12 Free Internet Marketing Tools You Can Use To Market Your Brand

Internet Marketing ToolsIn a world where so many things are dictated by what is online, no brand or company can risk not to look in the means and ways on how to tap in this powerful client base. However, this does not mean that a company or brand should invest heavily in this venture. For that purpose, therefore, we have decided to pick out 12 free Internet marketing tools you can use for your

1. The Social Mention Tool

Monitoring the social media is quite a challenge for any brand and therefore, if you have no streamline capabilities then everything goes to dust. But with the Social mention tool, one can easily monitor the strength, sentiment, passion, and reach of your feeds.

2. The Addict-o-matic

Every brand will need a buzz about their product or service at a certain point or even better all the time. With Addict-o-matic one can easily monitor the influence of the buzz. The trick is with this tools one can easily obtain information from different sites such as Twitter, Flickr, e.t.c to tell you the performance of your drive.

3. The IceRocket

Everything is by keyword, without a keyword in any of your statements or content online is like putting a pin in the haystack. This tool helps track mentions.

4. The Google Alerts

With this tool, you discover all the social media platforms that are driving traffic to your website. With this tool, you are able to get notifications any time keywords specific to you are mentioned.

5. The Facebook insights

This is a good tool for any brand or company that uses Facebook to market its products. With Facebook Insights, you get a better understanding of your customer’s behaviors which is quite

6. Rapportive

With this tool, one can view social media profiles from their Gmail accounts. Such profiles include LinkedIn.

7. The Qzzr tool

With the QZZR one can be able to create content that can easily drive traffic to your site. This is done by developing a quiz that your clients can partake in. These can be developed to tackle any topic.

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8. The Google PageSpeed Insights

It is the responsibility of each brand or company to understand the performance of their site especially the lading speed. With the Google PageSpeed Insights, this has been made possible/

9. The Keyword tool

Keywords are the foundation for any effective SEO or online marketing project or program. With the Key Word Tool, one is able to obtain effective or workable keywords in targeting customers.

10.The Goodle Trends

At no one point has there passed a second without Google capturing a search. Therefore, with this tool, you will easily identify which keywords have been used the most.

11.The SimilarWeb

If your site is not being discussed then you are just online to watch the rest. Using the SimilarWeb tool, one can assess their site’s performance compared to other websites.


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Online marketing is the lifeblood of any brand or company in this technology-driven world. Without means to obtain effective internet marketing tools then you can be counted as a spectator. But with the above tools, you do not need any coin to use them unless you want to upgrade to have access to better features within the tool

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