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New to affiliate marketing? Not sure what it’s all about? Basically, it comes down to promoting products online to get a commission whenever a sale is made through your recommendation.


Product Name         :  AFFILORAMA

Creator                      :  Mark Ling

Type of Business    : Affiliate Marketing Training Course   

Product Price           :  $0 Basic Membership, $1 thirty day Premium Membership trial, $67 monthly, $497 for three years + upsells

Platform                    :  ClickBank

Official Site               :

Overall Rank             : 90*/100


     Affilorama is an Internet Marketing Course which consist of hundreds of hours of video training lessons and written materials intended to teach affiliate marketing to you.
     Founded in 2005 by a successful entrepreneur, Mark Ling, who is the owner of “Jamorama” and “Rocket Piano”.
      Affilorama aims provide a step-by-step, over the shoulder training courses for beginners and advanced affiliate marketers to build a successful affiliate business online.

What is the cost of Affilorama?



Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Introduction to MarketingNew to affiliate marketing? Not sure what it’s all about? Basically, it comes down to promoting products online to get a commission whenever a sale is made through your recommendation. 

You’ll make a website, which isn’t as hard as you might think, and then you’ll place affiliate links to the products you are promoting throughout that website. Then, when someone clicks on your link and buys the product within a certain time frame, you get a commission!

There’s a variety of affiliate networks that you can join to find products to promote, and if you pick a topic (or “niche”) that is interesting to you — first making sure with a little market research that it’s also profitable  — it can be quite a lot of fun to build your affiliate website.

There’s a huge range of different methods for getting visitors to your website, including signaling to search engines like Google that your website is relevant to your topic, and spreading the word on social media. Because of the variety of strategies available to you, you’ll be able to find something that suits your strengths to get the ball rolling for your own affiliate website.

The goal is to be making your own money just with your own efforts and a computer, setting yourself up for some great potential income. These lessons will give you a thorough introduction, show you what affiliate sites look like, and walk you through the basics of these important affiliate marketing concepts.


Market Research for Affiliate Marketers

Market Research

The key to becoming a successful affiliate is conducting a bit of research before you sink time (and maybe money) into a campaign. Think what it would be like if you built a resort full of all of the trimmings: crisp white towels, Egyptian cotton sheets, 10 pools, a 5-star restaurant, and flawlessly beautiful architecture… But it’s on the moon and there are no people, so you can’t profit from your efforts. 

If you spend all your time building a website or a campaign where there is no market, you will come up short, and it’s just not worth it. You need to figure out which topics, or “niches,” are in hot demand, and then find an affiliate network with a good variety of products to promote. This will enable you to build a niche-specific website, with strong products that will be easy to promote for commissions.

One of the most important things to practice as an affiliate marketer is what’s known as “keyword research.” Keywords, or the terms or phrases people type into Google, can be the best way of finding out what exactly what people are looking for. If you can find some popular phrases, and convince search engines like Google that your website has relevant information about them, you’ll get the rankings you need to get people to your affiliate links.

The lessons in this section will help you to find a profitable niche market, as well as good affiliate networks and products. You’ll also learn a thing or two about that ever-important keyword research.


Content Creation

Content Creation

Want to make a website? Create a viral e-book? Build a newsletter mailing list? Engage in a little article marketing? Do you want to blog for a living? Then you’re gonna need some content! This section is all about the written word: How to write content, how to get it written for you, and how to write headlines that drive your sales through the roof!

Content marketing gets more and more important with every Google update. You need to have original, quality content on your website to get into the good graces of Google and your target market alike.

In fact, most fast-fix methods of getting traffic to your website now will negatively affect your rankings, so you’ve got to pay attention to this section to build genuine authority and organic traffic for your website.

There are plenty of tips on easy ways for you to create your own content, but if that’s something you aren’t confident doing, that’s fine too! There are also lessons on how to get content made for you.

Either way, you need to make sure you get some, and it’s gotta be good, because your content is the language between you and your target market. Take a look through these lessons to find out how you can get effective content that could increase your conversions.


Site Building

site building

Building a website gets easier all the time. WordPress alone has made it infinitely easier to build websites, with the right theme, you can be up and away in no time. Of course, as an affiliate, there are specific things (such as SEO) that you need to keep in mind when building your affiliate website.

These lessons will take you through everything from getting set up with your websites domain name (eg and web hosting, through to the overall structure of your website and pages.

One of the easiest and most common ways to get started with this is to use a theme, such as AffiloTheme. There are a lot of themes for you to check out all over the internet, but some are better than others for the specific purpose of affiliate marketing.

It’s important to spend the time learning about website building so you can get it right as early as possible, so have a look through these lessons to find out what to do, and even what not to do!


Marketing Ideas

Marketing Ideas

Looking for a little creative inspiration for your promotions? In this section you’ll find a bunch of suggestions for thinking “outside the box” in your affiliate campaigns. If you’ve whipped up a website and peppered it with affiliate links and you’re not sure where to go next… take a look at some of these lessons.

In particular, this lesson section takes a thorough look at social media marketing, as well as some alternative methods to traffic generation that you may not have considered or implemented yet.

You’ll be able to learn about essential plugins if you’re using WordPress, and you’ll find out about one of the most successful complimentary marketing strategies to any affiliate website: email. Building a mailing list and promoting via a newsletter series has proven to be a very lucrative strategy, so it’s definitely worth looking into here.

Affiliate marketing can be a competitive environment, so once you’re up and running with a website, you really need to look into these “one-step-further” marketing strategies to get ahead of the race.


Search Engine Optimization


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of signaling to search engines such as Google that your website contains high-quality, relevant information on your topic. For example, if you had a website about dog training, you’d be setting up your website with certain pieces of information about dog training so that Google will display it in the results when people search for that information.

Think of it as proving your site’s worth to your target site visitors, so that Google will want to point them in your direction. Alongside pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, this is one of the biggest methods affiliates employ to get visitors to their websites.

There are many SEO elements to consider, both on your website and off the site, all of which are covered in the lessons in this category.

On-Page SEO
On your website itself, you’ll want to make sure you have some well researched keywords (see the Market Research lessons section for more information on keyword research) in strategic locations. Here you’ll learn about placing those keywords, the correct use of a title tag and meta description, as well as the use of h tags and alt tags. Basically, you’re making it easy for web crawlers like Google bots to read your website, directing their attention to your information.

You’ll also want to ensure you have a solid site structure, some multimedia in your posts, and rich text markup, which you can learn about in these lessons as well.

Off-Page SEO
The other way of encouraging a higher ranking for your website is to have other websites linking to yours, providing you with what’s known as a “backlink.” This works like a reference on a CV, and just like a reference, the higher the reference’s authority, the more weight it will have. A backlink from a high-ranking website is a lot more valuable to you than a couple of backlinks from websites that have lower rankings with the search engines. To learn about how you can implement SEO strategies, both on page and off page, head on through to these lessons.


Pay Per Click


Pay per click (or PPC for short) is a type of online advertising where you only pay when somebody clicks on your advertisement. Along with search engine optimization (SEO), it’s one of the major methods affiliates can use to get traffic to their websites.

A pay-per-click ad is a small, four-line ad consisting of a headline, two short lines of text and a URL. It doesn’t contain graphics, color variations, music or video, and you can’t pay extra to get more space. Although they sound and look rather basic, PPC ads are one of the most powerful ways of advertising online because they are so targeted.

Rather than just displaying to whomever happens to be in the vicinity, as with TV or billboard advertising, pay-per-click ads only display to people who have shown an active interest in the topic by either searching for related information, or by going one step further and visiting a website. What this means for you as an affiliate is that your chances of success are higher than if you were using another type of advertising.

Another enormous benefit is that you only pay for the times when someone clicks on the ad. While that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get a sale, it’s a lot better than paying merely for the privilege of having your ads show somewhere (called pay-per-impression), which was the norm before pay-per-click was introduced.

In this section of Affilorama, you’ll learn our essentials for making PPC work, including:

  • Keywords – how to find profitable keywords and how to categorize them.
  • How to write an exciting and compelling ad.
  • Ad placement — How to get your ad ranking in the top four positions for maximum exposure.
  • How to design your landing page (the page your ad links to) to win maximum brownie points with the search engines.
  • How to track your conversions so you can learn which ads are doing well and which ones aren’t.

Affiliate Outsourcing

As you become more successful as an affiliate, you will find that it can be a lot of work to maintain your sites and set up new ones! Don’t let your own success be your downfall — learn how to reduce (or even eliminate) your workload, with our lessons on outsourcing!

Outsourcing is exactly what it sounds like: sourcing others to do work that you don’t have the time or skills to do yourself. With the number of content types that go into a quality affiliate website, you will most probably find yourself swamped with a to-do list that is too much for one person to tackle. Rather than letting the quality or quantity of your website posts slide, you’ll need to find the right people to write some content, design images, or even do some PHP programming for you.

And it’s not as expensive as you might think, if you know where to look. You can learn about how best to use this process for your own marketing endeavors in this category’s lessons.



guru views

Meet some of the biggest names in affiliate marketing! These interviews give you an insight into the minds of some of the most successful people on the Internet. They share their secrets, bestow enlightenment… and occasionally talk about their own products 🙂

Basically, we can all speculate as much as we want, but the truth of what works and what doesn’t lies in what has proven itself in practice. These people have discovered strategies that have actually worked in real life, and it’s a good chance for other affiliates to learn about these strategies and their possibilities.

You’ll learn a variety of tips and tactics in this section, all from each of these experts’ personal area of knowledge. Strategies involving everything from PPC, to SEO, CPA or any other affiliate-related three-letter acronym you can think of.

You can discover “mind control” in marketing, making money with a blog, or even just how to find a profitable niche to start with. This is where all the gurus’ secrets are laid out, so have a look to learn what you can from those who’ve already made it where you’re heading.

For the most recent interviews with the experts, simply start at the top!

Affilorama FREE Membership – What is so good about it?

I am actually quite impress by the Free Membership as it offers a lot for nothing. You get approximately 20 hours of video trainings, written materials, interviews with other successful online marketers.

You are definitely going to be able to learn something valuable from the Free membership. Sure there are some sales talk in the videos that persuades you to join the Premium Membership.

But hey! Affilorama is a business by nature, you are ought to get sales pitches for something that you have not paid for.

Basically, the courses in the free membership teaches the basic stuff that you need to know as an affiliate marketer, from building a website, content creation to Pay-Per-Click (PPC)  and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

It gives you a general idea of how Affiliate Marketing works and teaches you step-by-step how to get things setup.

Though these courses are free and some of the contents are really good, there are a few critical flaws in some of the training materials which I am going to disclose below.

Affilorama Premium Membership – Good or Bad?

While the Free Membership teaches the basic of Affiliate Marketing, the Premium Membership consist of hundreds of hours of video courses that goes more in depth into the topics discussed in the Free Membership courses and more.

The Premium Membership is suited for beginner to advanced Affiliate Marketers. Here’s the difference between the Free Membership and Premium Membership:

You will be able to get great value from the courses in the Premium membership as it provides extensive knowledge and hand holds you to create a successful online business. (Click to see the bad of Premium Membership below)

AffiloTheme – What is it about?

AffiloTools is “whole picture” web stats for online marketers

AffiloTools crunches data from a range of premium sources to find out what’s REALLY happening on your website.Search engines, social media, revenue… All your most important data, all in one place.

AffiloJetpack – Done for you business?

AffiloJetpack is targeted for people do not have the time to go through all the hundreds and hours of courses offered in Affilorama but wants to start making money with little effort.

AffiloJetpack does all the 80% of the work for you, you have to contribute 20% of your own effort.

For me, I will never support the idea of a done for you system as you would not learn the basics of setting up an online business.

You would not understand the meaning of getting your websites ranked, how to promote your website, basically you learn nothing from the system. What’s more, you are actually paying money to promote Mark Ling’s other products.

It is pricey to get the AffiloJetpack ($497), plus you need to pay for your own domain (Approx $10/year) and you need to sign up for auto-responder service (Approx $20/mth).

I am just looking out for your interest and I hope you heed my advice not to buy AffiloJetpack.

Thanks for visit my Hope you could find useful information here. Wish you all the best.