5 Best Tools To Help Your Amazon Business

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Digital marketing requires an extensive work done on finding the right tools. This is not an exception also when selling your items in the Amazon. To be clearer, when selling your commodity via the Amazon, you have so much to do, manage and track. You will require having a software that will help you in achieving marketing success.Amazon Business

All through the internet, you are likely to encounter many tools in the market. For you to get the best of the tools to apply, you will have to familiarize yourself with the majority of them. Amazon applies these tools and the following are some of the tools they use.

Feedback genius

All customers that visit the Amazon in doing their shopping always would like to buy one item other than the other in the same category. The question is, why does a customer choose one commodity over another? The first answer that may arise to respond to this question is the use of the reviews. A customer would so much like to go through the various reviews given by the former satisfied buyers before they decide on buying an item. Amazon offers a review system where their customers freely express their view on a particular item.

The feedback genius was invented and is used by the customers. Through its creation, customers find it easy to use and they can easily get whatever they are looking for easily.

AMZ Tracker

The AMZ A tracker is a tool that is designed to keep track of keyword on Amazon. Keyword tracking is as equally important as in the SEO. AMZ Tracker was the first keyword tracker to be made by the Amazon and therefore it has had more time to mature than the other. It does not only keep track of keyword but also can be used to track the competitor’s power. It is also important in optimizing your product listings.

Jungle scout

This tool is so sufficient in indicating the hottest product in the Amazon and also the most famous niche. In fact, it has been rated by Forbes as the most resourceful data search for products. It offers a product database and goes through them to point out the bestselling commodity. It provides all the relevant metrics that can be used in the analysis of the market before one decides to jump into any market decision.

With it is the product tracker that can save the user from tedious work of searching through the list for a product. You can also unveil a hidden revenue stream through a niche hunter.


The scope is the other Amazon keyword and product research engine. The scope is useful in finding the performing keyword that you share with your competitors. It moreover helps in finding the keywords that you ought to be using. It helps in raising your pay per click campaigns with the aim of increasing your market.

Unicorn Smasher

With this tool, you can be able to comprehensively get product data including prices, bestseller ranks, reviews together with estimated sales. Immediately you visit the unicorn smasher, you are greeted with a message that directs you to the best product to take on for you to become successful on Amazon. You can also manage all the research from one place to produce the sales forecast.

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