Headlines are what sells the content you write to the target readers. When writing a great piece, it is important to put your focus on coming up with eye-catching headlines that will drive traffic to it. How do you do that? These 7 techniques will help you through this.7 Tips To Write Eye-Catching headline For Your Blog

1. Keep it Simple, to the point and relevant.

A good blog post is free from complicated words that will make your readers go looking for the meaning. Readers might not have time for that. Make it simple with easy to understand words. Come up with an attractive title that matches with what your target audience is looking for.

2. Ask close-ended questions in the title

Questions can motivate people to read your piece. It should be a question that has a yes or no answer to be logical enough. The question should also appear problematic and provocative to make your readers want to know more and more. Your content now should be the answer to the question.

3. Personalize your heading.

Using ‘you’ as part of your heading has an impact on your audience. It is a direct word that addresses your target readers directly. It makes them want to read the content.

4. Make use of provocative adjectives

People are visual beings and they pay attention to only what catches the eye. Most of them look at the headline to decide if they will read the content or not. If nothing impresses them, they pass it on to the next one that will move them. Use powerful adjectives to attract readers to read your content. Examples of such words include but not limited to; Amazing, Awesome, Breathtaking, Mind-blowing, etc

5. Fortune telling through your headline.

Make sure you predict the future in your headlines and get the reader’s attention. A good example is telling people the effects of making certain decisions or you can tell them the future benefits of certain decisions etc. This will attract many readers as people want to know more about a decision they make in business, relationship, career, etc.

6. Let your headlines communicate authority

The sense of authority in your headline will catch the eyes of many readers. They will tell if the information in the content is adequate by the way your headline sounds. It is just not about becoming an authority in the headline, make sure you deliver what the readers need in your content too. Avoid sounding unsure as this will make readers not to have confidence in your blog post.

7. Number your headlines

As was earlier stated, people are so visual. Numbering your headlines will help your audience know what to expect in your piece. The higher the number the more confidence they will have over the content. For example “25 things you should do to become a good blogger” tends to attract more readers than a simple headline “Things you should do to become a good blogger”.

As we wrap up:

Eye-catching headlines for your blog is the direct formula that guarantees you good results. Let readers identify your blogs using their headlines. With the above tips, create attractive headlines moving forward.