How To Get 20-50 Cent Optins Using Banner Ads

Are banner ads dead?

Many marketers seem to think so, but not me… nope.
I use banner advertising heavily in my online business, simply because it works!
How To Get 20-50 Cent Optins Using Banner AdsObviously, just like with any marketing method, you must KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING.
That’s why I put together this list of tips and tricks I use to get options for pennies using banner ads…

Banner ad tips and tricks:

#1- Using your own UNIQUE banner is key
Even if you are promoting a program that supplies you banner ads… you need to make your own banner.
Why compete with thousand of other marketers who are using the same banner? I have always gotten the best results making my own banners.
There are plenty of free programs to create banners with no skill needed. You can even create a few banners and test which ones get the best results.
#2- Banners are useless on “off topic” sites
As with all advertising, targeting is crucial. You must be able to get your banners on sites where the traffic is likely to click on them.
I know this sounds obvious, but many marketers overlook the clear fact that banner advertising only works on sites targeted to the offer.
#3- Getting the click is only step #1
Internet marketing is not JUST about getting traffic, you must also convert that traffic into profits. The best way to do this is to use a lead capture page and follow up.
This goes for you even if you promote affiliate products or business “programs.” Always build YOUR list first, then use follow-up emails to make sales.
One key is making sure your optin page is very congruent to the ad. You want to make it natural for people to join your list after clicking your banner.
#4- Never spend your ad budget without TRACKING it
This goes for ALL forms of paid advertising. If you’re not tracking your ads, you’re losing money and the potential to speed up profits.
Test various networks/sites on a small scale. Not all sites will produce favorable results, but you only need a handful of good places to put your banners to get dozens, even hundreds of leads daily.
#6- Scale up and automate
This is the fun part. When you find a site or network that is proving profitable, you can scale up. Generally, the more you buy the better price you get, so you can get even more bang for your buck with bulk ad buys.
And the great thing about banners is that once you set them up, they drive quality traffic around the clock hands-free.

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