Whether you are a start-up or an established entrepreneur, marketing your business online should be your first priority if you want to meet your goals. No matter how marketing may be expensive for you, you still need to promote your business and as a consequence, you must look for techniques that are cost-effective for you. Growth hacking constitutes a wide diversities of growing your business which is cost-effective.5 Best Online marketing Tactic With No Or Very Minimal Expenses In 2019

Growth hacking process involves two main practices; marketing and engineering. Not focusing much on these techniques, all you need to do is to invest your time by conducting savvy and focus on growing your business. Let’s get down into focal points of online marketing tactics that will help you reach out to your business goals.

Get links from service providers

You need high-quality backlinks for your website to rank well. But where do you get these links from? Establish a good relationship with top-notch service providers and established companies and ask them to link your website. This will only cost you a few minutes of emailing.

Search for unlinked mentions

Looking for unlinked mentions in various publications and websites will help you boost your site authority. If you find one, ask the editor to provide the link and you might find more brand mentions on the web.

Host a webinar


Let the audience know of your brand and product or services you offer online. Although it consumes much time on brainstorming the topic and planning the webinar, it is the best with many benefits to enjoy.


Cross-promotion is one of the best methods that most massive companies use to promote their products or services. This method of marketing allows you to relate with companies where they can market your products and market yours as well. For instance, if you provide consulting services in your online business, you can recommend your web designer in a certain company who will offer their services and the web designer will point clients on your way for consulting services. This is a win-win type of promotion. You only need to sign in a document and converse with your clients.

Be a blog commenter

Establish a brand presence by commenting on blogs. All you have to do is to identify blogs in your niche area and comment on those blogs regularly. People will see your comments and notice your brand. Avoid dumb comments to establish a good customer perception for your brand.

Marketing doesn’t have to cost you dollars to be successful. Implement one of these methods and increase your marketing presence.