How To Create eCommerce Business on Shopify

Today, people want an extra income while others want to be their own boss. The internet has made it possible and easier than ever before. is one of the e-commerce business platforms that you can venture into. On the other hand, most people see starting a profitable business as something so complicated with many steps as well as decisions to make. This article will talk about how to create your online business on Shopify.How To Create eCommerce Business on Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that offers an all-in-one system for business people. To have a business run on Shopify, all you need is to pay the company a monthly fee and they will allow you to use the e-commerce, their web designs as well as the set product management tools. This makes it very easy to start a business and thrive online. To succeed in any e-commerce platform, you will need to come up with a well-thought product to sell. To start selling your product on Shopify, there are a few and simple steps to follow. 

Sign Up 

First thing is to visit, where you sign up by creating an account. Shopify offers a fourteen days free trial for all beginners. Fill in the details required on the sign-up window including your store name. A store name has to be unique for acceptance.


Now that you have signed up, you need to set up your store. On the store admin window, you will be required to customize your store by selecting a theme for your store. Shopify has already existing official themes that one can choose from. To find a theme that is best for your store, visit the Shopify theme store. There are over 180 themes to choose from, some are free and others you can purchase. After identifying a theme, you need to check how it functions and its reviews, then use a view demo to preview the theme and finally get it published as your store theme. Additionally, one can edit theme settings. Shopify themes will allow changes to alter the store appearance. One can do basic theme changes or even change store functionality.

Add products

On the navigating bar select products. Adding a product requires you to describe your product fully. Details such as name need to be SEO friendly for easy search of the product. Other details are aimed at explaining the product to customers. On the same screen, you will set up payment details. This includes transaction fees, card types and offsite checkout. By now you are almost there, but you need to set up a few more details. It involves shipping and tax payments.

Go live

For you Shopify store to go live, one requires a domain name. You can either get a domain name from Shopify or from other domain name providers. By now you can start selling of


Following these steps, you will come up with a great looking, unique as well as a fully functioning online store within a very short time. Since you have a full set up store, all you need is to start marketing your product. With a Shopify store, you will not have to spend time maintaining the site, it’s just good to go. Keep updating your store as needed. Startup your e-commerce business today with and you will enjoy being your own boss.

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