Influencer Marketing Academy Review and Demo – Building Your Killer eCommerce Biz With Dan Dasilva & Anthony Mastellone’s Influencer Marketing Academy.

Influencer Marketing Academy Review

What Is Influencer Marketing Academy?

So, What’s the Lowdown on Influencer Marketing Academy? Alright, so Influencer Marketing Academy is like the Jedi training of making bank using influencers as your secret weapon. This course is packed with four powerhouse modules that’ll walk you through the whole influencer marketing shebang, turning you into a pro in no time. And here’s the kicker, the author didn’t just slap this course together overnight. Nah, they’ve been in the lab for months, perfecting this money-making masterpiece.

Picture this: you’ll be tossing dough at influencers who’ll give your product or service a shoutout to their legion of followers. Forget about all the headache-inducing ad budget calculations, cost per click nonsense, or eyeballing the cost per view. This is all about paying these social media wizards for a single post. And when you snag a top-tier influencer, you’ll be watching your business blow up faster than a firecracker on the Fourth of July. That’s the holy grail Influencer Marketing Academy is offering on a silver platter.

Influencer Marketing Academy

People are literally dropping stacks to have others endorse their brand and supercharge their e-commerce shops or websites. They’re also using this wizardry to build email lists that are bigger than Texas. Dan DaSilva himself threw down a cool $2,000 in one day and raked in over $14,200 – no need for a calculator with a gazillion tabs open. He was paying for a single Instagram post, and that’s next-level stuff!

Dan DaSilva and his crew are making it rain day in and day out, with zero failure. After nine months and a cool $90,000 in testing, they’re dropping the most hyped course in the game – Influencer Marketing Academy.

But here’s the kicker – Influencer Marketing Academy is as easy as apple pie. Anyone can master this system. Right now, students are stacking up thousands of Benjamins using this influencer wizardry.

These students are so hooked on Influencer Marketing Academy that they’re gobbling up every tidbit Dan DaSilva and his crew throw their way. They’re even getting their hands on pre-made templates to slide into the DMs of their chosen influencers and drop the ultimate pitch when they come across one.

Who Is Dan Dasilva?

Now, Let’s Meet the Man Behind the Magic – Dan Dasilva

So, this ain’t your typical rags-to-riches tale, folks. Allow me to introduce the brains behind Influencer Marketing Academy (IMA), the guy who’s about to flip your world upside down. Dan Dasilva is a 20-something internet hustler who went from zero to hero in a jaw-dropping eight months flat.

Born and bred in the heart of New Jersey on December 5, 1995, Dan came from a regular ol’ middle-class family. But, as a teenager, he decided to take matters into his own hands and seize control of his destiny.

Dan Dasilva

At 17, he found himself in some hot water, thanks to a bad crowd and so-called friends. However, his life took a major turn when he hit the ripe age of 19. That’s when our man Dan decided to cut ties with the negative influences in his life and take the reins of his future.

Dan’s all about family values. He was super close to his cousin Chris, but life threw a curveball when Chris moved away. But, no sweat – Dan’s a born fighter.

After moving back to his parents’ crib, he joined forces with another internet whiz named Yair Dolev, and together, they pulled off a whopping $115,000 as total newbies in the wild world of marketing. Not too shabby for a couple of rookies, right?

These two decided to level up and invested a cool $10,000 in Devin Zander’s coaching program. Let’s just say, it was money well spent. Although Yair and Daven aren’t business partners anymore, they’re still tight as brothers.

Now, here’s the mic-drop moment – Dan Dasilva cracked the million-dollar mark at an age when most folks are still figuring out what to do with their lives. He’s bulldozing the market like a monster truck on steroids. With his new brainchild, Influencer Marketing Academy, he’s bringing the heat, so dive into the Influencer Marketing Academy review and see for yourself because Dan’s all about delivering insane value to each and every one of you!

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing, y’all, it’s all about teaming up with those social media heavy hitters, the ones with big followings, to push your product on their platforms. When done right, it’s like hitting the jackpot, ’cause you can see some major cash flowing in!

So, there’s this dude named DeSilva who was hustlin’ hard with his eCommerce gig, but he was feelin’ a bit down ’cause the sales just weren’t rolling in like he wanted ’em to. Then, he did his homework and realized that many successful eCommerce bosses were riding the wave with social influencers to push their goods. If they were doing it, you know there had to be some serious moolah involved.

Now, these social media playgrounds include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and more. First things first, Don had to find the right influencers who fit the vibe of his product. He found six of ’em and decided to drop some dough, ranging from 30 bucks to a whopping 300 bucks on each influencer.

Influencer Marketing Academy Members Area

Welcome to the Influencer Marketing Academy Members Area, folks! Check out the slick, clean layout – ain’t no annoying ads or pesky upsells here, unlike other courses out there. In fact, at Influencer Marketing Academy, we’re all about keeping it real with no upsells, no gimmicks.

Take a peep at this super quick 2-minute vid to get the lowdown on what we’ve been bustin’ our chops on behind the scenes.

This course is the whole kit and caboodle, taking you from absolute zilch to raking in $10,000 or more within a month or even less. Yup, you heard it right – some of our students are pulling in those Benjamin Franklins like a boss. But hold your horses, let’s get a sneak peek into the four juicy sections of the course.

Now, let’s dive deep into Dan Dasilva’s course, shall we?

The Training

This bad boy’s divided into a few sections, and trust me, there’s a heap of golden nuggets in there.

Shopify Basics:

We’re talking about the nitty-gritty of Shopify right here. This chapter is all about setting up your store like a pro, from the ground up.

Setting Up Your Store
Scouting for Products
Dancing with Vendors
Placing Orders
Third-Party Domains
Sales Jedi Tactics
Slick Presentation & Canva Hacks
FB Ads Masterclass
Video Ad Wizardry

Section 1 – Welcome To Influencer Marketing

In this corner of the ring, you’ll get schooled on the ABCs and the fundamentals of influencer marketing. We’re talking about the secret sauce that takes you from zero to five hundred bucks a day, all on autopilot, using your very own eCom store. Don’t matter if your wallet’s feeling a little light at thirty bucks; we’ll show you how to turn that chump change into big bucks in no time. After this section, you’ll have the lowdown on how to milk influencer networks to the max and hit those goals.

You’ll learn all this and more with Dan’s over-the-shoulder style videos. No guesswork involved, folks.

An Intro to Influencers & What’s Poppin’ in Marketing Today
Know Your Influencer Types & How They Roll
Niching Down & Moving on Up
Getting the Ball Rolling
Budget Like a Pro
Building the Foundation
Instagram Updates Demystified

Section 2 – Building A Social Presence:

Once you’ve got the influencer marketing basics down pat, we’ll guide you on crafting a winning strategy to harness the power of these social media maestros and build an automated empire. We’re talking about the blueprint to creating a serious social media presence that’ll elevate your brand. Oh, and by the way, this section spills the beans on Ad Secrets that have pumped out a cool $500,000 with influencers in just a few months.

  • Building It Big on Instagram
  • Mastering Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Unlocking Instagram Growth Hacks
  • Peeping Social Media Examples

Section 3 – Connecting With Influencers:

Now that you’ve got your game plan ready, it’s time to reach out and connect with the influencers who’ll make your brand go viral. In this section, we’ll show you how to schmooze and partner up with these influencers to drive views and sales for pennies. Yep, you heard right, penny-pinching while making bank!

The Initial Steps Before You Slide Into Those DMs
Hunting Down Influencers on Twitter
Making the Perfect Pitch
Influencer Connection Magic
Seal the Deal & Keep Track
Section 4 – Advanced Techniques & Case Study:

Get ready to level up, ’cause this section packs some advanced techniques and savvy business strategies. We’ll even serve you up some juicy case studies on how to snag 10,000 followers in just 6 weeks with pure organic traffic.

  • Offering Sweet Incentives to Your Customers
  • Diving Deep into a Jaw-Dropping Case Study
  • Reaching Your End Game

IMA Exclusive Tools:

We’ve got some slick tools that’ll help you blueprint your business and get it on track.


And last but not least, we’re tossing in some epic bonuses to turbocharge your influencer marketing game.

Support Desk:

We’ve got your back 24/7, so hit us up anytime you’re in a jam.

Weekly Content/Training:

Keep your eyes peeled for fresh video content dropping every week. It’s like a secret sauce to supercharge your hustle.

Why Influencer Marketing Academy?

Let me tell you, Don was straight-up blown away by how quick and how much traffic he pulled in, just in one day, for one of his products. That initial investment? Well, it catapulted him to a cool $14,000 in sales on the very first day!

Influencer Marketing Academy download

Now, y’all might be wonderin’, “Why should I even consider this Influencer Marketing Academy?” Well, I ain’t just spillin’ the beans for the sake of it; I’m here to give you a golden opportunity that can turn your life around.

Imagine this: You pick up a business book for 20 bucks, and it promises a return on investment of at least 100 times that – a whopping $20,000. You’d snatch that book up faster than lightning, right? Well, Influencer Marketing Academy might cost you $1,297 as a one-time payment or $497 spread across three payments ($1,491 total), but let me tell ya, this course has the potential to make you some serious stacks!

Now, a big-shot sales guru, Grant Cardone, always says to go for surefire deals – stuff you know will pay off. So, if you’re ready to level up your affiliate marketing game, you’re in the right spot. IMA’s got all the tools, the smarts, a gang of like-minded folks, and the friendliest support crew to help you out.


  • Dan Dasilva and Anthony Mastellone’s Personal Touch: Dan and Anthony, the two coaches, really add that personal sauce to the mix. They’re not just some distant gurus; if you run into any hiccups, you can shoot them a message and get it sorted in a jiffy.
  • Solid for Both Newbies and Seasoned Marketers: This ain’t just for rookies; even the pros can get some serious mileage out of this system.


  • No Nonsense Approach: This system ain’t gonna waste your time with boring theories or long-winded explanations. It cuts to the chase, and you can start raking in the green right from day one. No BS!


  • Top-Notch Support: Starting out can be like wandering in the dark, and that’s where the support kicks in. They’ve got your back, and when you’re just finding your footing, that guidance is worth its weight in gold.


  • Newbie-Friendly Setup: I was a total noob when I jumped on this train, but Dan’s breakdown is crystal clear. You’ll set things up smooth as butter without breaking a sweat.


  • Idea Generator on Steroids: This bad boy cranks up your idea engine to eleven. You’ll be swimming in innovative ideas for days.


  • Underground Knowledge: This ain’t common knowledge, my friend. The whole shebang is hush-hush, and only a select few are clued into its existence.


  • No Upfront Product Costs: You won’t be shelling out a dime on products before you get rolling.


  • Universal Application: You can aim this baby at any business you fancy, and the cash starts flowing from day one.


  • Global Start: You can kick this off from anywhere on the map, as long as you’ve got an internet connection.


  • Set-and-Forget Biz: Once it’s all set up, it practically runs itself. Think of it like a cash-printing machine on autopilot.


  • Big Bucks Potential: If you really put your nose to the grindstone, you could be sippin’ cocktails in Hawaii after pulling in a cool $10,000 in the very first month.


  • Money-Back Guarantee: The Influencer Marketing Academy hooks you up with a 14-day refund guarantee, just in case.


  • Pricey, but Worth It: It might sting a bit in the wallet, but trust me, it’s worth every single penny when you put it to work.


  • Unconventional Method: This ain’t your run-of-the-mill moneymaker. It’s so fresh that some folks might scratch their heads at first. They might opt for those tired old money schemes floating around instead.


  • No Magic Wand: This ain’t no magical money printer. You gotta roll up your sleeves and put in some real sweat to see results.

The Final Verdict

With a zillion eCommerce courses out there, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. The problem? Most of ’em are still stuck in the Stone Age with their outdated advertising methods. Influencer marketing, on the other hand, is the name of the game. It’s like the new kid on the block with a lot of untapped potential. This course, as I’ve laid it out in this Influencer Marketing Academy review, is your golden ticket to mastering the eCom world.