Digital Product Blueprint Review and Demo – Get Ready to Rock Your Info Product Game!


What’s the Deal with Digital Product Blueprint?

Alright, so you want the scoop on Digital Product Blueprint, huh? Well, sit back and relax because this baby’s the real deal. Eben Pagan, the man, the myth, the legend, is here to show you the way to info product success. Whether you’re a total newbie just dipping your toes into the game or you’re a seasoned player looking for your next big hit, this course has got your back.

Digital Product Blueprint 2016

So, what’s in the mix? We’re talking about the full shebang, my friend. You’ll learn how to spot a cash-cow niche, create your digital masterpiece, wrap it up all nice and pretty, craft killer marketing campaigns, pull in the crowds, and keep the sales flowing through those fancy sales funnels. It’s like a recipe for success, served with a side of gravy.

This course ain’t just words on a screen, either. You’ll get top-notch training, exclusive access to a member’s area packed with killer content, and hands-on tech tool classes that’ll have you feeling like a digital wizard. Plus, it’s a step-by-step guide, so even if you’re as tech-savvy as a potato, you can still make it happen. You’ll be creating info products that folks can’t resist.

Who’s the Brain Behind Digital Product Blueprint?

Now, let’s talk about the mastermind behind this digital goldmine – Eben Pagan. This guy’s the OG of digital marketing, a true legend in the game. He’s not just here to drop knowledge bombs; he’s here to hand you the keys to success.



Eben’s got it all – killer marketing strategies, the inside scoop on ads that convert, ninja-level selling techniques, and more. He’s dropping his digital treasure chest of training materials, including video gems and detailed visuals. Trust us; this dude knows his stuff.

Who Is Eben Pagan?


When it comes to the marketing universe, Eben Pagan is like the Elon Musk of our world. He’s a visionary, a trendsetter, and a mastermind. He’s got a reputation that stretches across the globe for his sharp mind, savvy investments, and groundbreaking ideas. You bet people look up to this guy.

Eben’s not just a mentor; he’s THE mentor. He’s taken marketing to a whole new level by blending various disciplines with his own unique touch. Those lucky enough to have him as a mentor have hit the jackpot, and we can only dream of finding someone like him in our own journey.

What’s in the Digital Product Blueprint Toolbox?


Hold on to your hats because the features of Digital Product Blueprint are gonna blow your mind:

Live Training with Eben: This ain’t no prerecorded mumbo-jumbo. Eben himself will be your guide through the course. Got questions or roadblocks? Just holler, and he’ll sort you out, pronto.

Exclusive Members’ Hangout: Picture this – a virtual hangout where you can chat, ask questions, lend a hand, and discuss marketing strategies with fellow coursemates. It’s like a digital watering hole for marketing aficionados.

Access to Pagan’s Greatest Hits: You’ll get your hands on some of Eben’s past products and services to complement your learning journey. It’s like getting extra ammo for your marketing arsenal.

Multi-Media Learning: Prepare to be schooled through video presentations, readings, and interactive sessions. Stay updated with the latest trends in online marketing, and get ready to rock the digital world.

Social Media Dominance: Gain access to software that turbocharges your social media game on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Yep, they’re automated, so you can sit back and watch the magic happen.

Maximize Your Marketing Mojo: Learn the art of direct advertising, email promotion, podcasting, video marketing, and blogging. It’s like a buffet of marketing strategies; pick your favorites and watch your business soar.

So there you have it, folks – Digital Product Blueprint 2017 is your ticket to info product stardom. Eben Pagan is the guide you’ve been waiting for, and this course is the treasure map to your digital empire. Don’t miss out!

Welcome to the Digital Product Blueprint Members Area, folks!

Now, check this out, the Digital Product Blueprint System ain’t your run-of-the-mill program. It’s got a dozen blueprint tools with exercises, each served up with a deep-dive video tutorial and a solid training lesson. Six of these bad boys are all about crafting your digital product, while the other six are all about finetuning your marketing game. You ain’t gotta wait around, you can dive headfirst into these templates and tools as soon as you sign up and start building your product like a boss.

Digital Product Blueprint 2016 training video


Now, these training tools and exercises? They’re strategically cooked up. Six of ’em are laser-focused on helping you figure out what’s the most valuable knowledge rattling around in your noggin and getting that knowledge neatly packed into your digital product, pronto. The other six? Well, they’re all about feeding you knowledge on how to whip up your first marketing pieces and reel in that sweet, sweet traffic and customers who are itching to get their hands on your goodies.

And that ain’t all, folks! You’re gonna score a lineup of six live Coaching Classes with Eben himself, and they’re broken down into modules. Every couple of weeks, we’ll huddle up for a live class, running about 90 minutes each. We’ll be working together to slap those blueprints and models into every nook and cranny of your product, your marketing, your launch, your follow-up systems, and your whole dang business. I tell ya, having a mentor in your corner, answering your burning questions, is like finding gold in them there hills.

Now, let’s break down what’s cookin’ in those 6 coaching modules:

module1Module 1 :- Orientation Fast Start

We’ll give you the lowdown on the Digital Product Blueprint System and show you when and how to use each piece of the puzzle.

You’ll get your head right with some crucial mindsets to rock this program and have a blast while doing it.

We’ll set you up for maximum success in this 90-day journey and beyond.

Module 2: Targeting Your Niche

We’ve got a slick system for sniffing out, picking, and narrowing down niches so you find that “sweet spot” where your product practically sells itself. No time for wasting money on dud ideas here.

Learn to carve out your own niche category, putting you at the top of the game and making life tough for your competition.

We’ll walk you through creating your ideal customer avatar, so you’re locked and loaded when it comes to building your product and rocking your marketing.

Module 3: Creating Your Product

We’re unleashing 7 knowledge frameworks that’ll have you churning out top-notch products your customers will be begging to snatch up.

Not all products are created equal; discover some advanced product design strategies to make sure you’re cashing in on your creations.

Plus, we’ll school you on the art of naming your product right. ‘Cause let’s face it, a lot of folks judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a product by its name!

Module 4: Building Your Marketing

Get ready for a crash course on snagging new customers through “Education-based marketing,” so you ain’t gotta resort to any shady sales and marketing tricks.

We’re throwing in some proven marketing templates, so all you gotta do is plug and play, and you’ll have marketing that’s a slam dunk.

We’ll show you how to turn your own story and experiences into marketing goldmines.

Module 5: Launching Your Product

Ever heard of a counter-intuitive technique that’s brought in boatloads of traffic for every launch we’ve done? We’ll spill the beans and show you how to put it to work for your business.

We’ll teach you how to approach potential partners and get ’em stoked to say “YES” to promoting you and your product during your launch.

Plus, we’ll help you craft an irresistible product offer that’ll have your customers lining up to get their hands on your stuff.

Module 6: Email Mastery

You’re gonna learn how to whip up the ultimate email follow-up sequence that turns your leads into loyal buyers.

We’ll toss in our highest-converting email templates so you can craft emails that don’t just drop knowledge but also make those sales rain in.

We’re throwing in some tricks and hacks to make writing emails a breeze – quick and easy, baby!

Now, ain’t that a heck of a ride? But wait, there’s more!

You’ll get access to a private members area where you can kick it for a lifetime, soaking up coaching that’ll take you on a 90-day journey to digital marketing glory.

And check this out, you’ll be hanging out with none other than Eben Pagan, a bona fide 100-million-dollar marketing guru, during live coaching sessions. That’s right, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the big dogs, and it won’t break the bank.

Plus, we’re throwing in some implementation classes to get you up and running like a pro while setting up your long-term digital publishing empire.

How Make Money With The System?

So, how do you make moolah with this system? Eben’s gonna spill the beans on how to cook up an awesome digital product in a super-profitable niche that practically sells itself through a slick, automated marketing funnel. These are the same funnels that’ve raked in over nine figures online. Yeah, you heard me right, 9 figures! And it’s worked like a charm for hundreds of other top-notch marketers too.

Building Your Business From Scratch


Now, if you’re starting your biz journey from scratch, this course is your golden ticket. According to Eben Pagan, Digital Product Blueprint 2016 is a dream come true for greenhorn entrepreneurs, but it ain’t no snooze for the experienced folks either. It’s an interactive rollercoaster where you can chime in, share your thoughts, and help your fellow members succeed. It’s like an open forum where everyone pitches in to boost everyone’s game.

Good Training Leads To Success

Here’s the deal: this course runs for 90 days, roughly three months. If you’re all in, participating in every training session, and putting those tips and strategies to work, ain’t nothin’ gonna stop you from turning your dreams into a thriving business. And the best part? These strategies are like a well-oiled machine you can keep running over and over again.

Now, let’s break it down:


  • Easy to grasp
  • Perfect for newbies and seasoned pros
  • Teaches you how to create products in any niche
  • Packed with user guidelines, tutorials, video training, and a bonus bonanza
  • Rock-solid support team to hold your hand every step of the way
  • Money-back guarantee, no questions asked


  • It ain’t exactly cheap, but trust me, it’s worth every single greenback when you put it into action.
  • You’re in for a 90-day hustle
  • It’s no magic bullet – you gotta put in some elbow grease for results.

Money Back Guarantee


100% 90-Day Zero-Risk Guarantee
It ain’t exactly cheap, but trust me, it’s worth every single greenback when you put it into action.
You’re in for a 90-day hustle
It’s no magic bullet – you gotta put in some elbow grease for results.
Oh, and don’t forget the 100% 90-Day Zero-Risk Guarantee! If you follow the Digital Product Blueprint course, attend those classes, and show your homework and exercises at the end of 90 days without having your digital product ready to roll, we’ll hook you up with a full refund. No games, no gimmicks, just your hard-earned cash back in your pocket.


In conclusion, folks, if you’re wondering whether Eben Pagan’s latest course is worth your time and dime, I gotta shout a resounding YES! This course ain’t messin’ around; it’s got everything you need to kick-start a profitable gig. From product development to product launching, it’s a step-by-step roadmap that’ll keep you on track. When you hit a roadblock, Eben and your fellow members are your trusty sidekicks, ready to lend a hand. Digital Product Blueprint is your ticket to a thriving, sustainable business. This ain’t just an investment; it’s your golden ticket to success. Get on board, and let’s rock this journey together!