SLINGLY REVIEW "DEMO" – By Ricky Mataka & Ross Carrel

Slingly Complete Review – Ultimate eCommerce AUTOMATION Platform.


Product Name     : SLINGLY
Creator                  : Ricky Mataka & Ross Carrel
Product Type       : Web-based Software and training program
Niche                     : eCommerce
Product Price       : $1297 (Payment Plans Also Available)
Official Site          :
The Verdict          : 100% Recommended

What Is Slingly?

SlinglyOne of the biggest hurdles marketers face when running successful eCommerce shops is the tech-heavy debt to set components upon various sales platforms such as Shopify, Woo Commerce, Click Funnels, also fulfilling these items and working out profitable margins. They solved those issues with a NO EXCUSE done for you platform where you’re at the base level can get in and start selling, it’s as simple as that!
Not only do they have incredible time-tested software that they use every day in the house, They turn you’re into power-sellers and give them the same opportunity to manage inventory, create products on the fly, source products through their system and so much more.

  • Slingly is proven, They use the software in-house to generate multiple 6 figures in revenue from they stores.
  • They took care of all the tedious and time-consuming things that stop people from getting into eCommerce or scaling it up “this is a NO EXCUSE platform”
  • Slingly version 1 release created results for many students and raving fans that use their platform every day. This is time tested & People LOVE their software.
  • They are changing your lives of all ages, by giving them a system where they can build and assets and deploy to many leading selling platforms. This is truly the “eCom Easy Button”

Here is what you will get once you invest in Slingly

Done For You Print On Demand Products – T-Shirt Designs and Other Assets To Use Across Hundreds Of Niches
Automated Physical Product Catalog – 100% Automated Fulfillment So You Do Not Have To Worry About Ordering Inventory EVER!
Run An Ecom Agency – You can manage people’s stores & products, They will handle the fulfillment. Create your own products, Mange inventory and more.
Auto generated Store Mockups – A Collection Of Professionally Designed & Highly Converting Images For Both Their Stores and Advertising.
Amazing Deployment Integrations – Tres personalization platform integration & ClickFunnels & Shopify & Woo Commerce.

Slingly Training Academy

Facebook Ads & Shopify Immersion Boot Camp
Slingly Training
Facebook Ads Intensive Boot Camp Day 1

  • Day 1 Introduction
  • What We Are Covering
  • Introducing The Ads Manager
  • Intro Business Manager
  • Fan Page & Settings
  • Understanding Dark Posts, Scheduled Posts & Creating Posts
  • The Right Type of Posts & Killer Copy That Converts
  • Day 1 Homework
  • Day 1 Question And Answer
  • Day 1 – Resource Guide
  • DAY 1 Full – NON-EDITED

Facebook Ads Intensive Boot Camp Day 2

  •  Day 2 Introduction
  •  What We Are Covering
  •  Research PPE and Sites We Use
  •  FB Pixel Setup & Events Explained
  •  Tested Shipping & Converting Price Points
  •  Theme Conversions Our Gift To You
  •  Conversion Apps We Use & Email Marketing
  •  Day 2 – Resource Guide & Home Work
  •  DAY 2 Full – NON-EDITED

Facebook Ads Intensive Boot Camp Day 3

  •  Day 3 Introduction
  •  FB Objectives And How To Use Them Properly
  •  Our Advanced 3 Minute Targeting Technique
  •  Bidding And Budgeting Your Adsets
  •  Our Push-Pull Method For Scaling
  •  Metric Reporting Patterns (Very Important)
  •  Scaling LLAs – Duplicating Winners & Uploading Purchase Lists
  •  Day 3 Homework
  •  Day 3 – Resource Guide & Home Work
  •  DAY 3 Full – NON-EDITED

Facebook Ads Intensive Boot Camp Day 4

  •  Day 4 Introduction & What We Are Covering
  •  How To Hire Designers & Spot Winning Designs
  •  The Way We Handle Project Management
  •  Fan Page Support Explained
  •  How We Use Internal Tools To Mange System Processes
  •  Day 4 Homework
  •  Day 4 Questions & Answers
  •  DAY 4 Full – NON-EDITED

Facebook Ads Intensive Boot Camp Day 5

  • Recap On Everything We Learned & Intensive Q&A

Zero Inventory Training Day 1

  •  Overview: Ecommerce Business Basics
  •  The eCommerce Ecosystem: The Higher Level View)
  •  Product Categories: The Main Types of Ecommerce Products
  •  Market Selection: Who Do I Sell To
  •  Product Selection: What Do I sell
  •  Sales Channel: How Do You Want To Sell
  •  Day 1 – Q&A
  •  Day 1 – Resources
  •  Day 1 – 02-13-2017 – NON EDITED

Zero Inventory Training Day 2

  • Day 2 – Overview
  •  Prioritizing Your Idea Pipeline
  •  Secret Sites To Find Hot Products
  •  Original Ideas & Using Other Peoples Research
  •  Audience Mixing For Hot products
  •  Tools We Use For Product Research
  •  Day 2 – Q&A
  •  Day 2 – 02-14-2017 – NON EDITED

Zero Inventory Training Day 3

  •  Day3 – Overview
  •  Vendor Sourcing The Right Way
  •  Locating Suppliers (Ali Express)
  •  Locating Suppliers (WholeSaleCentral)
  •  Contacting Suppliers (How To Communicate)
  •  Product Samples (Ordering & Testing)
  •  Profitability Calculations (Know Your Numbers)
  •  Product Metrics Example (Gun Accessory)
  •  Run Your Numbers (Use The Profitability Calculator)
  •  Run Your Numbers (Most Important POD Metrics)
  •  Product Testing (How To Test Your Products)
  •  Day3 – Q&A
  •  Day 3 – 2-15-2017 – NON EDITED

Zero Inventory Training Day 4

  •  Day 4 – Overview
  •  The Step Ladder Traffic System (HOT)
  •  How We Test New Products & Designs in New Niches
  •  How To Have People Hand You Their Hit Designs
  •  Duplicating Campaigns For Gold + LLA and List Scaling
  •  The Push-Pull Method Explained (Boot Camp 1 Recap)
  •  Day 4 – Q&A
  •  Day 4 – 2-16-2017 – NON EDITED

Zero Inventory Recon Day 5

  • Day5 – Overview
  •  Day1 Recap & QA
  •  Day2 Recap & QA
  •  Day3 Recap & QA
  •  Day4 Recap & Final Comments
  •  Day 5 – 2-17-2017 – NON EDITED

Who is Ricky Mataka?

Ricky MatakaRicky Mataka is a 7 Figure SAAS and Marketing Mastermind. With 18 Years Development Experience, he has generated over 12 million online since 2011 and runs team and marketing operations for multiple 7 figure eCommerce businesses. He has actually created many digital products teaching individuals the best ways to end up being effective online. He has actually also coached lots of people and assisted them to grow their online business.
Ricky Mataka was just recently able to generate well over $250,000 in less than two months utilizing the very same training inside Slingly. In the in 2015, Ricky Mataka has developed about 15 successful products in the online marketing niche. Ricky Mataka is likewise an expert in sales.
Ricky is not only a fantastic online marketer but he is also an excellent programmer. In truth, he has more than 17 years of experience in establishing software. He writes the software application for large services and helps them increase their earnings. Ricky has overcome 4000 students who see Ricky as their buddy, coach and they take guidance from him.

Ross CarrelAbout Ross Carrel?

Ross Carrel is an Internet Marketing Pioneer. Has Generated millions in online revenue while traveling the world. He Runs a huge 2 warehouse print on demand warehouse operation in Tampa, FL. doing over 200K a month internally!

Slingly Review

There’s no have to make it possible for expense or anxiety of complex eCommerce options holds you back. An online presence could provide an extra earnings center along with will be essential to compete sell in future years. If you are aiming to develop your own website then WordPress is a fantastic channel and as you’ll consider as you evaluate the remainder of this post it’s a platform that could be used for Slingly almost any type of application you prefer. As well as, we have greater than one surge– we have numerous elements of scorching heat that are sustaining a blazing fire around us.
Slingly Reviews
Vanilla Forums is a light-weight in addition to the tidy open-source software application with not too lots of core functions. It could be significantly extended by utilizing add-ons. A terrific stats plugin is consisted of in the core strategy. As a choice to arranging your personal board, Vanilla also supplies to hold your location in the cloud for a routine month-to-month cost. Thanks for your input on eCommerce. It’s absolutely assisted me with making my option on which platform to pick.
For expert photographers, basic or visuals artists or any individual wanting to flaunt some visuals– these gallery ideas will make WordPress function like a specialist online portfolio. Constructed to Slingly look terrific and function well, these gallery ideas consist of fantastic search capabilities, picture sizing alternatives in addition to effects. Shipping, tax in addition to alert could be done using multi-channel Ecommerce platforms like There are several other credible sites that do purchase cart works so select smartly.

What does Slingly do exactly?

As pointed out in the past, everything will be provided for you; from the establishing of your virtual shop to all the guidance required toward making it as effective as possible. Below is a list of all the important things you get when you buy this game-changing program: Proven Physical Products, T-Shirt Designs & a lot of other Assets To Use/Sell (Each covering Hundreds Of Niches, so nobody feels left out).Slingly Shopify
Advanced FB Ads Targeting Data Every Single Product will have the individualized information required to reach the favored market. So All you need to do is, literally Copy and Paste the information/data and keywords into your Ads And Make a Profit! A Collection Of Professionally Designed And Highly Converting Images For Both your Virtual Store( s) & Advertising functions.
100% Automated Fulfillment No need to fret about low inventory on your leading products! We do all the purchasing for you. As quickly as specific products reach a specific quantity, we re-stock. No sweat off your back; you just focus on making your sales.


Are You Ready For Slingly? As you can see it doesn’t matter if you are into eCommerce, internet marketing, email marketing or none of these. If you are willing to do the necessary 5% of work to get your Shopify store running and follow Ricky’s direction to get traffic (you can also use done for you campaigns) then you will make sales. It is simple as that.
I just realized that this offer is close to the end of the launch period and the prices are going to double. Don’t miss out and have to pay more. Get it today while it’s still under the launch offer. I hope that my Slingly Review will help you significantly in making purchase decision. Try Slingly Risk-Free! Slingly includes a 32-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you decide Slingly isn’t right for you, They will refund 100% of your purchase. So what are you waiting for? Get Slingly using the link below to get started now.

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