One of the best content management systems for SEO today, WordPress is endowed with many SEO hacks which can help boost your Google rankings. However, it’s equally true that this platform alone cannot do all you need for a good ranking on Google. You will have to look for many other ways to boost the SEO of your WordPress website.

5 Simple WordPress SEO Hacks To Boost Your Google Ranking

Here are five easy ways by which you can achieve your goals to rank better in 2020:

1. Optimize your permalinks

After you set up your site using a good hosting provider, put to use your permalinks. These are the permanent URLs to your web pages and blog posts. You can implement these to improve your SEO performance by using a long-tail keyword inside your URL.

Create short and easy-to-read URLs that aid better SEO. Ensure that all your pages target one keyword/keyword phrase in the permalink but once again, check that they are short. Don’t use numbers or dates or any ugly characters in your URLs.

2. Use Google Analytics

To track your web traffic, use Google Analytics. You can find out the source of your traffic, its behavior and many more characteristics. With such information, you will be able to plan your site’s onward SEO data.

3. Install a good WordPress SEO Plugin

Though WordPress may be very competent by itself, yet it helps to install an SEO plugin that does a more focused job of optimizing text. One such efficient plugin is Yoast SEO with whose help you can:

  • Look for more LSI keywords for your specific niche. Sprinkle it all across your content. Result: Better relevancy and build-up of authority content
  • Don’t exceed one percent density of your primary keyword. Avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Use images, infographics, videos, graphics, and links liberally throughout your content and ensure it looks natural.
  • Ensure that your URL, title and subheads contain the focus keyword and fit in well with your text.

4. Pay importance to your header tags—H1, H2, H3

The Google crawler checks all your header tags—H1, H2, and H3 for site content relevancy. Considering H1 is the most important tag, have just one tag per page and then several H2s and H3s below. Check that your H1 tag contains your focus keyword. The other headers could contain long-tail variations of your primary keyword.

5. Does your site have Voice Search?

have Voice SearchGood examples of Voice search that you can use for your site include Amazon’s Echo, Apple’s Siri and Google’s Assistant. Instead of using text searches as phrases, you could ask for the same information in a more detailed way, such as “Which plugins should I use for better Google ranking?” instead of “best plugins + Google ranking.”

By being longer, you can use such sentences as long-tailed keywords to optimize your content better.


These are just a handful of WordPress SEO hacks that can increase your Google ranking. There are many more equally good performers which you could also try if these don’t work.