What Are The 3 Lists You Need To Build?

An opt-in list is the most effective marketing tool you can learn to do. Not only does the opt-in list provide you with a direct line of communication with your target market, but it also allows you to build a relationship of trust with your subscribers. You need at least the 3 following lists set up in your auto-responder to get started:What Are The 3 Lists You Need To Build
1) The Prospect List
The goal of this list is to build a relationship with your prospects so that you can increase your sales. That’s because people buy from those they know, like and trust and it also gives your list a free sample of the type of solutions you offer.
By offering a useful solution, you can trigger your prospect’s sense of reciprocity. Remember the last time a friend took you out for lunch. Did you feel an urge to return the favor by taking this person out for lunch?
2) The Customer List
You should also be building a customer list. Once someone buys a product from you, they get added to this customer’s list. By adding them to your customer list and removing them from your prospect list you can then customize what offers you want to send them next for repeat sales. This is also called list segmentation. List segmentation improves conversion and results.
You can have several types of customer lists set up so you can move them to a new list each time they buy something with your next offer and your customer won’t keep on receiving offers for products they have already purchased.
When customers receive offers for products that they have already purchased this gives the impression that you are not really paying attention to what you are sending them and that you are more interested in getting money from them than in helping them which could reduce your customer’s trust and desire to buy anything else from you.
3) The JV Partner/Team List
The next type of list that you should be building is your partner list. This isn’t a list of prospects. It’s a list of marketing partners or team members (such as joint venture partners or affiliates, or the people in your downline). The people you want to contact from time to time to build your relationship, give them specialize training notices and keep them informed about any marketing or partnership opportunities.
4) Bonus Lists
So you have your prospect list, your customer list and your team list set up. Now what other types of a list will you want to consider having? Do you want to send out a Newsletter, or e-zine? How about a forum or customer’s questions and feedback, do you have a special list for customer’s who asked questions or what if you want to do a survey.

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