Print Profits 2.0 Complete Review & Members Area DEMO, How it Works? – The Ultimate Training Course On How To Build A Fully AUTOMATED 7-Figure eCommerce Business Using Just Print On Demand.

Print Profits Review

Creators:Fred Lam & Michael Shih
Product Type:Web-based Software and Training Program
Price$997 or 3 Payments of $397
Official Site (Direct To Special VIP Enroll Page)
Money-Back GuaranteeYES (3-Day Refund Period)
The Verdict

The internet plays a major role in how business is conducted these days, ya know? E-commerce, or online business, is totally running the show in the business world. In recent years, there’s been this massive surge in the eCommerce game. A ton more companies are jumping on the online business bandwagon to reach customers worldwide. But let me tell you, having an online store and running it ain’t a walk in the park, especially if you’re a newbie. That’s where training programs like Print Profits come in clutch. This program is like your GPS to success in the eCommerce game, making it a breeze to handle your online business.

Now, speaking of e-commerce courses, there’ve been quite a few of ’em floatin’ around the internet, you dig? Some focused on drop shipping, FDA, or self-shipping, but none of ’em hold a candle to the new player in town – Print Profits. This course is cooked up by eCommerce heavyweights Michael Shih and Fred Lam. They’re the big dogs, my friend. Print Profits is set to flip the script on how you see e-commerce and print on demand in 2018. Trust me; you want to get a piece of the e-commerce pie because it’s not only enormous but also offers some killer investment opportunities.

But before we dive deep into the course, let’s give a shoutout to the brains behind Print Profits, Michael Shih. This guy’s been in the print on demand game for ages, makin’ serious bank. He’s been a digital entrepreneur since 2013, and the print on demand model is his golden goose, raking in millions every month. He’s got multiple six-figure businesses under his belt, from local marketing to networking to CPA marketing. Started his online stores on Shopify with the print on demand model, and in just a jaw-dropping 60 days, his first store hit six figures. He even rocked Clickfunnels, hitting the Two Comma Club by generating over 1 million smackeroos with just one funnel, thanks to the print on demand model. When it comes to print on demand, Michael Shih is the real deal, and he’s got the success to back it up.

So, what’s this print on demand thing all about, and can you get in on the action pronto? Print on demand e-commerce is all about selling products with your unique designs, no fuss with manufacturing, storing, or shipping. You push the products, and the Print on Demand Company handles all the nitty-gritty. Easy peasy, right?

What Is Print Profits?

Print Profits is an all-encompassing video course that’s got 8 parts, folks. It’s all about you kickstarting your very own print-on-demand venture, the American dream style. This model is all about a proven 3-step hustle: picking the product, crafting the design, and driving the traffic.

Print Profits

It doesn’t matter what your niche is, whether you’re into bling or home décor or streetwear. With Print on Demand, you’re the boss, and it’ll work for ya. You only print the goods when your customers come knockin’, so you can kiss those upfront production costs goodbye.

  • No inventory needed. You only print your products on customer demands so you have a need for initial production costs.
  • Zero Competitions. It is your product; it is your design, meaning they are 100% unique to you and your brand.
  • Worry less. Unlike when you are manufacturing and delivering yourself, you do not need to worry about fulfillment. All you need to worry about is design, and driving traffic to your product has everything else is taken care of by 3rd party providers.

No competition here, mate! It’s your product, it’s your design – 100% unique, representing your brand. And guess what? You can chill a bit, no need to fret about order fulfillment. While you’re busy getting creative and hustlin’, 3rd party pros got your back on the rest.

Print Profits ain’t just a course; it’s your roadmap to becoming a print on demand guru. It’ll school you on setting up your very own e-commerce joint, designing your goods, and getting the word out.

But hold on, before you dive in, you gotta get schooled, right? Well, the same goes for biz. When you’re gearing up to conquer the world of e-commerce, knowledge is power. That’s where Fred Lam’s program steps in, offering you 8 modules and a whopping 62 video lessons to get you schooled. You’ll learn everything – from optimizing your site to retargeting, maintaining top-notch quality, and nailing the marketing game.

Now, you might know Fred Lam is all about that dropshipping life. But what if we spill the beans and tell ya there’s another goldmine waiting for ya? One where you can rake in 7 figures in online sales without even touching inventory.

Today, Fred Lam and Michael Shih, an underground money-making machine, wanna drop some knowledge bombs on ya. They’re bringin’ you a fresh training course on how to rock a 100% automated eCommerce gig, using nothing but print-on-demand magic.

Fred and Michael ain’t messin’ around. They’ve cooked up Print Profits with their students in mind. They get how eCommerce can transform lives, but they also know that hurdles can trip you up.

  • How do you build a mega-profitable business without fretting about the competition?
  • Can you sell hundreds of products with just a measly $5 daily budget?
  • And can you own Facebook Ads like a boss, selling products that are as unique as you are?

That’s why Fred and Michael are psyched to drop Print Profits. This training course is like nothing you’ve seen before, and it’s got the answers to all your burning questions!

Print Profits is served up in 8 juicy modules. Fred and Michael are gonna school you on building a business from scratch with print-on-demand as your secret weapon. There will be case studies, blueprints, and templates that you can swipe and use to level up your hustle. So, get ready to print your way to profits

Who Is Fred Lam & Michael Shih?

Fred Lam – Founder of iPro Academy & Zero Up™

Fred Lam

Fred Lam, the founder of iPro Academy and Zero Up™, is one of the brains behind the Print Profits program, alongside Michael Shih. Fred’s journey began over a decade ago when he was washing dishes, dreaming of a brighter future. His desire for something greater led him into the realm of online business. Armed with acquired knowledge, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, achieving remarkable success along the way. Fred’s relentless efforts propelled him into esteemed positions, ultimately making him one of the youngest marketing managers. Today, he stands as the CEO of several multimillion-dollar enterprises, including iPro Academy.

Michael ShihMichael Shih

Michael Shih, on the other hand, entered the entrepreneurial scene in 2013. With his innate talent, he built a six-figure business and continued to expand his portfolio. Through serendipitous discoveries, Michael stumbled upon innovative methods and techniques for running online stores through print-on-demand services. United by their shared vision, Fred and Michael joined forces to create a comprehensive program that encompasses vital elements crucial for establishing a robust e-commerce presence. Their program is grounded in verified methods and facts that are poised to catapult your success in the world of online business.

What Do You Get From Purchasing This Course?

Michael Shih’s Print Profits Model
When you receive an invitation to enroll in a course from a true master, it’s only fair that you learn what sets them apart in their field. Fortunately, Michael Shih’s course offers an in-depth exploration of his Print Profits Model. While the course follows a familiar structure for online systems, the unique advantage here is that you’ll be learning directly from the master himself. The core of the course is divided into eight modules, each meticulously crafted to address specific aspects of building a successful print-on-demand business.

Print Profits Members Area

Print Profits Members Area

Watch The Print Profits Members Area Overview Below!

What Are The Contents?

This program is loaded with some seriously valuable info and data, dude. Thanks to the Print Profits review, you’re gonna get the lowdown on this program like a pro. This whole training program’s broken down into 8 kickass modules. Each of these modules breaks down a specific aspect of an e-commerce website. Check it out:

Module #1 Build:- This is where we lay the groundwork, and it’s got a total of 16 tutorial videos. It’s got the 411 on training and setting up your eCommerce website.

Module #2 Design:- This one’s all about web design, bro. You gotta grasp the importance of having a sick design that’s easy on the eyes.

Module #3 Preparation:- Now, let’s talk about getting the flow going and sourcing your products, my man. This is a crucial lesson you gotta nail.

Module #4 Attract:- No business can thrive without drawing in some potential customers, right? In this cutthroat world, pulling in customers ain’t no walk in the park. This module spills the beans on Facebook Ads and how to hit that bullseye with your audience. This is the juice that can flood your site with traffic and customers.

Module #5 Optimization:- When you’re running those ads, you better know how to make your money back, dude. That’s where optimization comes in. It’s the secret sauce to cutting down on unused costs and racking up those conversions.

Module #6 Delivery:- This one’s gold for your e-commerce page. It helps you customize your content, man. With these quick video lessons, you’ll be whipping up killer content for your customers in no time.

Module #7 Funnel Scaling:- Time to crank up the volume on your funnel game, bro. This is the proven way to boost your profits for your e-commerce site. It’s also got the lowdown on some essential software that can be a game-changer.

Module #8 Expansion:- This is the grand finale, where you’ll soak up knowledge on retargeting ads and email marketing. It’s the cherry on top for running a rock-solid e-commerce site.

Bonus 1:- Merch By Amazon
No doubt, Amazon is one of the heavy hitters in the print on demand game. Merch by Amazon will teach you how to tap into this cash cow. It’s all about setting up your products to sell on Amazon, with Amazon handling the rest. It’s like running a smooth print on demand business without the customer service headache. Learn how to boost your cash flow by selling on the biggest marketplace on the planet, all thanks to Michael Shih’s Print Profit course.

  • Overview
  • Getting Started
  • Rapid Tiering Methods

Bonus 2:- Esty Mastery

  • Overview
  • Getting Started
  • Supplier Automation
  • Optimization

Bonus 4:- Google Shopping

Google shopping is becoming a hot way to score targeted traffic for your business, man. The more Google shopping heats up, the more your business will be riding that wave. With this bonus, you’ll learn how to get featured in Google shopping and organic results.

  • About Google Shopping
  • Account Setup Conversion Tracking
  • Campaign Setup
  • Campaign Optimization

Lagging Mastery: Leggings are the new kids on the block in the print on demand world, and with this bonus, you’ll learn how to get your designs on leggings, jackets, sweatshirts, and boxers. It’s all about leveling up your brand, boosting awareness, and cash flow.

Funnel Dealer: You know the saying, “Learn from the rich”? Well, this bonus lets you copy seven-figure funnels straight from Fred and Michael and use ’em for your own store. It’s like having the keys to the kingdom, man.

Bi-weekly Training:- Every two weeks, Michael Shish and Fred Lamb host live training sessions. You can watch ’em on your tablet, computer, or mobile. These sessions include a Q&A where you can pick their brains about the business or get help with your store. It’s also a great way to stay in the loop about changes in the print on demand game as they happen.

Community:- The importance of a community can’t be underestimated, bro. That’s why it’s a big deal for online courses too. You can chat about your store, ask questions, and connect with like-minded folks all using the Print Profit method.

Print Lab

print lab

Do You Need This?

Print Profits is the real deal for folks looking to dive into the world of online business via Shopify. But, lemme tell ya, it’s not just for the fresh-faced newbies – even seasoned marketers can score some major tips from this program. If you’re gunning for a steady, long-haul e-commerce hustle, you gotta get your mitts on this one. And if you’re craving more eyeballs on your Facebook Fan page Ads, well, this program could be your golden ticket.

This course, they call it Print Profits, it’s like the answer to a shopaholic’s dream. It tackles the everyday hurdles that entrepreneurs, whether greenhorns or pros, face when they set up shop in the e-commerce game. We’re talkin’ ’bout:

  1. The Wild West of Competition: Man, the business world is like a full-blown showdown. But with Print Profits in your corner, you’ll be ready to stand your ground and take on the ruthless competition.
  2. Marketing Mysteries: For all you newbies out there, cracking the code on promotion and marketing strategies ain’t a walk in the park. Print Profits spills the beans on how to hustle your products and services on Facebook and beyond.
  3. Cash Flow Conundrums: Money, or the lack of it, can bring even the mightiest ventures to their knees. But with this course, you can flip the script and start making bank with as little as five bucks a day. Seriously, the profit potential is massive.

So how does it work?

Print Profits schools you on creating a killer platform for print-on-demand, setting you up to rake in the moolah on Shopify. Worried you’re not tech-savvy enough? No sweat, amigo. This course is as user-friendly as a golden retriever pup. You’ll wrap your head around it whether you’re a marketing whiz or just a regular Joe.

Here’s the playbook it hands you:

    • Craft an e-commerce site that’s a search engine optimization (SEO) wizard.
    • Whip up jaw-dropping designs for your products that’ll make promotion a breeze.
    • Build a rock-solid customer base that’ll keep those sales rolling in.
    • Master the art of social media for business purposes.
    • Harness the power of conversion rates to boost your sales and stack that cash.

Print Profits, my friend, is like the secret sauce for e-commerce success without needing a fat wallet. You’ll learn how internet marketing pros spin magic with product designs, craft winning websites, and build multi-million-dollar Shopify empires from scratch. It’s like the masterclass for e-commerce hustlers.

Why Does E-commerce Still Work In 2018?

E-commerce, or online shopping, is no stranger in the world of the internet business. It’s been around for a while, and many top-notch companies have hopped on the e-commerce train to sell their goods. E-commerce isn’t just a trendy buzzword; it translates to more cash flow and an expanded customer base, making it a hard-to-resist option for businesses.

The popularity of e-commerce has been steadily on the rise, but it’s not a new kid on the block. Way back in 2000, there were e-commerce sales worth $27.61 billion. Fast forward to 2017, and that number skyrocketed to a jaw-dropping $453.5 billion – that’s a staggering 1542% increase in just 17 years! Now, think about it, with the potential for even more growth in the future, the wealth opportunities that e-commerce presents seem boundless. What’s even more enticing is that it’s been growing at a rate of around 15% per year since 2010. Talk about money in the making.

Considering this rapid growth rate, e-commerce sales could easily hit half a trillion dollars by the end of 2018, and who knows, it might be worth a trillion bucks by 2024. It’s the ideal time to dive into the e-commerce game, especially because it’s driven by cutting-edge technology.

Understanding the role of technology in the e-commerce industry is crucial to appreciate its success. Back in the early 2000s, before the internet really took off, e-commerce sales were at $27.61 billion. With the advent and growing popularity of the internet, those sales have seen an astronomical increase, reaching $453.5 billion.

Improved technology has played a significant role, ensuring better security for online shoppers. With robust security systems in place to shield buyers from fraudsters, it’s no surprise that e-commerce sales have soared. Secure websites, vigilant banks monitoring transactions, and multi-level payment processing security have made online buying relatively safe. Let’s not forget the multitude of payment options available to consumers.

Moreover, it’s all about convenience in this day and age. People prefer the ease of purchasing online rather than waiting in lines at brick-and-mortar stores.

The game has also changed for sellers. They can now host a wide array of items without the hassle of managing a physical warehouse. All you need to do is create your products, and print-on-demand companies like Shopify will take care of the rest.

In the era of e-commerce, success is at your fingertips. Consider setting yourself up for future achievements by investing in a course like Michael Shih’s Print Profit – it’s loaded with potential.

The choice is yours, but keep in mind that there are numerous ways to make money online from the comfort of your own home, all promising great results and unimaginable riches. However, how many of them have you tried, only to be disappointed because they didn’t live up to the hype?

Print-on-demand e-commerce is a growing industry, and as a potential e-entrepreneur, your chances of growth are sky-high. It can even be seen as an emerging market with incredible potential. Wouldn’t you want to be at the forefront of such a market, just like Michael Shih and Fred Lam?

Print Profits offers a system that can help you earn over $100,000 per month online, requiring minimal to no capital. All you need is dedication, experts in the field to guide you, and proper training. Michael Shih’s course, Print Profits, promises to provide all the tools you need to kickstart your e-commerce venture. In a world full of options, print-on-demand e-commerce gets our vote as a profitable business with limitless potential.


  • The model lowers the costs of operation to achieve business goals.
  • The results are tested and proven.
  • It is quite simple to understand
  • Great support. It is important especially when you are just starting out, you will need all the guidance you can get.
  • It enhances the endless generation of innovative ideas.
  • It comes with 8 modules along with 62 video lessons which can help you to understand the guidelines properly
  • You can start this from anywhere in the world!
  • There is a 60-day money back guarantee in case you are not contented.
  • Early adopters enjoy fast action bonuses from now and then.
  • There are adequate resources for learning.
  • The program is actionable and resourceful.
  • It is a legitimate tool.


  • A bit expensive (but worth every penny if put to work)
  • It’s not a magic product – you need to put in real efforts to get results.

Final Verdict

If you find yourself stuck in your career and have a burning desire to delve deeper into the realms of marketing and entrepreneurship, you’re in for a treat. Simply relying on textbook knowledge won’t cut it anymore. Let me introduce you to a game-changer – Print Profits by the dynamic duo, Fred Lam and Michael Shih. This treasure trove of insights and strategies will transform your e-commerce game, no doubt about it.

Are you contemplating diving headfirst into the world of online business, but plagued by the specter of inexperience? Fret not! This video training program is your golden ticket to acquiring a profound understanding of the digital landscape. And here’s the kicker: even if you’re already a seasoned business owner or a successful marketer in a company, these videos will open up entirely new horizons for you.

Picture this – you’ll gain invaluable knowledge that will not only enhance your existing projects but also revolutionize your approach. Brace yourself for a seismic shift in your expertise. Your business, which is already doing well, is about to soar to unimaginable heights. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to level up your game and make your mark in the world of marketing and entrepreneurship.

Last Update: February 2, 2024