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Product Name          : Ultimate Product MONSTER

Niche                           : Softwear

Creators                      : Karianne Gagnon

Product Price             : Ultimate Product Monster $7.95

                                         Ultimate Product Monster Templates $29.95 $99.95

                                        Ultimate Product Monster Traffic Training $99.95

Delivery Method       :  Deliver to registered buyer address

Official Site                 :  www.ultimateproductmonster.com

Cart Open                    : April 24 sunday ,2016 – 11 AM EST

The Selling of information products online is a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR PER YEAR INDUSTRY


ULTIMATE PRODUCT MONSTER Collage-Resized-7002  This is the exact step-by-step system that is used by hundreds of millionaires to make thousands of digital information product sales every month using nothing but
100% FREE traffic.
This is dramatically different than all other training in the market place. There’s no fluff, no filler – Just PROVEN in-the-trenches strategies and tactics that are working RIGHT NOW.
Even if you think you’ve tried absolutely EVERYTHING… Inside The Ultimate Product Monster NOTHING is held back so you can get started immediately. I’ll show you step-by-step EXACTLY how to create these cash generating assets in 12 hours or less.

Inside The Private Members Area You’ll Learn The 3 Dead-Easy Steps to having your very own fully automated Ultimate Product Monster.

An Incredibly Easy 3-Steps System

     Automatic Traffic                   Conversion Machine                 $$$  Profit!    

about-iconedited-red-arrow-mdShopping Cart rededited-red-arrow-mdCroppedImage170170-money_bag                                    

 With the help of this brand new formula you can create a job replacing income stream even if you are a complete beginner with no expert knowledge, no contacts and no experience.


Module 1 – The Monster Formula – $97 Value

Ultimate Product Monster 3-1-202x300  In this first module, I’ll break down and reveal to you step-by-step exactly what the Ultimate Product Monster is, how it works and why it’s the quickest and easiest method there is for beginners to generate a truly automated passive income on a shoe string budget.A lot of internet marketers are all talk when it comes to what they say and what they actually DO.
Not with the Product Monster. We’ll just cut through the pitch and useless talk and go straight where the good stuff is – you making money, right now.


Module 2 – Automatic Monster Traffic – $247 Value 

Ultimate Product Monster 5-1-202x300The key to automatic sales is automatic traffic. That’s good. What’s even better? ENDLESS FREE AUTOMATIC TRAFFIC.

Once you have a MONSTER PRODUCT set up and automated you’ll never have to worry about driving traffic yourself ever again!
By adding one single ”monster page” to your website (that I’ve built up for you) you can tap into the largest and most profitable free traffic source online.
Simply put, others will be asking you if they can drive traffic for you!
Even better, this is the most targeted traffic on the web. (Hint: This is how 99% of the top internet marketers on the planet drive their traffic and it’s the secret billionaire Jeff Bezos used to grow Amazon.com)
Most IM newbies think generating traffic is hard. In this module we’re going to make it incredibly EASY. And not just any traffic- but warm, targeted traffic. The kind that is immediately ready to buy what you’re selling. The kind that would wait in line to get your product.

Module 3 – The Conversion Monster – $447 Value

Ultimate Product Monster 2-1-202x300A big MYTH holding most people back is that digital products are hard or time consuming to create. In this module I reveal exactly what you must do to create your first product in under 60 minutes – if you take longer, you’re doing it wrong, even if you’ve got no valuable knowledge or skills… Or even if you know NOTHING about your niche.
Finally, I’ll show you how to create multiple pieces of content at the same time – so you can massively OVER DELIVER for your customers. All with NO extra effort.
You’ll discover exactly how total newbies are going from ZERO to BIG bucks with their own unique monster products.
Here’s where I’ll also show you how we turn cold, dead traffic into a raving bunch of buyers with one simple tweak to any Product Monster website. This helps 10x profits in the first 7 days alone. And once installed it can bank thousands and thousands of dollars without doing any more work.
Let’s just say this is the most valued training I sell when it comes to profiting online with a totally automated business.
Plug this into ANY website and watch the magic happen!

Module 4 – The 72 hours Income Monster – $147 Value

Ultimate Product Monster 4-1-202x300The best part about a Product Monster are the ENDLESS streams of income you can tap into without having to create anything or do any of the work yourself.

This module will teach you how to generate multiple streams of income from your Product Monster. Just follow my lead and you can have every single part of the system on total autopilot. Then you kickback and relax while counting the cash rolling in every single day.

You’ll discover how to plug ANY TYPE of product of service into your Product Monster. That way you can make money from an endless number of things like:

  • Softwares
  • Apps
  • Info Products
  • Coaching Programs
  • Membership Sites
  • Amazon Products
  • Physical Products
  • Services
  • Affiliate Products

Or anything else you can ever think of!

Plus? You don’t need to be an expert salesman or marketer. You can suck all you want. Because when you have a ready-made cash generator plugged into your system – you can bank more money in a day than some lawyers made all week!


 ”Legally Steal” my Ultimate Product
Monster Templates and

Cut the Work Needed by 80%.
Start Making Money in Under 24 Hours!

The Best Part? Don’t waste your time creating
something that don’t work because you created it wrong –
Just use an expert’s done-for-you work that’s been proved to work instead.

The Ridiculously Fast and Easy,
Ultimate Product Monster System

          copy-icon     edited-red-arrow-md      Bag_of_Money_PNG_Clipart_Picture
                         Copy-Paste                                                               Profit

 value you time and my money.

That means you don’t want to end up wasting these two precious resources doing stupid content creation over and over again when you can just Hack my way through the work.
Why would you spend over 48 hours creating something when somebody else has done it right before me?
When someone has done the same exact work you need to do?
Heck, why in the world wouldn’t you just copy and put my flavor to it!
You’ll never see me wasting my time when there’s another option right next to me.
What exactly are these Monsters that cuts down the work needed to set up an Ultimate Product Monster by 80%?

The Monster System Cheat Sheet – $47

AppIcon440Remove all existing information overload with my 8 steps checklist.

This will keep you focused and will allow you to get results much faster.
This cheat alone can be the different between your success or your failure! It renders the whole system a lot easier to be understood.

The Done-For-You ”3 Pages Monster Machine Templates” – $397

Ultimate Product Monster Settings-iconI’ll give you my own ”3 Pages Monster Machine Templates” that I currently use for all my launches. These are the same that generates my money as we speak.

99 Done-For-You Monster Products Ultimate Package – Over $1000

Ultimate Product Monster 01_monsterboxAnybody who knows anything about making money online knows that developing your very own product is where the real money is made!

However, making such a profitable product can be a hard task in itself, especially when you have very little experience in product creation or selling your product.

So I’ve put together a ‘’Done For You Monster Product Package’’, meaning no more time wasted trying to think of a product to sell and instead, I’m giving you everything you need to start making sales right away while providing your customers with fantastic quality information which they’ll love you for!

2016 List of Profitable Niches -$97

Ultimate Product Monster Gold_Coin_PNG_PictureWho wants to spend countless time doing boring niche research? Not me. That’s why I hire people to do that for me. As the data is already collected, why wouldn’t I share it?
Get my List of the Most Profitable Niches of 2016. Skip the research and get started right away!

Copy and Profit Headlines – $197

Ultimate Product Monster novidadesThe most important piece of a Sales Page might be the Headline. That’s where every single soul that lands of your website will judge if you are worthy of their attention or not.
An headline that converts well versus an headline that converts poorly can make or break you. That’s why you want to put as much skills in it as possible.
These headlines were thoughtfully tested to convert like the Monsters they are. They’re everything you need to use for your Product Monster to start selling like crazy.


Claim Your Advanced Traffic Techniques

and Get Endless Traffic to

Increase Your Profits Up to 1000%

Differentiate yourself from the ones that ”Go at it”

to be the one that’s

Sometimes making thousands is not enough.
How would you like to make MILLIONS instead?
The thing is, Successful and Rich Internet Marketers don’t rely only on one source of traffic to make their millions.
Ultimate Product Monster chart-arrowThey have DOZENS of options, and they leverage them all.
And let me tell you something crazy…
Getting traffic is DEAD easy… When you know how.
And that’s exactly what I want to show you.
I want to teach you how to drive MILLIONS of visitors to your Product Monster.
I want YOU to scale these thousands up like CRAZY.
The amount of knowledge I share in this Elite Training is plain ridiculous. Almost every questions you can have regarding driving traffic to a Monster Product are right there, answered for you.
Getting your hands on this training will allow you…

Knowledge and experience in Internet Marketing are often what differentiates the successful VS the one that fails.
This training could make the difference between you failing the method or simply CRUSHING IT.
Internet already made THOUSANDS of millionaires. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be.
Are you the next biggest fish in the game?

The Mastered, Elite
Ultimate Product Monster System Training

Advanced Facebook Monster

Ultimate Product Monster facebook-ads-social-media[1]Facebook is without a doubt the most popular social media. Millions and millions of users use it every single day. I call someone that does not leverage this traffic CRAZY.
But a lot of people go and try to get traffic from it and just fail. Why? They don’t do it right. Well I’m going to tell you exactly how to do it and make crazy money out of every single post and ad you’ll post on there.

LinkedIn Monster

Ultimate Product Monster 0002LinkedIn is known as the “professional’s search engine” and with more than 100 million users (and growing!), it continues to offer incredible advertising opportunities to small and large businesses, entrepreneur’s and professionals.
LinkedIn can easily become the leading source for quality traffic, fresh leads, and targeted buyers and with their powerful adtargeting system, you can quickly set up laser-targeted ads that will attract thousands of qualified buyers.
This training will give you a quick peek behind this incredibly powerful advertising engine so that you can join the ranks of successful marketer’s by creating your very own high performance advertising campaign.

Pinterest Monster

Ultimate Product Monster make-money-with-pinterestIf you’re a marketer and you’re not on Pinterest, then you’re missing out on one of the biggest and the most flexible/powerful platforms out there.
Pinterest may not be quite as big as Facebook in terms of pure users but it’s actually not as far behind as you might think.
What’s more, it has a ton of unique features that present excellent opportunities for the savvy marketer.
Pinterest is very visual and creative, it’s made up of images that people pin to their ‘boards’ and that others can then comment on or ‘re-pin’. Thus it clearly lends itself to companies that have an artistic, trendy, stylish or visual side.
But how can this possibly be useful for a company that sells life insurance? Or for a blogger who is promoting the ‘work online’ lifestyle?
Learn it right now.

Youtube Traffic

Ultimate Product Monster Icon512roundedIf you’re looking to instantly maximize your exposure, generate insane traffic to your website and stand out in your market, there’s one very quick and easy way to do it.
Advertise your new product on the leading video community online – YouTube!
It’s never been easier to turn viewers into customers and attract new business, all with one powerful viral-based marketing campaign.
Plus, YouTube advertising is not only easy to set up but extremely affordable even for those on a limited budget.
This short training will show you how to set up your very first ad quickly while generating instant traffic to your website, all on complete autopilot.<

200 Social Medias Traffic Hacks

Ultimate Product Monster Sony1_8Business thrives where people thrives.
Today, social media sites are no longer just an ingenious way for people to meet, connect and share. It is now also one of the most powerful advertising tools which businessmen can use to connect to their targeted market niche.
However, it is noteworthy that social media marketing is like a double-edged sword – it is something that needs to be wielded correctly.
In the hands of a skilled marketer, it is an effective sales tool. But in the hands of an amateur, it can turn success into demise.
So to help you avoid the pitfalls of social media marketing, I made a list of 200 hacks that will propulse you to the proper use of social media sites.
So learn now how you can turn social media sites into a load of cash!

The Google Adwords Crazy Wizard

Ultimate Product Monster 20150917092800_adwordsWho never used Google?
That platform is so HUGE it’s taking over everywhere. So of course Google is leveraging that and placing ads on almost every single searches, websites and so on.
Wouldn’t you like it to be your ad people would see so they bring their money to you instead of your competitor?
Well, new friend. There’s a way to do it so cheap you can soon be the new Google King.
Want to know my tricks?

This training explains the whole system so in-dept you are sure that your next Product Monster will indeed be a Monster.
I often reserve this package for the end because I only offer it to people I know can make a killing – because they are DEDICATED.
Well here it is, on a silver platter for you.
That way you can be the next one sitting at my place, right now, and teaching all the newbies on how to make crazy money like you’re about to make.
All you’ll have to do is follow in my footsteps, do what I do and copy my results. To make things even easier for you, in addition to these modules you’ll also get