SEnukeTNG Honest Review, DEMO & Bonus

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Rank #1 in Google for your keywords with TODAYS top ranking factors!


Product Name         : SEnukeTNG

Niche                          : SEO & Traffic

Creator                      : Joe Russell

Product Price           : $67 – $147

Official Site              :

Cart Open                 : April 25 Monday,2016 1 PM EST

Create and Automate Custom
SEO Campaigns in SecondS!


Light-blue-back1SEnuke TNG lets you quickly and easily dominate the SERPS like never before, effortlessly putting you in complete control of your websites rankings.

Tried, tested and proven, SEnuke is always A SUPER EASY sell for anyone and this exciting version release is no exception.

Since 2008 Nuke has always been about improved Google rankings with less effort and more efficiency through strategic automated link building.  Even now in 2016, backlinks are still one of Google’s top ranking factors. Your websites link authority still directly correlates to higher rankings.

Backlinks are still one of Google’s top ranking factors and chances are this is not going to change in the foreseeable future.  Website link authority still directly correlates to higher rankings.

TNG has completely revamped its entire link-building engine; many new features have been added to make sure that users create only highly effective professional link profiles for their websites.

Even those with limited link building knowledge will be able to create professionally structured link profiles that use todays ranking strategies.

TNG helps users rank websites not only on quality backlinks but also by incorporating many of todays top ranking factors such as traffic & engagement metrics.

The new “CrowdSearch” feature can influence these metrics big time and crowd searched visits are a feature that everyone’s currently looking for.

CrowdSearch works through a proprietary process to get “Keyword Search Visits” to your websites with longer engagement and more pages viewed for higher Search CTR and reduced bounce rate.

Simply enter a URL and keywords you wish to rank for…

CrowdSearch will then query Google for those terms, have the keyword search listings clicked, then the site AND its pages will be visited.

We have also added many new rank-dominating automated features that save time and money.

Again, just enter a websites URL and the keywords that you want to rank for and TNG will do the rest automatically creating…

  • Fully Optimized SEO Campaigns
  • Valuable Social links
  • High Authority Web Profiles
  • Media Rich Content
  • Press Releases and So Much More…

All professionally interlinked, creating unique, strategically optimized and highly effective backlink profiles using todays ranking factors to rank websites!

Now you can teach SEnuke to submit to ANY website on the Internet without needing to be a programmer!



372298703Article Manager :-in previous versions of SEnuke you setup the project/campaign and then you generated content for that project/campaign only. In SEnuke TNG the direct link between content and the campaign is gone, you setup your niche specific content once and then can use it many times over different campaigns. You can of course add, remove or change the content any time you like and this can now be done directly from within the Article Manager.  You can also change all of the content in all the campaigns linked to it with just a click.

Smart Link Placement :-TNG searches your articles for your keywords and inserts your links contextually and strategically within your article. Where the keyword has not been mentioned it can still place your links and make them look 100% natural.

Automatic Authority Links :-TNG can generate automated authority links to place within your article, these are always placed contextually. This helps to give your article credibility, and stop it from looking like spam.

Integrated KontentMachine :-You no longer have to manually copy in your KM content, SEnuke TNG will interact with KontentMachine’s cloud storage to retrieve your articles automatically.

IMPROVED Spinning :-TNG can autospin your content with both The Best Spinner and Spin Rewriter, in addition for those using Article Builder it now supports the built in TBS spin function which is both faster and able to spin large content that the standalone spinners cant.

Loop Mode :-because of this change to how articles are used you now have the ability to loop a campaign. You can set a campaign up once and have it loop over and over forever, each time pulling in new content and if you wish creating new accounts. Where possible you can of course re-use the same accounts again, building up authority, speeding the process up and reducing costs. If you don’t wish to automatically loop a campaign you can also click on any old completed campaign and effectively reuse it.

Color-coding :-Campaigns are color coded so you can instantly see which ones have completed, are running and are still to run. Campaigns also show a summary screen by default showing you the information you need to know, when it was created, how many times it has run and how many links it has created.

Collapsible Lists :-In SEnuke XCr all lists were just that, big long lists. TNG changes these to collapsible lists so you can navigate through them easier. In addition everything is in alphabetical order by default, along with consistent better labeling. May seem like a small change, but from a user point of view it makes things MUCH more easier and efficient.

Crowd Search :-Click Through Rate (CTR) is a known ranking factor, Search Metric listed CTR as the No1 ranking factor from the user experience, with time on site as second.

The new crowdsearch module can increase both these numbers automatically. It will search for your keywords terms in the Google SERPs, find your websites link and then click to visit and browse your site for a random amount of time. This is all done through a proprietary process that’s unique to SEnukeTNG.

High PR Social Network :-These sites are unlike regular Social Network sites in that they are not all built on the same platform rather they are unique. This means that the links created here have much more value than any other links, and they are considerably more unique in the SEO world. Normally you would have to create such links by hand, however SEnuke TNG will automate this process. In addition sites protected with the new Google I am Not A Robot (NoCaptcha) security can be used in the new SEnuke TNG.

Wait Project :-Senuke XCr would work non stop once the campaign started with work done every day until it completed. SEnuke TNG allows you to schedule things more naturally with waiting periods between different projects within a campaign.

Built in OCR :-Senuke TNG has OCR built in, we can even solve most recaptcha! You no longer need to purchase 3rd party OCR solvers, if we can’t solve it they can’t either.  2captcha Integration – 2Captcha offers manual solving of captcha for about 1/3 the cost of other services, in addition they can solve the new Google NoCaptcha at $1.20/100

Streamlined Wizard :- The process of going through the wizard is improved and it more logical than ever before. You now design your layout first before you set things up. In addition, the process is more automated and a number of steps previously needed have been removed. For instance TNG can auto create lists of tags or titles based upon what Google itself sees as relevant to the keyword/niche. It will also automatically suggest optimal times for you to run any campaign based upon the diagram you give it.

Spider Tool :-The free pinger project can now be run as a guaranteed spider project, with integration with 3rd party tools which guarantee that Google will visit all the pages you create with SEnuke TNG.

Wait and Retry Feature :-Senuke TNG can be set to attempt to create accounts more than once, but unlike before where it would retry instantly it can pause for a while before trying again.

Dozens of Tested, Proven SEnukeTNG Specific Campaign Templates :-TNG will be filled with dozens of new campaign templates to choose from, all with serious ranking power.

SEnukeTNG Training :-To provide users with the most effective rank building campaigns possible that utilize todays top ranking factors and strategies we include comprehensive training to make sure you see results and sites get ranked.

SEnuke has now completely revamped its ENTIRE link-building engine…

Many new features have been added to make sure that you create ONLY highly effective professional link profiles for your websites using TODAYS top ranking strategies.

Even those with little to no link building skills will easily be able to create professionally structured link profiles.

You Get Even More Ranking Power with SEnukeTNG


SEnukeTNG can influence traffic & engagement metrics BIG TIME by increasing “Keyword Search Visits” to your websites.

More Google Search Visits, longer site engagement and more pages viewed will result in a higher Search CTR and reduced bounce rate for your websites…more on this feature

Having quality backlinks, a professionally structured link profile, improved Traffic & Engagement metrics your websites will rocket to the top of Google!

SEnukeTNG includes even more hands free automation…it practically does EVERYTHING for you!

Just enter a websites URL and the keywords that you want to rank for and TNG will do the rest, automatically creating…

  • Fully Optimized SEO Campaigns
  • Valuable Social links
  • High Authority Web Profiles
  • Media Rich Content
  • Press Releases and So Much More…

Everything is professionally interlinked to create unique, strategically optimized and highly effective backlink profiles that use TODAYS ranking factors to get your websites moving towards that number one position in Google.

Save your valuable time and money…


If you choose, you only need to set these campaigns ONE TIME only. TNG will then automatically load in fresh relevant content and various new high profile sites without you ever lifting a finger, for as long as you want…

NEW Wizard and Turbo Wizard:

Even if you are totally new to SEO…TNG’s newly designed Wizard and Turbo Wizard lets you create your own professional SEO campaigns in seconds.

Everything needed to take full advantage of TNG is included…

  • All the Email Accounts You Need
  • Unlimited Verified Proxies
  • High Profile Site Lists
  • Quality Relevant Content
  • Advanced Captcha Solving (Solves Google Captchas others can’t)
  • Dozens of Strategic Link Building Campaign Templates
  • NEW Step-by-Step Expert TNG Training

Nothing can match the effectiveness and ease of use that SEnukeTNG offers, making this the most BAD ASS SEnuke version ever to be released!

MBGRefund Policy

If giving a fully functional 14-day free trial wasn’t enough, we also have a 30 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee!

If for whatever reason you’re not satisfied with the software, simply let us know and we’ll issue you a full refund. Please keep in mind that the 30 day period starts the day you start your free trial, not the date you make your first payment.