12 Week Mastery Review, Demo by Brian P Moran & Todd Brown – Goal Achievement System To Achieving More In 12 Weeks Than Others Do In 12 Months w/Proven & Tested Methods


Product Name      : 12 WEEK MASTERY

Creator                    : Brian P Moran & Todd Brown

Product Type         : Web-based training program

Product Price         : $1997 (Payment Plans Also Available)

Official Site            : www.12weekmastery.com (Direct To Cart Link)

Cart Open               : September 14 Wednesday, 2016

Cart Close               : September 21 Wednesday, 2016

The Verdict             : 100% Recommended

What Is 12 Week Mastery?

The 12 Week Mastery is Ultimate Productivity & Goal Achievement System & Community Guiding there Members To Achieving More In 12 Weeks Than Others Do In 12 Months w/Proven & Tested Methods.

12 week mastery review12 Week Mastery basically has several components that help individuals understand the course and put what they learn into practice by using the different systems and tools at their disposal.
The first component involves the individuals getting some pre course webinar training that are done live. The training is done by Brian P. Moran and Todd Brown. The aim of the training sessions is to help all your clients to be able to understand the strategies, systems and philosophies of the course. The importance of this is that it enables them to be able to master their craft in order to be able to put the 12 week course into practice successfully. The corporate clients make an investment of between $15,000- $30,000 in order to ensure every member of their staff gets this training since it greatly affect their performance I a positive way.
The second component of this course is where the staff starts putting the 12 week mastery course into action. This second component mainly involves the staff receiving different videos throughout the course’s period. The aim of the videos is to keep the individuals inspires, thought provoking and educated in order to ensure they are keeping on track with the whole process. At the end of the week, they will have received a total of 86 videos.
The third component involves live sessions of Q & As and the staff members get a deeper understanding of what the course is all about and what it means for them to be able to get things done in the fastest time possible. In the fourth component, there will be two tickets to a live performance at West Palm Beach.
In the 5th component, the participants are given a choice of whether or not to participate in a contest which gives them a chance to be able to assess their before 12 week mastery situation and use the steps of the course for a real life kind of situation. Winners are picked by Brian P. Moran and they get to win a prize that is not known yet but it is expected to be big.
The sixth component is where the participants get a copy of Brian P. Moran’s book, game plan, year plan, scorecard sheets and a welcome letter.
Last but not least, the seventh component is where you get a valuable and active membership community where you get to share different opinions and ideas with people who think the same as you in order to grow and learn more.
In a nutshell the 12 Week Mastery course will teach you:

  • How to take back control of time and productivity.
  • How to increase your income and profitability.
  • How to lower your stress levels.
  • How to defeat procrastination and fear within your life and business.
  • How to reach your true potential in life and achieve more than ever within your business.
  • How to balance priorities within your life and business.

Who Is Brian P Moran

Brian-MoranBrian P. Moran is a highly successful author and businessman, who has devised and demonstrated an entirely new method of working that when followed enables the majority of people to accomplish more in twelve weeks than they previously did in an entire year. This review will look closely at his methods, and see how attainable and achievable they are for you the reader. When you listen to or read his work, you will feel a stirring of excitement and motivation deep down inside. That is because everything that Brian says makes perfect sense, and is laid out in easy to follow steps. Indeed, if I was to try to summarise his entire philosophy, it would be to concentrate on achieving a few things really well, rather than many things badly.

How it works

The basic course plan follows the objectives listed below:

  • Proficient and effective control of time and productivity in your business management process.
  • Self-improvement classes.
  • Methodology to increase your annual gross income by developing efficient profit-making plans.
  • Techniques to reduce your stress levels in order to increase productivity.
  • Overcoming hidden fears by developing a better insight to conquer the business world.
  • Achieving your ultimate goal by realizing your true potential in life.
  • Sorting priorities while managing a business.

Brian Moran teamed up with Tom and Todd to welcome you to a better future for your business enterprise. Your staff and clients will get to learn important techniques and methods in the program. This will help to enhance your business by increasing your productivity. You will be able to achieve more in 12 weeks than you have ever achieved in a whole year. A smarter business system is all you need to bring the right change in your professional as well as personal career. Corporate clients are investing millions of dollars in educating their staffs. After spending whopping amounts on training and motivating employees, most of the businesses do not get the result either they expect or deserve. However, businessmen could help immensely from this course without spending millions of bucks. Most noteworthy, this course could be highly beneficial for not only their employees but also for themselves.

12 Week mastery training program

12 week mastery is a goal setting training webinar, But the question that people ask me, How 12 week mastery can assist you? Actually, Brian must answer this question. But I’ll answer this question I’ll answer this question because I actually know what I presented Brian.

Remove all distractions! When you are working online, distractions are everywhere. Social networks are a major cause of time loss when working online, the worse part is that we often don’t even realize how long we are spending on social networks. You might use this as an excuse for doing research or sharing your latest blog post across the social spectrum, but be honest here… How many times have you been distracted by a video, or a post on Facebook?
Don’t try to multi-task! Although a lot of people will say that they are great at multitasking, most people can’t do it very well at all. If you are doing two or three things at the same time, it stands to reason that you are not going to do the job in hand to the best of your ability.
Planning is the key! If you have several jobs that you need to complete within your business then you need to have a game plan. Be it for the day or a plan for the week, its essential that you give yourself a time frame and a deadline to work to. Stick to your plans and reach your goals. If you find that you are easily reaching your goals, try to push yourself further since this can only lead to further productivity.
Balance your time! Achieving your business goals is all well and good, but what about the other things in your life? You need to take charge of your life and build your family, friends, interests and anything else that might be important to you into your plan. Having a great business is only one element of your life, don’t sacrifice other areas of your life in exchange for it.
Don’t burn out! Creating a business plan, focusing on your productivity and removing the obstacles that might distract you is essential, but don’t push yourself too far. Taking a break and enjoying the fruits of your labor is also an essential factor within your life. Even if you can’t enjoy the profits that you have made from your business, try to focus on what you have achieved. Sometimes we simply need a little time to look at what we have achieved within both our daily lives and our business. Focusing on your accomplishments will only serve to motivate you further.

Boost your confidence

Many people enjoy tremendous power, but they cann’t using them properly because of the lack of trust they have. 12 week mastery can assist you to get more confidence to achieve your goals without risk.

Increase your productivity

The energy alone isn’t enough, so 12 week mastery assists you to achieve more than others, boosting your productivity & duplicate your results many times. Brian Moran is a professional coach & he has many courses online (12 Week Year Audio book & 12 week year book). These Brian Moran Products are reviewed by customers & they’re happy now achieved their goals.

Reinforce your skills

Certainly you have many skills, but you want to increase them, 12 week mastery can increase all your skills with a few practices that assist you to be more effective in just TWO weeks, Yes! You just have to try this training, and you’ll see how it can assist you achieve your goal with amazing speed.

What Is Included In The 12 Week Mastery Course?

module 1 :- Pre 12 Week Year Live Webinar Trainings from Brian P. Moran assisting your clients in understanding the 12 Week Year philosophies, systems, and strategies, so they can properly craft their 1st 12 Week Year Action Plan. Corporate clients invest $15,000-$30,000 for this training for their staff. Real World Value $1,000
module 2 :- The 12 Week Year! Daily emails & videos (2-5 mins each) are sent to each client throughout the 12 weeks. 86 in total. Inspiring, thought provoking, educational, to keep everyone on track with their 12 Week Year plans. Real World Value: $2,000
module 3 :- 12 Weekly Coaching Sessions that go over the meat & potatoes of this course and each week offers a live Q&A session. Topics coming soon. Real World Value: $9,750 Plus bonus 13th week Graduation Ceremony
module 4 :- 2 Tickets to a Live Event that will be in West Palm Beach, FL. $1k value each
module 5 :- (Opional but a must do) The most exciting part::::: You can participate in a 12 Week Contest where you take assess of your ‘before’ situation and then use the steps you learned into a real life situation. Grand prize winners are hand picked from Brian P. Moran himself and a number of winners will receive a yet to be announced package that will be valued at over $15k.
module 6 :- You will get a hard copy of the NYT best selling book ’12 Week Year’ plus a Welcome Letter, a 12 Week Year Game Plan, and 12 Weekly Plan & Scorecard sheets.Value: $110
module 7 :- Hyper Active & Valuable Membership Community. This is where the daily videos will be posted, as well as many conversations of like minded individuals pushing one another to be their bests. Value: Priceless

Pros of 12 week mastery 

As mentioned earlier, the course is based on the book The 12 week year’ written by Brian P Moran. Having an experience of above 30 years as a corporate executive, Brian has shared some excellent tips to develop one’s skill.
You will get to learn how to run an efficient and successful business and the qualities you are required to have. These are highly specific in nature which you get to learn from this book.
Many small and large scale businesses have benefited from the book. After receiving worldwide recognition and appreciation for his work, Brian has decided to further develop his work by introducing the course.
Whether you are a director of a large enterprise or an owner of a small business, you will never achieve success without proper business planning. This course will revolutionize your business by introducing you to a very unique, efficient, and futuristic training program.
Brian P Moran, in his 12 Week Mastery course launch video, has explained about the program and its application. He believes that the traditional planning technique in business organizations hasn’t been changed in the past 60 years. The information he shared is very valuable and has also inspired many people.
The 12 Week Mastery program has kick-started by introducing four cost-free training videos, featuring the man himself – Brian Moran. He’s accompanied by Todd Brown and Tom Beal. Todd Brown is the founder of the Marketing Funnel Automation and Tom Beal, the creator of Remarkable Marketing. Both of them joined Brian in his venture. They claim to have achieved success by following the business strategies mentioned in Brian’s NY time’s bestseller book. In the training videos, Brian, along with Tom and Todd, communicated to the audiences about the program and its objective.
cons of 12 week mastery 

  • The product launch is based on the book 12 week year, so it doesn’t cover all the chapters from the book
  • A bit expensive (but worth every penny if put to work)
  • Its not a magic product – you need to put in real efforts to get results.



As you have already noticed in this 12 Week Mastery Review, the Pros far outweigh the Cons.   Overall the entire product launch has been a massive success. This course is a bit expensive,  but it is absolutely worth the investment. Furthermore, this course will revolutionize you and your business. We strongly suggest you take a shot and invest in yourself by getting this course now!

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