5 Reasons You Should Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing today is increasingly growing in popularity. Over the years, the need to know customers has tremendously grown. This need has made various brands to have tools which may help them in identifying their customers and reinforce the message they want to pass to the mass in some systematic order. The Influencer Marketing Tools help in connecting with the users that have more impact. Another advantage is that influencer marketing tools are cheaper in comparison to paid ads, therefore they’re more cost-effective. According to Onalytica, 92% of users are going to trust recommendations made by other people in the social media. This shows that Influencer Marketing tools let brands to connect with their customers in a more organic way compared to conventional strategies of digital marketing.Influencer Marketing

1.Traditional ads today are becoming ineffective

Customers of today are becoming immune to online traditional ads. Some years back, every publisher ran similar ad layout: a banner advert in the header followed by several adverts units they placed in the right-hand bar. However, even if placed in different locations, the fact is that they’re still easily identified.

Today ads stick out like a sore thumb, and consumers these days are utilizing software quickly to prevent advertisements from being displayed. Therefore, even when you have some great ad and you manage to have decent conversion rates, when users possess ad blockers they’ll never see your offer.

2. Brands today spend more on influencer marketing

Increasing number of marketers are spending more on influencer marketing today. This is one proof of its effectiveness. While early adopters already have experienced first-hand its effectiveness, new brands are now getting involved every day. You should just find out how you can make influencer marketing tools work for you before your competition does.

3. It is native

Native ads seem to perform better when compared to traditional ones. However, influencer marketing is a different kettle of fish. This is due to the fact that it is a familiar face which is representing the content. And with 92% of consumers having trust in recommendations from other people even when they are unfamiliar with them-over brands, you can guess why influencer marketing tools today is quite so effective.

If you happen to combine a stimulus offer with some perfectly-matched influencer, you are going to read a lot in terms of engagement rates.

4. Your ROI generated may be amazing

Influencer content generates a return on investments which are 11 times bigger compared to traditional digital marketing. This is according to a study by Nielsen Catalina & TapInfluence. And there’s also lots of available data which prove how effective this can be. It includes a research which indicated that influencer campaigns earn some $6.85 for each $1.00 spent. The solid statistics show how effective is influencer marketing tools, and a strategy every marketer or entrepreneur should explore.

5. Your offer is put where the target audience is always most-active

Influencer Marketing Tools are employed to place your offer to your audience in the social media-the most active environment. With the majority of consumers utilizing social media in their decisions to make purchases, finding the ideal combination of both offer and influencer may be quite profitable, conversion-wise. Anybody who runs paid media ads on the social media may already most likely confirm the effectiveness of social media ads.

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