Top 5 Email Marketing Predications to Watch In 2018

When it comes to ROI, statistics, and conversions generated through marketing, email marketing is at the top. This means that email marketing is not dying anytime soon. Email marketing has not only remained one of the best performing tactics but also evolved into a powerhouse driving engaging, consistent, and revenue campaigns that do not require many hours of labor.
Email Marketing
Here are the top 5 email marketing trends to watch.

1. Personalization is going to a new level

While first name personalization gave email marketers a lot of hope, now that everyone knows about it does very little to improve your image. However, it’s now expected that personalization will be taken to completely new level. Apart from Geo-targeting, firmographic, demographic and psychographic data will be used to build a personal persona. This will make it possible to send personalized and automated emails that will take you a long way.

2. Interactive emails will be used more

Depending on whom you are targeting, making fun emails is one of the best ways to reduce the bounce rates and increase the engagement. Creating interactive emails is, therefore, a great way to approach this. According to research, more people will start using interactive emails. They will also use emails that include sliders, galleries, search bars, buttons, and surveys.

3. Data focused marketing will rule

By powering better personalization and automation, data marketing is one of the smartest ways of doing email marketing. In 2018, it’s expected that email marketers will focus on the feeding and care of their data marketing strategy. They will focus on behaviors and data points that will lead to valuable insights. Instead of relying entirely on implied preferences they will use progressive profiling and preference centers to regularly check their data intelligence. They will also regularly optimize and update their emails for better engagements.

4. There will be a rise of list segmentation

When it comes to sending emails and boosting the open rate, list segmentation has remained one of the best strategies. Most small companies are, therefore, applying this strategy. More so, more and more email marketers are now gradually adopting this strategy to their advantage. In 2018, most marketers will gather more data for effective targeting and to create better campaigns. There will also be opt-in forms that gather more than the emails and names.

5. Emails marketing will be combined with social media marketing

According to studies, emails that have social media sharing buttons can increase the click-through rates by over 150%. This means social media integration is an effective tool to use as a marketer. Sending emails and sharing them on your social media platforms such as Facebook can really boost your marketing efforts. By doing this, you will reach a wider audience and make sure that no one misses out in the campaigns.

Final words

2018 promises to be one of the most exciting years of email marketing. We can expect to see deeper personalization and more advanced automation technologies. This is the year that more marketers will know the power of email marketing and how it can be used to boost business.
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