Most Used Tool In E-Commerce Business

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Most Used Tool In E-Commerce Business
When you think of business, it is obvious that there are some of the things that you should consider. Amongst the things to be considered are the tools that are used. Some of the major things that many businesses find it essential and will always focus on them are customers, email marketing and not forgetting SEO. E-commerce in combination with technology and also product innovation has led to the transformation of the behavior of the customer. This has been achieved by building a good relationship between the brand and the consumer through social media. Just as any other field eCommerce business has competition which is not inevitable. Thus it is essential to provide benefits which are better for the consumer. This can only be achieved by using the eCommerce business tools discussed below.

Google Adwords.

One of the most effective methods for generating traffic and promoting sales is organic search, the conversation rates of the organic search are not always high. One of the essential tools that will help you generate traffic and promote your sales is Google AdWords this tool can help you to promote your eCommerce site. Using this tool one can create and run ads in Google search.


This tool helps retailers specifically those who are online to connect with customers with products which are relevant and thus boosting their sales. With the use of searching one can have to autocomplete optimized, collect better search data and also one can drive search conversation.


This tool is relatively new in eCommerce. The tool optimizes the online search by ensuring that customers get an experience that is more personalized. Whenever a customer is on your site, he or she will be able to see “recommended for you” thus creating a new sale.


User experience is always relevant when it comes to eCommerce, and so is the user interface. Both work together and with optimized different layouts and content will be tested to see what is likely to convert and perform better.


This is an analytic tool that uses heat maps for visitors on a website. The tool can see how the website users click, where they have their mouse moved, and can even keep record the user’s mouse activity on your website. The tool also as a feedback system which enables you to know the point at which the user is leaving, and this can help you improve your system.

Crazy Egg.

Just the same as the hot jar, Crazy egg will allow you to see what exactly the user clicks with heat maps. What is more important is that you could be wondering why your visitors at your website are not converting. Crazy Egg is a tool that will know why your users are leaving and thus you can easily have your pages enhanced for customers to have a better experience. This will also ensure that content that is more important is seen and not neglected.


Among the many eCommerce business tools, these are just but a few tools that should always be considered in any business. The tools have higher chances of increasing your sales in one way or another.

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