How To Sell Physical Products on Amazon

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Selling physical products on Amazon is a gravy train. You don’t even have to be the producer of the products you sell. That’s the fun bit of it. Plus you also get to private label the products you sell and brand them as your own.How To Sell Physical Products on Amazon
You’ve probably heard people talking about raking huge amounts of profits on Amazon, and almost thought they were bluffing. Well, this article takes you through the whole process—from finding the right niche and the supplier to creating your own brand, labeling the products and listing them up on Amazon:

Researching on Amazon to Find the Right Niche

The first step is to visit Amazon and find a product that sells well. The trick is to try and find a product with so many sales and a high number of reviews. It’s even better when the product has a few sellers, but with so many reviews and sales. It goes to show that your competition won’t be that stiff.
Also important, try picking a product whose market is NOT dominated by one particular brand. You certainly don’t want to go in competition with, say, Adidas or Nike when trying to sell sneakers.

Lastly, pick a product that’s small in size and light for easy shipping.

Read this bearing in mind that there are thousands of products on the board that meet the criteria. So your options are only limited by how far you’re willing to stretch out your research.

What Makes a Product Great?

  • Lots of sales. Any product recording an upward of 3, 000 sales per month, meets this criterion.
  • Has a few sellers, say, five or less
  • Has lots of positive reviews
  • Sale within a specific range for more profit

Your options are far much widespread. For instance, you could decide to niche out to weight loss and nutrition and your options include picking Garcinia Cambogia, Creatine, Testosterone boosters or any other supplement out there as the product to sell.

Find a Supplier

For whatever product you’ve picked on Amazon, head to Google and search for a supplier.
There are lots of suppliers online, but the most common ones are AliExpress and Alibaba.
AliExpress makes a better choice as it allows you to order a small number of products, with only 1 to 2 weeks of shipping. As for Alibaba, you just have to order a certain number of products, and then wait for a period close to one month before they get to you.
So unless you’re that patient, you might want to go with AliExpress. Just go ahead and order, say, 100 pieces of the products you plan to sell on Amazon and you’ll have them shipped to you within a week or two.
Make sure the supplier you choose stocks the product you plan to sell. Otherwise, you’ll have to go and look for another supplier.
You can also contact the supplier and ask them just about anything you want to know about the product. Some suppliers do provide samples. Make them send them to you for testing purposes before you can proceed with your investment.

Labeling and Packaging

The next step is to find a way to label and package the product. Depending on the supplier you choose, they should be able to walk you through the process together with the requirements and the specs needed.
Some suppliers do offer free packaging and labeling. You might want to consider this while deciding on the supplier to go with.
Labeling the products on your own isn’t that hard, too. So if you happen to find a product you like and has better rates, just go ahead and get them shipped to you, and thereafter label them yourself.
Visit fiverr, upwork or freelancer and find a graphic designer to help you create a label for the product. Make sure the label is good enough to make the product sell quickly.

You can thereafter send the label to the supplier to add the label to the product and ta-da! Your product is now ready for shipping and selling.


This is the first thing to do once the products arrive. Get a professional photographer to help you take quality photographs of the products.
You could still do it yourself or get a friend to help you out. It doesn’t have to be that complicated, as long as the pictures are clear enough and quality.

Amazon Listing

You can now head to Amazon and sign up for a professional seller account, which requires you to pay $40 a month for listing your products. But you’ll be doing it for free the first month and paying for the subsequent months.
So if all your products sell within the month, you don’t get to pay a penny.
The products you list should be well described and accompanied by the pictures you took.
Now go ahead and send the products to Amazon’s warehouse, and they’ll sort them out and help you distribute to their warehouses across the world. Voila! Relax and wait for your products to sell as your business booms.
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