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Accelerating Profits Review

PRODUCT:Accelerating Profits
Creators:Tradeology (Adrian Jones)
Product Type:Web-based Software and Training Program
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The Verdict:

Struggling to make bank in the forex game? Looking for some legit tips to up your trading ante? If that’s a big yes, you’re in luck ’cause today’s dish is all about leveling up your forex hustle with something called Accelerating Profits. Now, I know what’s buzzing in your head: “Great, another forex gimmick trying to snag my cash!”

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But hold up, it ain’t like that. Accelerating Profits ain’t just another drop in the bucket. It’s not just some run-of-the-mill service; we’re talking about a legit software here, folks. We’re diving deep into our Accelerating Profits rundown today to spill the tea on why this ain’t your average joe. Stick with us, and you’ll figure out if it’s the real deal or just hype.

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Accelerating profits remains one of the best systems with an accuracy rate of more than 90%. So, is Tradeology’s forex solution any good? Here is an unbiased Accelerating Profits review.

What Is Accelerating Profits?

Accelerating Profits System

So, what’s the deal with Accelerating Profits? It’s this dope software that’s all about hooking you up with spot-on trading signals. With this bad boy, you can kick off and wrap up trades across a bunch of Forex currency pairs. And nope, it’s not stuck on repeat with just one currency pair – it’s got range, baby. This means you’re looking at a whole lot of action to jump on. That’s the secret sauce making it a standout player.

Tired of the same old grind? This software cuts through the noise, serving you verified signals on a silver platter so you can trade like a boss.Is Tradeology’s forex brainchild all that? Here’s the real talk, no fluff – an unbiased Accelerating Profits review.

Before we go into the other details of this software, let us look at its creators’ background.

Who Is Behind The Development Of Accelerating Profits?

Adrian JonesAccelerating Profits is being launched by Tradeology. The CEO and Owner of Tradeology is Adrian Jones. He has had a stellar track record when it comes to forex trading. Till date, he has mentored thousands of students when it comes to forex trading. He has generated thousands of dollars in profit by trading in forex. His own forex experience lasts for more than a decade. In terms of its credibility, there is no question mark.


Did you know that he has launched ten successful products in the last few years alone?

That in itself speaks volumes about its credibility. Some of his earlier products that have been a sell-out hit are:

Infinite profit system:

The infinite profit system provided the customers with a unique trading strategy in place. The program taught the customers in a step-by-step manner. Consequently, the customers could trade in the Forex currency markets and make a good deal of money. The program aims to spoon-feed the right strategy and eliminate the trial and error. Once again, the program was an instant hit due to the spoon-fed mechanism which is offered.

Forex Duality:

Forex Duality provided its customers with a proprietary trading system to execute right away. It also included a mentoring program which increased the value of the product manifold. The mentoring program is one of the reasons why the program was such an instant hit.


ND10X tapped into the world of high-speed trading. The program familiarizes the customers with high-speed algorithms which they could use to track currency pairs and trade them. Since it was a completely new system and two unique other forex products available, it sold out almost instantly.

Forex Wealth Strategy:

Forex Wealth Strategy offered a forex indicator to the traders, which was highly accurate. It taught the traders how to use this Forex indicator to execute successful strategies.

As you can see, all the products launched by the creators in the past have not only been unique but quite useful. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that Adrian Jones and his company are second to none in terms of reputation and credibility.

How does it work?

This bad boy flips your losing streaks into mad profits, no sweat. You get to mix it up with other traders, snag the latest scoops on the system, and jump into webinars like nobody’s business. Plus, it’s all riding on legit science, so you’re backed with round-the-clock trading support. Pretty slick, huh?

The trading software’s got some serious brains, using AI to keep tabs on the market’s wild swings. Forget about sweating over charts and crunching numbers the old-school way. This genius system flashes you the green light to make your move. And yeah, it’s always leveling up with updates to keep you ahead of the game.

This way of trading is the envy of the block, with traders worldwide wishing they got in on it. Amping up profits is a breeze with the usual suspects on the MT4 platform – MACD, Swing Points Indicator, and Stochastic Oscillator. If you’ve been around the forex block, you know these tools are the real deal.

Take MACD, for instance. When the price jumps above the latest swing point, it’s like a signal flare saying, “Yo, we’re in the buy zone!” And if MACD dips below that swing point, it’s your cue to sell short. The best part? Swing points are tailor-made, so you’re not messing with codes. Just eyeball the chart, and look for those yellow dots chilling above the price.

Wanna take it for a spin before going big? Hit up the demo account, where you can test drive different trading styles and decode signals. Once you’ve got the hang of it, go live and show ’em what you’ve got. If you’ve been on the hunt for a top-shelf trading system, congrats, you’ve struck gold.

Understanding the Buy/Sell rules

So here’s the scoop on nailing those buy/sell moves with the MACD histogram: you gotta spot three candles chillin’ together, and the price needs to be strutting higher than the latest swing high. Eyeing a buy? Cool, hang tight for that third candle to lock in before you jump.

Now, for flipping the script to sell, the price gotta be strutting its stuff above that recent swing high too. But here’s the kicker, your stochastic indicator needs to be taking a dive. Thinking about where to park your stop loss? Toss it above that fresh high swing.

Raking in the Dough During Trading Hours

Making bank during those trading hours is straight-up solid, helping folks navigate trades and pocket some change. These trading signals ain’t just random shots in the dark; they’re cranked out with precision and a heap of logic. Perfect for buying, selling, and playing the guessing game with currencies

What Is Included In The Accelerating Profits?

The next question, of course, which arises is, what exactly is included in the program. We would highlight the same below to provide you with a clear picture.

1. New Trading Software:

SoftwareThe highlight of the program is, of course, the new trading software which you get. The trading software analyses various currency pairs for you. Not just that, but it can also provide you with entry as well as exit signals. These are verified on different parameters, which means that it can get you an accuracy of as high as 90%.

Would you want to miss out on such high accuracy?

Of course not!

Moreover, since it can track various currency pairs, you can be sure that you will get multiple trading opportunities throughout the day. It can cut short your work to just the execution of the trade. The highlight of the accelerating profits is this new trading software that can help you make a significant amount of money.

2. Rock Solid Proof:

Are you a bit skeptical about the software?

If yes, you would be happy to know that the accelerating profits provide you with irrefutable evidence before and after your purchase. As a result, there are quite a few trading examples and specimens included. If you’re in any doubt, you just need to refer to these examples to understand how the software works and why it is so accurate. There is nothing left to doubt. Once you go through the landing page of the product and the member’s area, you would come to know of various trades that have been done with the help of this software.

The Rock-solid proof will undoubtedly inspire your confidence in the Accelerating Profits software.

3. Comprehensive Training:

The software alone cannot help you much. That is why; the product also involves comprehensive training. With the help of videos and extra tutorials, the learning curve is pretty short. You will not struggle with the usage.

Once you go through these videos and other tutorials available, you can use the software in a jiffy. You need not spend days to do so. The comprehensive training is undoubtedly easy to complete and will help you gain maximum benefit from the new trading software on offer.

4. Support Access:

If you have any queries or doubts, the support department is there to help you. Along with the software, you also get access to their support department. The support department is highly responsive. Going by the history of previous products by Tradeology, you can be sure that they certainly stand behind their products. In case of confusion, you can undoubtedly contact their support and get a quick reply.

With these things included, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for this program. We will now help you understand what the member’s area looks like to provide you with a more holistic view.

The Accelerating Profits Members Area

Members Area Training Modules

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The entire Accelerating Profits System is divided into 4 modules.

Accelerating Profits System Members Area Training

What the modules involve:

WELCOME:-  Introduction and overview of the system and the members area.

Start your Accelerated Profits System journey by watching the introductory video

MANUAL:- Download your manual here to get started with the system.

You can download your manual by clicking the button.

DOWNLOADS:- All the indicators, templates, and add-ons can be found here.

You can download your indicators and template by clicking the button. They come with an auto-installer, making it easy and painless to install.

Members Area DEMOMODULE 1:- Introduction and Components – Lessons that will get you started with the system.

  • Introduction To The System
  • Components Of The System
  • Accelerator Cloud And Lines
  • Accelerator Line (Al)
  • Accelerator Oscillator (Ao)
  • The Pulse Indicator
  • Pivots

MODULE 2:- System Rules – Lessons that will go over the trading rules (buy and sell) of the system.

  • Buy (Long) Trade Rules
  • Sell (Short) Trade Rules
  • Things To Consider
  • Drawdown
  • Risk/Reward Ratio
  • Money Management
  • Controlling Losses
  • Using Correct Lot Sizes
  • Tracking Overall Exposure
  • The Bottom Line

MODULE 3:- Trade Examples – Watch the example trades to fully master and understand the system.

  • Buy (Long) Trade Examples
  • Sell (Short) Trade Examples

MODULE 4:- Live Trades – Watch the Live Trades in action on charts to fully master the system.


RING THE BELL:- Share your successful trades with other members by Ringing The Bell and posting your trade.

POST YOUR TRADES:- Post your winning or losing trades here to get input from Adrian and other members.

LIVE WEBINARS:- Register for the weekly live webinars here. Each week we’ll cover a new topic.

RECORDED WEBINARS:- If you missed a webinar, no problem. You can watch all the recordings here.

BONUSES:- Complete list of all the bonuses that you will receive throughout the course.


PROFIT ACCELERATOR APP:- Trade Assistant that will help you automate your trading by finding setups for you.

FOREX FOR BEGINNERS:- If you’re new to trading, we’ve prepared some very useful lessons for you.

SUPPORT:- If you have an issue or want to contact us, we’re there for you via email or phone.

Join Accelerating Profits Right Now!

One of the best aspects of Accelerating Profits is that the member’s area is easy to understand and simple to navigate. You can access the software in a single click.

The member’s area allows you to interact with a large team of traders, and you can work with them as well. There are various webinars from time to time. Moreover, the system receives updates as and when needed. As a result, you can work with the entire community through the member’s area.

If you want to learn more about the software, you can do so with the various tutorials. All of this is readily accessible from a single dashboard. You need not worry about spending minutes just to find the right section. The single-click navigation mechanism means that all the information is readily available.

The instant access mechanism means that you will gain access to the member’s area almost instantly once you pay. With support access at hand through the member’s area, you can use it to its fullest in no time.

How Will Accelerating Profits Help You Earn an Income?

Aiming to kick the busywork to the curb in Forex trading, Accelerating Profits is like that new buddy who’s always got your back, scouting those currency pairs for you. By keeping tabs on the scene, it throws out those green lights for when to dive in and bow out. And the moves? They’re all yours to make.

Whether you’re just dipping your toes or you’ve been swimming in the Forex pool, this setup’s got you covered. With a batting average of 90%, you’re looking at a sweet spot of wins. Stick to the game plan laid out by the signals, and you’re in for a tidy sum from trading forex pairs.

Is Accelerating Profits a scam?

In today’s digital age, it’s not easy to find reliable forex trading software. Based on Tradeology past products, accelerating profits could be the product forex traders have been waiting for years. But this doesn’t mean that you’ll get rich overnight. Just like professional traders, you have to follow all the trading rules.

While the system will help you execute trades, you must have a good money management system and a consistent strategy that works. Looking at the finer points of the profit system, this is a proven money making method that guarantees handsome returns. But because no trading software is 100% accurate, you should be careful when executing your trades.

The numerous irrefutable trading pros which accelerating profits provide ensures that it is a legit product. To answer it bluntly, no accelerating profits is not a scam. With the credible history of its creators behind the program, you have nothing to worry about when going with it. If you’re serious about Forex trading, you should consider it.

Pros & Cons of Accelerating Profits


>>Comes with an easy-to-use interface
>>The time used to analyze the charts is reduced by a significant margin
>>Works with multiple currency pairs
>>The installation process is straightforward
>>Allows for regular upgrades and improvements
>>It teaches you how to get consistent profits
>>There’re many compelling user reviews, so the system is legit


>> You must wait for the right trade setup when using the system
>> Overwhelming for traders new to the forex world
>>You should learn the basic forex trading terms
>>The user must have a dependable internet connection
>> You could be constrained for 1-3 hours on a regular basis
>> It’s not a magic product – you need to put in real efforts to get results.

Reasons To Enroll in Accelerating Profits:

There are reasons why you should enroll in Accelerating Profits. These include:

  1. The program is suitable for beginners and expert traders.
  2. It can improve your Forex trading accuracy.
  3. It can help you with verified entry and exit signals.
  4. It reduces the work involved in forex trading significantly.
  5. The credibility of the creators is unquestionable.
  6. SystemThe extensive training on offer makes it easy to step into the world of forex trading.
  7. The software can help you make money if you’re willing to act on the signals on offer.

With so many positives, there is no reason why you shouldn’t enroll in this program.


Are you still in two minds?

Jumping into Accelerating Profits could be your golden ticket to banking on forex pairs. Doesn’t matter if you’re fresh to the game or a seasoned pro; it’s got the tools to elevate your game. The signal’s accuracy is tight, promising a solid streak of wins. So, if you’re all about making a killing in forex trading, don’t sleep on Accelerating Profits.


All in all, Accelerating Profits is legit for stacking cash in the forex market. But hey, keep your eyes peeled, stay hungry for knowledge, and be ready to roll with the punches. Beyond the big talk of fat commissions, there’s plenty of solid reasons this system’s the real deal. Simple strategies, killer accuracy, and bang for your buck.

I’m all in on this killer system for forex traders aiming to make a killing in currency trading.

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Last Update: February 2, 2024