Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Complete Review – How Can You Improve Your Online Business With Anik Signal’s New Inbox Blueprint Training Programs?.

Inbox blueprint 2.0 review

Creators:Anik Singal (Founder Of Lurn, Inc.)
Product Type:Web-based Software and training program
Price$997 or 3 Payments of $397
Official Site  (Direct To Order Page) 
The Verdict

What is Inbox Blueprint?

Inbox Blueprint, y’all, is the real deal when it comes to email marketing, and let me break it down for you. It’s a program and software created by Anik Singal, a heavyweight in the internet entrepreneur and affiliate marketing game.

inbox blueprint review

Now, email marketing might sound like old news, but don’t get it twisted. It’s more potent than ever when done right. So, what’s email marketing, you ask? It’s all about sending those slick commercial messages to a bunch of folks through good ol’ email. But hold up, this ain’t your regular spammy junk. This is about connecting with your peeps in a way that actually matters.

Why choose email over social media, you wonder? Well, lemme tell you, social media’s flooded with ads to the point where we just scroll past ’em like they don’t exist. But email, my friends, is where it’s at. People are tuning in to their inboxes these days, paying real attention to each email they receive. That’s the sweet spot for email marketing if you’re doing it the Inbox Blueprint 2.0 way.

Who is Anik Singal?

Anik SingalNow, let’s talk about Anik Singal – this guy’s a legend in the online biz world. He started from scratch and built a multi-million-dollar empire, making bank with products that brought in massive commissions. He’s been featured on CNN and other big networks, sharing his success story with the world. Anik even went on to create Fortune 500 companies and racked up awards like nobody’s business, including making the Inc. 500 list and snagging a top spot in Business Week’s Top Entrepreneurs.

When it comes to affiliate marketing on the web, Anik’s the OG pioneer. He’s helped countless folks make their first few bucks online and create their own killer affiliate websites, all thanks to his top-notch training courses. You’ve probably seen his name pop up if you’re in the marketing game or have an email list.

Anik didn’t build his empire overnight; he did it step by step, using strategies that are now the industry standard. His training courses are no-nonsense, easy to follow, and cater to both newbies and seasoned pros. The man backs up everything he puts out, unlike some of those online “gurus” who just talk the talk. His reputation is on the line with every move he makes.

His training materials are straightforward, down-to-earth, and cut through the fluff. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just dipping your toes in the online waters, you’ll find value in Anik’s teachings. His courses are all-inclusive, so you won’t have to go hunting for info elsewhere. It’s all right there, up to date, and crystal clear. His video quality is on point too.inbox blueprint review 2018

And here’s the kicker – Anik is always innovating, coming up with fresh tactics and products year after year. He’s a wealth of knowledge, and he ain’t stingy with it. He’s helped countless people find success online, from seasoned pros to newbies. If you’re willing to put in the hustle, his training programs can take you places. So, don’t sleep on Inbox Blueprint and Anik Singal – they’re the real deal in the world of email marketing and online success.

What is Inbox Blueprint 2.0?

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 is the revamped and upgraded version of the original Inbox Blueprint, which initially hit the scene in 2014 and achieved considerable success. The second iteration, Inbox Blueprint 2.0, was rolled out in 2017, taking the foundations of its predecessor and enhancing them significantly.

So, what’s new and exciting in Inbox Blueprint 2.0, you might ask? Well, there have been numerous enhancements and additions that make it a must-consider option. These include the LaunchPad, a proprietary content engine, guided assignment-based training, a complimentary SendLane Start account, 12 months of unlimited support, and several other valuable bonuses.

The core of Inbox Blueprint 2.0 lies in its training program, which is the primary reason for considering this opportunity. However, the training program is just the beginning; the additional tools like the LaunchPad Software and the proprietary content engine are here to make your journey towards establishing a thriving online marketing business smoother.

The LaunchPad software is an incredibly powerful tool designed to jumpstart your venture. It can construct the fundamental components of your business in a matter of minutes and is finely tuned for perfection. It customizes each business, tailoring it to your specific of profit

The proprietary content engine is another remarkable feature. It generates unique content for your email marketing endeavors, ensuring that your communications stand out in the competitive landscape.

In a nutshell, Inbox Blueprint 2.0, with the aid of the LaunchPad software and the proprietary content engine, takes care of the heavy lifting for you. It assists in setting up essential elements such as the squeeze page, auto-responder, thank you page, and lead magnet. These tasks can be time-consuming, but with Inbox Blueprint 2.0, you’ll have more time to focus on what truly matters – your email marketing business.

One of the most common blunders in email marketing is selecting the wrong niche. Often, people choose a niche based on personal familiarity or interest, forgetting the fundamental purpose of email marketing – to build a profitable business. Inbox Blueprint ensures you don’t make this mistake.

Now, let’s delve into the heart of the matter – the Inbox Blueprint training program. This comprehensive program consists of eight key steps, each designed to equip you with everything you need to know about email marketing. We’ll walk through each step.

The initial part is the introduction. As with any complex educational journey, there are essential basics to grasp before diving deeper. In this phase, you’ll gain an understanding of what Inbox Blueprint is all about, along with the intricacies it entails. You’ll learn how to comprehend the concept of business and fully utilize a business model. During this phase, you’ll also become acquainted with the handpicked coaches Anik has chosen to guide you through this exciting journey.

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Members Area

Inbox Blueprint members area
To summarize. During the introduction you will cover the following topic:

  1. Understanding the business
  2. What is inbox Blueprint Business model?
  3. Overview of the Inbox Blueprint course
  4. Meet the Coaches

Once the introduction phase is over you will go straight to step 1 and be learning everything that Inbox Blueprint 2.0 has to teach you.
inbox blueprint lessons

Step 1: – Niche Selection and Addiction Meter

Alright, let’s dive into step one, where we’re gonna talk about the addiction meter for your email marketing hustle. Now, choosing the right niche ain’t no joke, my friend. It’s the first step in this email marketing game, and it’s gotta be spot-on. In this step, you’ll get the lowdown on why niche selection is crucial and how to pick the one that’s gonna make you some serious bank.

So, here’s what you’re gonna soak in:

  1. How to Pick a Kickass Niche
  2. The Niches That Bring in the Big Bucks in Email Marketing
  3. Going All-In with the Launch Pad Niches
  4. A Boatload of Niche Ideas
  5. Digging for Gold on
  6. Sifting Through Niches on
  7. The Google Niche Hunt
  8. YouTube Niche Scouting
  9. Time to Flex Those Decision Muscles: Choose Your Email Marketing Niche
  10. Ready to Fire Up the LaunchPad? If You’re Game, Let’s Roll

So, during this initial phase, we’re gonna school you on the email marketing niches that are pure gold, how to research ’em, and we’ll even throw in some tips on how to harness the power of the LaunchPad software. You’re in for a wild ride, my friend.

Step 2: – Setting the Bait

Now that you’ve nailed down your niche and you’re itching to kickstart your email marketing empire, it’s time to create a sweet web page, my man. We call it the opt-in page, ’cause it’s the spot where you’ll scoop up those precious emails to build your list. In this step, you’ll get the lowdown on opt-in pages – what they are, how they work, and why they’re your golden ticket.

Here’s the juicy stuff in step two:

  1. All About Opt-in Pages
  2. The Opt-in Page Blueprint
  3. Crafting Opt-in Page Magic
  4. Nailing Copywriting for Opt-in Pages
  5. What Data to Snag
  6. Building Your Opt-in Page Like a Pro
  7. Single vs. Double Opt-in Pages
  8. The Art of the Freebie – Bribing for Emails
  9. Cooking Up Your Free PDF Goodies
  10. Time to Get Your Hands Dirty: Create That Opt-in Page

So, step two’s all about mastering opt-in pages, making ’em slick, and adding value to your email marketing game by offering top-notch info. Let’s roll, my dude!

Step 3: – TYP Method (The Thank You Page Method)

anik singal inbox blueprint review

Now, onto step three – the TYP Method, which stands for the “Thank You Page.” Here, you’ll learn how to set up your TYP and start raking in the moolah as soon as you snag those first subscribers. Cash flow early on is crucial, and we’re gonna show you how to do it while avoiding some gnarly email marketing pitfalls.

Check out what’s on the menu for step three:

  1. Anik’s Sneaky Thank You Page Strategy
  2. Decoding the Thank You Page Game
  3. How Much Can Your TYP Really Haul In?
  4. Picking the Perfect TYP Page Offer
  5. Unleashing the Power of the LaunchPad for TYP Magic
  6. Timing and Delivery of That Sweet Freebie
  7. Optional: Crafting a Transitional Page
  8. Ready to Dive In? Choose Your TYP Offer Wisely
  9. Time to Activate Your Preferred TYP Strategy

Step three ain’t just about understanding the TYP, it’s also about dodging email marketing’s dangerous curves. Stay sharp, my friend!

Step 4: – The Email Machine Overview 

Let’s rev up for step four, where we’re gonna talk autoresponders – those bad boys that make your email marketing life a breeze. We’re talking efficiency, and here’s what you’ll be schooled on:

  1. Intro to Autoresponders
  2. Gettin’ Your Free SendLane Account Fired Up
  3. Automated Messages vs. Broadcasting
  4. Tracking Those Clicks
  5. Let’s Get Hands-On: Set Up Your Autoresponder & Click Tracker
  6. Time-Savers for the Win

Step four’s all about making your email marketing hustle slick and streamlined with autoresponders. Get ready to roll, my dude!

Step 5 – Emails and List Relationship

Alright, in step five, we’re gonna drop some knowledge bombs about what most folks miss in email marketing – the art of writing killer emails. We’ll show you when to hit that send button, how to craft eye-catching subject lines, and how to build a relationship with your email list that keeps ’em coming back for more.

Here’s the lowdown on step five:

  1. Mastering the Art of Email Writing and Sending
  2. The Three Commandments of Email Marketing Strategy
  3. Deciphering the Email Lifeline – Product Promos Per Month
  4. Unpacking the Promo Arsenal – Low, Mid, and High-Ticket Promotions
  5. Crafting the Perfect Email
  6. The Subject Line – The Email’s Secret Sauce
  7. Content Emails – Boosting Products with Valuable Content
  8. Relationship Emails – Building Trust with Your List
  9. Sales and Promo Emails
  10. Setting Up a Killer 10-Day Autoresponder Sequence (Minimum)
  11. Don’t Get Caught in the Spam Trap: Test Your Emails First
  12. Get Hands-On: Set Up Your Automated Messages Using LaunchPad

Being an email marketing guru ain’t just about sending emails; it’s about building trust and lasting connections with your peeps. Step five’s gonna show you just how it’s done.

Step 6 – Payday Secrets

Step six, my friend – it’s the one you’ve been waiting for. This is where the cash starts flowing in. We’ll teach you how to fatten your wallet, strengthen your list bonds, and so much more. Here’s what’s on tap:

  1. Let’s Kick Things Off
  2. Stats and Tactics for Boosting Your Earnings
  3. Making Bank and Building Relationships
  4. Cashing In with Affiliate Programs
  5. Rocking Product Launch Promos
  6. Event-Driven Marketing
  7. Webinars for Slaying Affiliate Product Sales
  8. Sweeten the Deal with Bonuses for Higher Conversions
  9. Cookin’ Up Your Own Products

Step 7 – Easy traffic 

Now, let’s get real, your email marketing biz needs traffic, and step seven’s got you covered. We’re diving deep into both free and paid traffic sources, and you’re gonna know how to snag ’em all. Here’s the lowdown:

  1. The Deal with Traffic
  2. Free vs. Paid: Time vs. Money
  3. Going Free with Guest Blogging
  4. Tapping into Forums – No Cash Required
  5. Free Traffic via Blog Comments
  6. Tweet Your Way to Free Traffic
  7. Yahoo! Answers – The Hidden Gem
  8. Solo Ad Swaps for the Win
  9. Ready to Spend? Go for Paid Solo Ads
  10. Unleash the Beast: Facebook Ads
  11. Google Training for Paid Traffic Domination

Step 8 – Unlimited Success

Finally, we’ve reached the endgame in step eight. It’s all about success, my friend. Here’s what’s cookin’:

  1. Let’s Start the Victory Lap
  2. Keeping an Eye on Metrics
  3. Do Fancy Templates Really Matter?
  4. Boosting Deliverability and Open Rates
  5. Crafting Copy for Stellar Open Rates and Conversions
  6. When the Going Gets Tough

But hold on, there’s more! You’re not just getting the eight-step program; we’re throwing in some wicked bonuses like the Lunch Masters Club, Traffic Academy, 6-Week Fast Start Program, and List Academy.

Now, you’ve got the scoop on Inbox Blueprint 2.0 and its creator, Anik Singal. This dude’s a digital marketing wizard, and he’s gonna take you to the next level in the email marketing game. Get ready to crush it, my friend!

Introduction to Inbox Blueprint Launch Pad

Anik has dedicated years to develop the cutting-edge technology behind the Launch Pad, which empowers you to create a fully customized business using a click-and-click system. In less than 60 minutes, or even less, you can have your business up and running. The beauty of it? You can launch as many businesses as you desire in as many niches as you can imagine. What’s even more exciting is that Anik and his team utilize it for their own ventures. You can access this powerful tool through the Inbox Blueprint member’s area and start crafting email campaigns within an hour or two.Inbox Blueprint Launchpad

Launch Pad takes care of all the heavy lifting, including:

  1. Page designs
  2. Freebie giveaways
  3. Crafting the actual message within the emails (autoresponders)


  • Launch Pad: It’s pretty rad that Anik came up with this tool, and what’s even cooler is the exclusive content it provides. Previous students didn’t have the privilege of such unique materials; some of them had to settle for PLR stuff available on PLR websites (PLR stands for Private Label Rights).
  • Supportive Coaches: They’re there to lend a hand almost immediately at every step. They’ll assess your opt-in pages and provide invaluable feedback. I still remember some of the top-notch coaches in the forums, addressing most of our queries.
  • Community: When you’ve invested this much, you’re committed to making it work. What better way than to navigate the entire process with others who are in the same boat as you? It’s genuinely motivating, and with the collective power, you can network and even team up for future projects.
  • Have you seen Anik in action? His energy is off the charts! To succeed as an online marketer, I believe it’s crucial to be inspired by your mentors, and he’s definitely inspiring!
  • The training employs videos and webinars to enhance your understanding of the course.
  • The program provides well-crafted opt-in pages that have the potential to attract more sign-ups.
  • Writing effective emails requires less effort thanks to the use of power words, swipe files, and attention-grabbing subject lines.


  • The training can be daunting, especially for newcomers and those with zero knowledge of internet marketing.
  • Some modules may not comprehensively cover in-depth information about email and internet marketing.
  • The initial investment might be on the steep side and could be too costly for beginners entering the online business world.
  • The system promotes the use of Private Label Rights (PLR) content, which could potentially violate Google’s ranking guidelines.
  • It’s a bit pricey (though worth every penny if you put in the work).
  • It’s not a magical solution; real effort is required to achieve results.


In conclusion, Inbox Blueprint is an excellent program that can benefit both industry veterans and newcomers alike. Starting a business is never easy, and you’ll need all the help you can get. With Inbox Blueprint 2.0, you’ll learn everything you need to know about email marketing and marketing in general. Plus, with the assistance of the software, you’ll have your business up and running in no time.


Last Update: February 2, 2024