Adtrics Academy Review & Real Members Area DEMO! – Is It Really Great?

Adtrics Academy Complete Review & Real Members Area Demo, Is It Worth Your Money? – How To Turning Newbies Into High-performance Media Buyers With The Ability To Generate $100k In Sales!

Adtrics Academy Review

PRODUCT:Adtrics Academy
Creators:Fred Lam (Founder Of iPro Academy & Zero Up)
Product Type:Web-based Software and Training Program
Price:$2497 or 3 Payments of $997
Official (Direct To Special VIP Enroll Page)
Money-Back Guarantee:YES! (30-Day Refund Period)
The Verdict:100% Recommended

Many of us would think of generating money from various sources. Little do we know that online has an ocean of opportunities that help us make money more than we expect. Media buying is one such business that gives you growth along with more money.
Media buying is a business that involves acquiring media space and time for displaying various ad creatives. The purpose of media buying is to find the best place, precise time and perfect context to deliver ads to the relevant targeted audience to create brand awareness, boost sales and conversion. Media Buying creates the scope for ad creators to display their advertisement at a desirable time to the relevant audience.

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However, media buying is a complex business that needs to be learned before applied. Learning media buying helps us understand the appropriate timings, audience behavior and placement of ads that would be beneficial for brand awareness and sales conversion.
When I learned about media buying, I was amazed and was looking for ways to learn more about it. I found out Adtrics Academy that says they help one to become a certified media trainer. Through this Adtrics Academy review, I would like to let you know the benefits of learning about media buying.
Teaching a skill along with certification is actually a bonus, but it is equally important to know more about the academy and the benefits it offers.

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What Is Adtrics Academy?

Adtrics Academy was started by Fred Lam. He ventured online marketing business, learned the process and has successfully accomplished many crucial tasks as a Media Buyer. His growth got him recognized as the youngest marketing manager for BMW Group Canada. He is also the CEO for Zero Up and iPro academy.
How does it Work?
This program entails interactions and LIVE coaching sessions that go on for about 8 weeks. You will be able to learn the following:

  • How to excel in media buying
  • How to generate traffic to your website
  • Know the hyperactive buyers present in any business
  • Understand YouTube marketing
  • The best way to capitalize on Social Media Traffic

Adtrics Academy enables you to understand all those functions. You can now apply them in your internet or affiliate marketing to start earning some great commissions. Also, you get to understand how to take your marketing to the next level. This is through applying some important factors such as YouTube marketing.

About Fred Lam

Fred LamFred Lam is the creator of the amazing program. His first job was washing dishes. However, he developed some interest in online business. Fred was able to reap great accomplishments, especially in media buying. He has since become so popular in marketing. His greatest achievement came when he became BMW Group Canada’s youngest but competent Marketing Manager.
Currently, Fred Lam is the Chief Executive Officer of various multimillion-dollar firms such as iPro Academy. He has not only coached but also trained a lot of young students all over the world.
Let’s Take A Look At Fred Lam’s Top Previous Products.

Zero Up

Zero Up is a powerful software for e-commerce sites which helps such sites to build their eCommerce sites, with providing help for making their site, they also help them grow and scale up their e-commerce website. It is cloud-based software and is continuously increasing and help many e-commerce site owners out there to grow their business.
This software has a feature because of which one would be able to create a funnel for his e-commerce site. If you want to get connected with Zero Up, then you just need to go there, and you would become a member of it within no time, by just completing 3 steps, it’s that simple. Zero Up is connected with Shopify and 11 other such leading e-commerce platforms. Some of the features that Zero Up offers are Intelligent Product Engine. Advanced Email Integration, Profit Multiplier and many more to enhance your e-commerce business.
Zero Up helps anyone launch an online store and start their business right away. All you have to do is to get instant access to the e-commerce automation tool. The tool helps you build your own online store and allows you to customize them in your style. With little or no experience, you can still open your online store and start making money.

iPro Academy

iProAcademy coaches a vast number of students about the advancements in application development. It combines engineering with technology helping the students to gain more knowledge in the latest technology trends and keeps them updated.
These two projects were done before Adtrics Academy by Fred Lam, all these three projects were a type of best tools for a different kind of business. Whereas Adtrics Academy is the latest one from all these three, it is the best and most updated, you can join Adtrics for mastering the skill of media buying and providing success to your business. No matter at what stage you are right now, if you don’t have any knowledge about media buying, if you have sell zero products or if you are a beginner then also you can join this program and be a member of Adtrics Academy. By joining Adtrics, you will get full access to Fred Lam’s 8-week Live Membership, if it’s said live, then it does not mean that you are going to get recorded videos.
You will be getting actual live classes, where you can ask Fred directly your queries, you are going to get a 2 hours class from Fred each week in this 8-week program. With the help of which you would be able to generate six-figure income quickly, at Adtrics you are going to learn about 6 business strategies, which helped Fred to create $50,000,000 as revenue, and after joining this plan, you would also be able to generate such income with your business.
At Adtrics Academy, you will learn the roadmap of six strategic frameworks to apply your skills on Media Buying.
The academy offers live coaching sessions with Fred teaching you how to be an expert in the art of media buying on various social media and search platforms like Facebook, Google and so on.
Adtrics Academy has listed their programs as privileges and bonuses one can gain by signing to the Adtrics Academy’s High-Performance Media Buyer Certification Program.

What is included in the Adtrics Academy Program?

This program comes with exceptional modules that will enhance your online marketing prowess. You get to understand how to generate traffic and take your affiliate marketing to the next level. The modules in this program include Business foundation, The Growth Mindset, The Traffic Execution, and The Big Data. It also subjects you to some amazing bonuses. The bonuses include:

  • Adtrics Alliance
  • A 4 Week Copywriting Mastery
  • Exclusive Invitation to Marketers in Black
  • Private MBA(Media Buyer Alliance)Facebook Group

You are expected to make good use of those provisions to enhance your online marketing. These components just confirm how important this program is. Every online marketer and website owner needs to make the most out of it.

Adtrics Academy Members Area

Adtrics Members Area

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What The Modules Involve
The Modules Found In This Program Include The Following:
Module 1:- The Foundation
Before you set up any business you need to plan pretty well. You have to come up with a roadmap that will guide you all the way. In this Module, Fred Lam will give you an overview of the strategies and objectives you ought to consider seriously. The business objectives should cover Digital Business, Local business, Agency, E-commerce, Affiliate, and Lead Generation.
Framework #1 – eCommerce

  • E-commerce Blueprint – Dropshipping
  • E-commerce Blueprint – Joint Ventures
  • E-commerce Blueprint – Amazon FBA
  • E-commerce Ad Strategies – Free Plus Shipping
  • E-commerce Ad Strategies – Keystone
  • E-commerce Ad Strategies – Single Product
  • E-commerce Ad Strategies – Cold Amazon
  • Scaling Up E-commerce – Affiliates
  • Scaling Up E-commerce – Diversifying

Framework #2: Local Businesses

  • Local Business Blueprint
  • Local Ad Strategies – Couponing
  • Local Ad Strategies – Contests
  • Local Ad Strategies – Event Marketing
  • Scaling Up Local Business – Customers
  • Scaling Up Local Business – Refer-A-Friend
  • Scaling Up Local Business – Diversifying

Framework #3: Lead Generation

  • Lead-Generation Blueprint
  • Lead-Gen Ad Strategies – Closer Method
  • Lead-Gen Ad Strategies – Value Method
  • Lead-Gen Ad Strategies – Arbitrage Method
  • Scaling Up Lead-Generation – Referral Fees
  • Scaling Up Lead-Generation – Alliance

Framework #4: Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing Blueprint
  • Affiliate Marketing Ad Strategies – Review
  • Affiliate Marketing Ad Strategies – Content
  • Affiliate Marketing Ad Strategies – Bridging
  • Affiliate Marketing Ad Strategies – Quiz
  • Affiliate Marketing Ad Strategies – Presell
  • Scaling Up Affiliate Marketing – Team
  • Scaling Up Affiliate Marketing – Publishing

Framework #5: Digital Publishing

  • Digital Publishing Blueprint
  • Digital Publishing Ad Strategies – Lead Magnets
  • Digital Publishing Ad Strategies – VSL
  • Digital Publishing Ad Strategies – Long Form Salesletter
  • Digital Publishing Ad Strategies Webinar Funnels
  • Scaling Up Digital Publishing – Affiliates
  • Scaling Up Digital Publishing – Full Product Line
  • Scaling Up Digital Publishing – 1-On-1 Coaching Program

Framework #6: Agencies

  • The Agency Blueprint
  • Agency’s Preparation
  • Agency Ad Strategies – Free Consultation
  • Getting Clients – Referral Fees
  • Getting Clients – Traditional Hunter
  • Getting Clients – Online Hunter
  • Scaling Up Agency – The Arbitrage Method
  • Scaling Up Agency – Team Building
  • Scaling Up Agency – Offer Local Seminars

Module 2:- The Paradigm Shift
In this Module, you will learn how to develop a growth mindset. This is essential in giving you success in the world of marketing.

  • Traffic Is A Skill Set
  • Traffic Is An Investment, Not Expense
  • Let Data Tell You The Story
  • The Rollercoaster Ride
  • Articulate A Traffic Plan
  • Being Compliant
  • Hooks, Hooks, and More Hooks
  • The Greek Column
  • The Psychology Behind An Ad
  • The 3 Types Of Traffic (Cold, Warm, & Hot)
  • Having Omnipresence
  • Benchmark Numbers (KPI, LTV, & Trends)
  • Understanding How Ads Are Billed
  • Know Your Customers

Module 3:- The Traffic
The program will subject you to 8 weeks interactive session. The sessions give you a chance to interact with Fred Lam. Through the live chats, you get to learn how to generate traffic by capitalizing on YouTube, Facebook, Google, and many more platforms. Be inquisitive throughout to ensure you enhance your marketing strategy.

  • Live Coaching With Fred Lam

More training is coming soon…!. Remember, this is a LIVE training program, which won’t commence until after the launch, so there’s nothing to review yet.
Module 4:- The Data
Once you have generated data, it does not stop there. You need to have a significant plan for the data. This is where the Big Data module comes in handy. It helps you with data analysis and how you can utilize it during advertisements.

  • Facebook Ads: Understanding Facebook Ads Reporting
  • Facebook Ads: 4 Levels Of Optimization
  • Facebook Ads: Advanced Optimization
  • Facebook Ads: Additional Strategies
  • Search Ads: Customizing Your Reporting Columns
  • Search Ads: 4 Phases Of Analysis
  • Search Ads: Advanced Analysis
  • Search Ads: Opportunities Exploration
  • YouTube Ads: Customizing Your Reporting Columns
  • YouTube Ads: 4 Phases Of Analysis
  • YouTube Ads: Where Ads Are Shown
  • YouTube Ads: Additional Tips & Strategies
  • Display Ads: Customizing Your Reporting Columns
  • Display Ads: 4 Phases Of Analysis
  • Display Ads: Where Ads Are Shown
  • Display Ads: Scaling Tips

eCommerce Training
Pre-Training Videos

  1. Finding Your Niche Store
  2. Securing Your Website Domain
  3. Setting Up Your Support Email Address
  4. Getting Your Logo Made
  5. Choosing Your Store’s Theme
  6. Finding Your Winning Product
  7. Upload Your Product With Shopzie
  8. Creating Your Legal Pages
  9. Accepting Payments Online
  10. Creating Your Shipping Table
  11. Your Store’s Checklist
  12. Must-Have Shopify App
  13. Setup Your Facebook Fan Page
  14. Facebook Business Manager
  15. Installing Your Facebook Pixel
  16. Setting Up Your Tiny Account
  17. Setting Up Google Ads Pixel

eCommerce LIVE Training – Comming Soon

This is a LIVE training program, which happens every week on members area.

1. Direct Access To Fred Lam’s 8-Week Live Mentorship

8-Week LIVE MentorshipThis 8-week program guarantees you lots of knowledge and information regarding Media Buying. Each session is customized by live interactions with Fred. You can ask questions then and there and clear your doubts with him. You can learn the following in this course.

  • The launchpad of a high performing media buyer.
  • The 3-step formula that turns your social media traffic into profit
  • Gain access to the large pool of media buyers for any businesses
  • The traffic Rolodex to advertising on 95% of the internet
  • Excel the art of making video advertisements on Youtube
  • How to create hot traffic that is prospective clients
  • Media buyer’s guide to touch the worldwide market
  • Learn to become a media buyer exhibiting excellent performance.

This program seems to fulfill the promise of aspiring media buyers. By enrolling to this program, one can understand media buying from a bird’s eye view and become an expert in this.

2. Master My 6 B.S. (Brilliantly Strategic) Framework That Can Be Applied To Any Business

Privilege 2This program explains one of the six business strategy frameworks of Fred. The academy claims that this who learn this strategy can generate high income in their business.
I feel this program is suitable for those who want their business to grow immensely in a short time.

3. Shifting Paradigm To A High-Performance Media Buyer

media buyingIn the live session with Fred, you will learn how to avoid common mistakes that will create major problems in media buying. Fred coaches the strategy to grow your business by understanding the mindset of your prospective clients. This program also teaches you to craft a message or brand story that attracts your clients to your business.

4. Generating Revenue With The Infinite Loophole

Adtrics Fred LamIf you are fresh into business or already into one, this course helps you to generate refined leads to your business. The process is repetitive and helps you understand your client better and refine your audience.
You can join and learn this course and apply this strategy to any business and generate an income of $2500 per process.

5. Leveraging Big Data To Turn Traffic Into A Revenue-Generator

Revenue-GeneratorAs a fresher to the field of media buying, one may feel overwhelmed by the number f clients they have to convert. This course offered by Adtrics academy makes you a data expert by helping you to notice the key performance metrics and make a campaign plan like a pro.

6. An Opportunity To Work With Fred Lam

Work With Fred LamThis privilege is like a bonus to new aspiring media buyers as they get to work with Fred directly. One can learn the tricks of media buying daily as Fred teaches you to apply strategies that make a business shine great. You can also have the privilege to work with many entrepreneurs and gain a wider knowledge.
There are some courses that act as a bonus for those who learn media buying.
#1 – Private Media Buyer Alliance (MBA) Facebook Group – You will be a part of a facebook group headed by Fred, which updates on the latest trends on media buying. Updating helps to sharpen your skills
#2 – The 4-Week Copywriting Mastery  This four-week course helps you understand the psychology of your audience and write attractive content for your campaigns.
#3 – Exclusive Invitation To Marketers In Black You get a free ticket to Vancouver, Canada where you meet Fred and his network of media buyers. Fred gives a live training session for next level knowledge in media buying.

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How Will Adtrics Academy Help You Earn An Income?

Adtrics Academy program will be of much help to you if you want to earn a substantial income from online ventures. It will equip you with strategic frameworks on how to earn income and sustain it. Furthermore, you will be able to grow profits in various business ventures like lead generation, affiliate marketing, and e-commerce. You also get to capitalize on various social and advertising platforms to boost your sales.

Pros of Adtrics Academy Program
  • Offers a private Facebook page for members where you can ask for help whenever you’re stuck.
  • Weekly webinars on the members area help you ask questions directly to Fred Lam.
  • They regularly update their program with new ideas and strategies.
  • The content they offer supports both newbie and advanced marketers.
  • Guides you the whole field of Media buying starting from the basic to the sophisticated levels.
  • There is no monthly subscription fee. The payment you make is final.
Cons of Adtrics Academy program
  • The enrolment fee is too high especially for low-income class, and students. (But Worth Every Penny If Put To Work)
  • It’s not a magic product – you need to put in real efforts to get results (because you are building a real business).

Do you pay to enroll in Adtrics Academy Program?

The Adtrics Academy Program is available in two plans. You have to enroll for a membership plan that suits you well and should be affordable. This means you have to pay to enroll in Adtrics Academy program. The first plan requires you to pay $ 2,495.You are expected to pay once and in full. This means you will be able to save up to $496.If that is not the case, you can opt for the second plan that requires you to pay $997 for a duration of 3 months. It is up to you to choose a plan that is affordable and suitable for you.

Reasons To Enroll in Adtrics Academy

There are many reasons why you need to enroll in Adtrics Academy. Some of the reasons why you need this program include the following:
Understand a reliable strategic framework – If you want to understand how you can earn income and sustain the growth of your profits in Affiliate marketing and e-commerce, this is the program that you need. It will grant you with essential strategies on how to grow your income and profits. Make sure you follow each and every guideline discussed there.
Graduate as a certified and efficient media buyer – This program will equip you with the skills needed to turn you into a reliable media buyer. Out of that, you will be able to grow your income and profits.
Data expertise – You not only get to generate data but also learn to analyze and use it for your online business.


Unlike other online classes which are pre-recorded, I feel Adtrics does a great job by conducting live interactive sessions. The value for the money you pay is justified by their refined plan for courses ensures a bright future for you in media buying.
This project is not only for those who are working on a business, it’s for them also who are not doing or would be working on any business, after getting certified they can directly acquire clients and can work for their business and can generate a whole lot of money out of that. Providing good traffic is not the key for success, with this program you are going to learn new things which are going to let you know more about that how can you get most out of your traffic generated.
I hope this Adtrics Academy review is informative and helpful to shape yourself as a media buyer.

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