Print On Demand: What it is all about?

Print On Demand: What it is all about?

Print on demand (POD) literally means print on demand where printing technology and business processes prints only books or any other items according to their order. In simple term, it is more on order base print. No costumer order, no print of books or item.
Print On Demand

How Print On Demands Work

Print on demand publishing is becoming more common nowadays. With the help of internet and advanced technology, searching for your desired topic for a book is such a breeze. Place an order and with less than a week a book is delivered on your doorstep. In the older times, books were published in a bulk order. But now, instead of producing tons of books in a single run, POD only prints according to customer order. With existence of digital printing, it can also print like the offset printing. It’s a little bit costly at first because printing a book per demand requires a slightly higher cost but in the long run, you only get the profit for yourself without chipping a huge cut with publisher.

The advantage of Print on Demands

Print on demand is the latest trend to produce books. It revolutionized book creation and publishing market, from all types of books whether written by pro or budding writer, to mainline publisher and academics. With digital printing, books are printed like the traditional printing less the large plates. Everything is vivid, colours, text, sharpness, resolution and so on. The advantage of a print of demands are as follows:
1. No holding of stock. No bulk, upfront
printing cost and no storage cost for your books. Printing is done only once there is an order.
2. Books are readily available everywhere
upon completion and upload of the manuscript. You can now published your books through many online self-publishers like Lulu or Amazon.
3. It is very easy to change the text or manuscript.
As you have the copy of a manuscript, it is very easy to fix errors, customize contents or cover, quick and easy from your own file without the extra cost.
4. It is environmental friendly.
You only print when there is an order. Saves more papers saves printing, save our environment.
5. It gives more power to self- a publisher
who wants to publish their book for a little start-up cost. You don’t have to split your profit with publishers. Your own cost, your own profit.
6. Digital printing is faster.
Unlike the traditional printing that setting up takes ages, the digital printing can be done faster in less than a week or so.

Is Print On Demand Only For Books?

No. Print on demand is not only for books but also for other commodities like personalized mugs, t-shirts, arts and others. It is now a common site on the internet that people sell customize items and goods.

Benefits Of Writer/Artist and Costumer on Print of Demand

For writer/artist. It is very easy to upload your works on any sites. You get paid when there is an order. And as the audience is worldwide, it is easy for people to notice your books or items and the possibilities are endless.

For costumer. You get your items according to your preference. You can either customize your design(mugs, t-shirt) and make it unique.

Sites For Your Print On Demand

Below are some of the sites where you can market your print on demand. Amazon. Together with CreateSpace, a member of Amazon group of companies will help you self-published and makes your books available for sale to its millions of costumer through and its affiliates.
Lulu. Another self -publishing company for your print on demand especially books.
Printful. This site is mainly for an entrepreneur. They advertise on an e-commerce website and when they received an order, Printful print and delivers the products to the customer.
Redbubble. It is an online marketplace for a variety of products. You can print a variety of merchandise from t-shirts, skirts, covers, postcards, stickers and a lot more.
Society6. Society6 has no geographical border. Artist all over the world can upload and sell their artwork here. Their niche is mainly art that makes this site unique. Apart from apparel products, one can also order art prints and framed art prints.
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