How To Earn $1k/Day Using Article marketing

The dynamics of business today requires an infrastructural transition in marketing strategies. Some of the measures that a firm may take to stay abreast of the rest in a competitive world include:How To Earn $1kDay Using Article marketing

Article marketing:

A form of marketing/advertisement whereby articles are positioned strategically by companies with the aim of promoting a specific website. It is hinged on the precept of increasing traffic to your website, establishing credibility and authority in your niche to give your site a high preference rating to appear above the rest in the Search Engine Optimizers. The most outstanding advantage of this marketing strategy is its simplicity and economical nature.


Identify your area of specialization: this will help you specify your scope of writing. You, therefore, invest in your stronghold in terms of expertise to make web suffers identify with you for a given set of products or information.
Concise choice of titles: choose the best titles for your articles to attract more viewers and improve your preference in Search Engine Optimization. Make them short, highly searched keywords on google and place them at the beginning of your article.
Over-deliver in terms of quality: high-quality articles normally garnish attention and inspire traffic simultaneously.
Summarize your posts: these summaries should be placed strategically within the site to engage and inspire visitors to become loyal clients.
Diversify your audience: include buttons to facilitate sharing of your articles in social media.
Choose your directory well: conduct online research to get the site that will accept your publications. Differentiate your articles by spinning or re-writing while posting the in various sites.

Advantages of Article Marketing:

Many firms have adopted this form of marketing for the following reasons:
i. It is simple and economical to adopt.
ii. Improves preference in the search engine ranks. This ensures more people publish your product with more backlinks to your site. Quality links will make search engines rank your site higher.
iii. Increases the number of traffic hence boosting sales. It helps you to increase exposure of your product to your customers and potential customers.
iv. Reputation building and creation of goodwill that attracts traffic without you having to conduct any advertisement.
v. Increased brand awareness: once the company establishes a good relationship with the site visitors they can easily be converted to customers.

Ways of driving in traffic.

a. Write articles with extreme grips or controversial ones that draws the attention of the reader to desire for more information.
b. Choose a highly ranked directory. Focus on placing your articles in a marketing backlink that will enable you to get the best returns from your sweat.
c. It doesn’t kill to hire a professional to do your articles on your behalf.
d. Take advantage of free tools provided online like google AdWords keyword to get better words to include in your articles.

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