How To Start E-commerce Store on Shopify

Amazon and E-bay are among the first American companies to venture into the business over the internet. Mobile telephony and internet are two crucial variable factors that have contributed to the success of e-commerce industry. Today, there are various emerging companies such as Zappos and owing to more people engaging over the internet. Also, increased internet performance and speed have largely contributed to more E-commerce companies across the world. In essence, the genesis of E-commerce was in 1991 when the internet was officially opened for commercial use. Technologies such as Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) have provided an ideal opportunity for users to exchange information and complete electronic transactions.How To Start E-commerce Store on Shopify
Shopify is one of the rising e-commerce software that provides users to create their own stores thereby in a position to transact and link with potential customers over the internet. On the Shopify platform, there are various ways in which one can sell their products including retail package, buy button, Shopify POS, Facebook shop, and online store. To be able to succeed in selling online, there is need to create an impressive store in order to attract potential customers. Although there are costs involved to own an online store, Shopify provides a free trial for fourteen days. It is not enough to just create an online store, it is important to create and build your brand to ultimately grow in the e-commerce industry. Some of the features that one enjoys by owning an online store on Shopify include; unlimited bandwidth, customized websites, product inventory, and the ability to use credit card mode of payments.
Before creating an online store on Shopify, it is fundamental to research and prepare to start from knowing and identifying the kind of products one wants to sell. Moreover, developing a business plan and research on both existing and potential competitors in your area of the venture. Anticipate on some of the challenges that most of the e-commerce companies often in order to prepare to handle them effectively. Establishing an online store with Shopify has never been easy, perhaps the reason why most people prefer this platform as a partner for e-commerce business. Having prepared adequately, a systematic procedure is therefore required to be followed to ensure successful acquisition of an online store.
Step 1: Sign up with Shopify
This begins the process by entering your email, password, as well as username. Also, on is required to fill the registration form online requiring further details including physical address.
Step 2: Add a Product to your Store
After registration, one is required to add the product of preference on the add product page. In this stage information such as the name of the product, vendor, description and price are filled.
Step 3: Customization of the Site
This such as colors, gallery, and these will be handled at this stage. Additionally, the owner will also be required to design a unique logo an insert into on the website. The owner will further be required to choose appropriate these and colors in accordance with the product chosen.
Step 4: Setting up Domain
On the dashboard, one is required to click on add domain and follow the systematic procedures that follow depending on whether you want to transfer domain or register a new one.
Step 5: Activating Mode of Payments
After choosing the appropriate node of payment as provided by the Shopify platform, the last process is to activate the payment processors before launching the store or website.
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