Guideline on How to Sell Physical Products on Amazon

Almost everyone has bought something online and had it shipped to their location. Sites like Amazon and eBay have grown to become global marketplaces where you can purchase almost anything. As these websites do well, many people usually get the urge to also start selling products on those platforms. Guideline on How to Sell Physical Products on Amazon
While the shopping experience might be simple and enjoyable for buyers, retailers never have an easy time when they first start selling physical products on Amazon. There are a lot of preparation steps that must be followed if you want your products to sell well on Amazon. The rest of this article will give you step by step guide to help you start selling items online.

Steps to Selling Online

Create Amazon Account

The first step to becoming an Amazon seller is opening an account. Primarily, the platform allows you to open two types of accounts, a professional and an individual account. As you are only starting out and selling a few items, go to the individual account. Follow the guidelines for creating the account and fill in information like seller details, payment methods. You will also be required to show proof of identification, as well as agree to their terms and conditions.

Listing Products

Once your account is up and running, your next step of action is to list the items you intend to sell. Normally, it is better to find a product even before opening the account. You may want to simply get rid of some items you no longer need and are occupying a room in your house, or you may have found a niche product that seems to be selling well currently.
On your Amazon account, look for “Add Product” tab, click on it and follow the prompts it gives. You will be required to enter necessary information about the product you are selling. Be as clear and as honest as possible when entering the product description. It is also at this stage that you set the price of the items, and also choose whether Amazon ships on your behalf, or if you handle it personally.

Managing Inventory

For your seller rating to rise on Amazon, you have to keep watch of your inventory. Normally, Amazon will adjust inventory when you sell or restock your store. However, you can also do so manually by accessing the Seller Central Dashboard.

Fulfilling Orders

The reason you decided to sell on Amazon in the first place is to make profits. Thus, you should never fail to work in any order you get. Amazon has grown to where it is because of the clients, and management will be very quick to lower your rating when you do not fulfill your orders. If you cannot ship the products by yourself, you can get into a Fulfillment by Amazon contract to allow them to ship the products on your behalf. You will nonetheless still have to prepare the products effectively before shipping them to Amazon.


One important thing you should never forget is that you are doing business and profit is key. Therefore, always make sure you figure out all costs if you want to make maximum profits. All in all, as you think of starting to sell online, remember that Amazon is a global platform, and you can never run short of things to sell to the world from wherever you are.
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