra money or want a full-time job from the comfort of your home, then the 100K Shout Out program is the course for you. You will learn and master marketing and ultimately earn plenty of income through all the tips and tricks that this Ampifire will teach you.
The program has been used and proven to bring out results as seen by the success of Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz. We have seen all the advantages the program has and how it can change your life for the better. All you have to do now is enroll, learn the system and implement it.

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