7 Best WordPress SEO Tips to Rank #1 on Google

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Are you a WordPress SEO user who is looking for ways to improve the traffic on your website? Every SEO needs to be taken seriously in order to rank good in a search engine such as Google. However, if you are the one who uses the WordPress SEO, Then, brownie points are there in store for you as this is already an SEO friendly plugin which keeps you ahead in all the possible ways.Best WordPress SEO Tips to Rank #1 on Google
Here is a set of 7 best WordPress SEO Tips to rank #1 on Google.

Tip 1: Add Your Site To The Google Search Console.

Google Search ConsoleAdding your website to the Google Search Console will let you view the performance of your website in the search engines. It will also help you to be alert with the various sitewide errors which are likely to hamper your site visibility.

Tip 2: Adjust The Permalink Structure.

The original and strange URLs which you get when you install WordPress are not suitable for your search engine optimization. Use the Post Name setting for the cleanest and most search engine friendly URL structure. This setting will enable you to include your page, post title and also your keyword in your URL.

Tip 3: Submit A Sitemap To Google.

The sitemaps enable better crawls for your website. It is not that the absence of a sitemap will hamper it but, with the help of a sitemap, one can report the data which you want the search engine to crawl. You can stop other webpages from affecting your rankings. Using the Yoast SEO plugin, you can easily create and submit a sitemap.

Tip 4: Make Sure That Your Website Is Optimized For Mobile.

Google has recently announced that they are beginning to test their mobile first index. This is an indication that they are going to use the performance and functionality of your mobile pages to decide your ranking. So, it is the best time to shift to a theme which is responsive enough to check your website’s performance.

Tip 5: Have A Focus Keyword On Every Post.

Focus KeywordMake sure that every post which you put up on your website has a keyword in it. The reason for this is that focus keywords affect your visibility on any search engine. However, it is essential to adhere to the extent to which you can use a keyword to avoid overstuffing. Make sure that you use it in your title and subheadings. It is vital to keep a check on the intent of your focus keyword.

Tip 6: Create Longer And Evergreen Posts.

Longer content ensures a better ranking for your website on the search engine. A study shows that the first websites which appear for any search are around 2000 words long. It also helps you to get more and more shares and backlinks.
The usage of evergreen content ensures heavy and quality traffic on your website. Make sure that you upload high-quality content on your site to drive public attention.

Tip 7: Use Shorter URLs.

Always remember that a shorter URL is way better than the long ones. Make it a point to use your target keyword in your URL. Also, make sure that your post titles walk hand in hand with your URL. It should be readable enough for the people.
We hope that these tips act as a rope puller for you in climbing the stairs towards your goal of being number one on the Google search engine. These tips can definitely serve as stepping stones for you. Not only these tips, but there is also a whole lot of things which need to be taken care of when you are optimizing your site. So, work mindfully!

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