Niche Profit Fast Track Complete Review & Real Members Area Demo, Is It Worth Your Money? – How To Earn A Passive Online Income With Simple But Highly Profitable Niche Websites! By Adam Short & Bobby Mclees

Niche Profit Fast Track Review

PRODUCT:Niche Profit Fast Track
Creators:Adam Short & Bobby Mclees
Product Type:Web-based Software and Training Program
Price:$1497 or 3 Payments of $597 
Official  (Direct To Special VIP Enroll Page)
Money-Back Guarantee:YES! (30-Day Refund Period)
The Verdict:

Are you looking to create an additional income stream online? If yes, it is a good idea to go with the tried and tested blueprint rather than trial and error. Trial and error will only cost you a lot of money. In the end, it might turn out to be a dud as well. That is why; going with the tried and the tested blueprint is always a good idea.

The question is, where can you find such a blueprint? Is there a training course which offers you the same? The answer is the Niche Profit Fast Track. It claims to provide you with 60-Day training, which can allow you to create passive income websites. However, is it legit?

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We will be answering this question today in our niche profit fast track review. We will go into the details of this training program to help you understand if it is good enough or not.

What Is The Niche Profit Fast Track?

Niche Profit Fast Track

Before we go into any other details of the program, let us first understand its basics. The niche profit fast track program is a 60 Day live coaching program. It focuses on teaching to build a website that will generate passive income for you. The program also offers you 12 different options when it comes to niche businesses. These are ready-made options that come along with content and the design needed to launch a successful website. It means that the program will involve you through the entire process.

If you prefer creating your website from scratch, you have that option as well. Once you choose the niche of your website, you will be inducted into the 60 Day Boot Camp. You will learn to make your website successful and generate organic traffic for your website. The program will also go over the monetization methods which you can use for the site.

The program also offers access to mentors in case you do not get the desired results. It means that the program has got you covered. Whether you have any prior experience in setting up and running a website or not, with the 60 Day live coaching program, you can get a head start and build a successful income stream.

How does it work?

Full System

The program has two different sections. The first section revolves around helping you choose a niche, and you have the option to go with a ready-made one or select your own.

Once you do that, the induction takes place into the 60 Day training. After that, all the tools, as well as the software which you will have access to, will help you in the 60 Day training. With this training, you can clear your doubts and get answers to questions which you might have before going to the next step. It means that you will have all the information which you need to make your website successful.

Apart from that, there is also access to 12 months of training and coaching, which will help you launch websites. The training program also focuses on scaling up those websites. The entire course removes any obstacles when it comes to creating a passive income website.

About Adam Short & Bobby Mclees:

Adam ShortBefore you opt for any training program at any blueprint, it is always better to find out more about its creators. That is what we will do today. The creators of this training program are Adam Short & Bobby Mclees. We will go into the details of both of their backgrounds to help you understand if the creators are credible or not.

Adam Short has created over 90 successful websites. With the help of a proper blueprint, he can target the right keywords and create content and also make this website successful. The free traffic methods which he uses for his websites are present in the live training program. Due to this very reason, once you follow this training program, you can implement the techniques which work.

Bobby McleesBobby Mclees, on the other hand, has been with Adam for long and has worked in many projects. That is why both creators have a significant amount of experience when it comes to creating successful websites and income streams.

When it comes to the experience of the creators, you will have no complaints at all. Both creators have a significant amount of experience in the realms which they are teaching you.

About Adam Short & Bobby Mclees’s previous products:

The creators have been together for more than ten years. In these ten years, they have launched numerous products together. We will go into the details of some of these products to help you understand their history.

1. Niche profit classroom:

Niche profit classroom was a website launched in 2008. It attracted over 50,000 customers. The site had a retention rate of 6.5 months, due to which it was a successful venture. However, it was not only a successful venture for the creators but also for the students. Numerous positive reviews ensure that the students were able to make money with the help of the digital marketing knowledge shared on the website.

2. Niche profit full control:

Niche profit full control was another course by both the creators to help the students create profitable niche websites. It was launched in 2015. Till date, it has had sales of over $ 3.5 million.

Cumulatively, when you take into account the previously launched products of these creators, they have generated over $ 25 million in sales.

More importantly, both the ventures have got raving reviews from their customers. So, when it comes to the history of the creators, there is no doubt at all. The creators are as credible as they can be.

What Is Included In The Niche Profit Fast Track Program?

Now that you are aware of the gist of the program let us understand the contents of the program.

1. The Niche Profit Accelerators:

Niche Profit AcceleratorsThe Niche Profit Accelerators are 12 ready-made businesses which you can launch instantly. The niches have been carefully selected to ensure that you can make a significant profit. Each of these is known as the accelerator. Accelerators consist of:

  • Detailed analysis
  • High-quality articles
  • Email autoresponder series
  • List of affiliate products
  • List of low competition keywords
  • Opt-in form and lead bait

Every month, you will get access to a new accelerator. It means that for the 1st year, you can launch a new business every month. Thus, you can start not only a single successful website but plenty of them in the 1st year itself.

2. The 60 Day Live Training Course:

Live TrainingYou will also be inducted into the 60 Day live training course. It will allow you to learn to create a website, get traffic to your website, and monetize the traffic. It will also go into the details of how you can set this up on autopilot. Since the live training will cover every aspect of setting up a website, it becomes easy for you to launch one such website every month. Some of the modules and content which you will get access to in the 60 Day live training course include:

  • 8-step weekly training models
  • Weekly checklist
  • Weekly blueprints
  • Plug and Play templates
  • Access to weekly Q&A sessions

With so much content and resources on offer, it is hard not to succeed after taking action on this blueprint and live training. The best thing about live training is that it assumes that you have little to no experience when it comes to launching websites or running a digital business. Due to this very reason, it is suitable for almost everyone. It teaches you from scratch, which means that you get the complete experience when it comes to launching a successful website.

3. Software Access:

Niche Profit SoftwareOf course, to launch and run such a successful online business, you will need access to some software as well. The good news is that it provides you with access to such software options as well. These include:

Market feeder:- The market feeder is a tool that can provide you with ideas related to successful niche products. It means that when it comes to monetizing your website, this software can provide you with unique ideas that work.

Market analyzer:- The job of the market analyzer is to find new market indicators. It will allow you to know about the upcoming niches which are in trend.

Competition profiler:- When you’re planning to launch a website, it is essential to know about the competition as well. The software will help you analyze your competition and their sales funnel to understand better how you can outscore them.

Niche profit press:- The job of this tool is to allow you to create a website in a jiffy. It consists of a landing page design that can help you in designing webinar pages, sales pages, squeeze pages, and a lot of other types of pages. All of this with the help of a drag and drop feature which means that you will not require any coding knowledge.

Traffic advantage:- Traffic advantage can help you in gaining social media traffic. Thus, if you’re looking to tap into the free sources of traffic, this is the software that you can certainly use.

Social leads builder:- Social leads builder helps you in gaining access across multiple platforms like:

  • Facebook
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Twitter
  • And more

You can create a dedicated traffic generation campaign across all of these platforms with the help of this software. The best feature of this tool is, you can set it to auto-pilot, which means that you will not have to monitor it consistently.

With access to software like those, you will not have to worry about generating traffic for your website or building the right website.

Thus, when you look at the contents of this program, it is amply clear that it covers every aspect of launching a successful online business. All you need to do is follow the blueprint and use the resources on offer.

Niche Profit Fast Track Members Area

Niche Profit Fast Track TrainingshadowJoin Niche Profit Fast Track Right Now!

The member’s area will provide access to all the resources highlighted above. Additionally, it also consists of a forum that allows you to interact with other members. So the member’s area provides you with another way in which you can solve all your doubts and take action on the knowledge contained in the training course.

Training Module 1

What the modules involve: Training

Module 1 – Introduction and Overview – Please watch this module first. It contains important information about the features here at Niche Profit Fast Track and how the program is structured.

  • Welcome to Niche Profit Fast Track
  • General Program Overview
  • The Training
  • The Ready-Made Niche Businesses
  • The Coaching
  • The Bonuses
  • What To Do Now

Module 2 – Coming Soon

Niche BusinessesNiche Businesses

  • Archery
  • Beards (Men’s Grooming)
  • Dirt Biking / ATV’ing
  • Drones
  • EMF Protection
  • Growing Your Own Food
  • Kayaking
  • Mushrooms
  • Pest Control (DIY)
  • RV’ing
  • Survival
  • The Law of Attraction


  • Domains
  • Hosting
  • Keyword Research
  • Content To Video
  • Images/graphics
  • WordPress Themes
  • Landing Pages
  • Popup Creation
  • Email Marketing
  • Monetizing With Ads

BONUSES:- Find your bonuses, extra tools, etc… here.

BONUS 1:- Goal Setting & Time Management

Without the right understanding of how to set goals and manage your time, you may fall short of your income goals, even if you utilize the best training. In this exclusive course, Adam walks you through his personal goal-setting tips and time-management strategies that took him from six figures in debt to running a seven-figure online business from home.

  • Introduction And Course Overview
  • The Dynamics Of Intention
  • Goal Setting Prerequisites
  • Anatomy Of The Perfect Goal
  • The Ultimate Goal-getting Ritual
  • Taking Action
  • Time Management Introduction
  • Task Tracking
  • Daily Task Sheet
  • The Pomodoro Technique
  • Maintaining Balance
  • Wrap Up

BONUS 2:- Top 4000 Niches Spreadsheet

These 4000 niches were selected from among millions of potential candidates. Selections were made based on search volume, competition, and buyer intent. The niches on this list showed the highest marks across all three categories.

BONUS 3:- The Niche Profit Software Suite

This includes 6 proprietary software tools that were custom-built specifically for the Passive Profits Formula. From market research to website creating, to traffic, these tools will significantly speed up and automate each step of creating your Passive Profit Machines.


  • Market Feeder Niche Ideas Delivered Daily Analyzes the ClickBank marketplace daily and identifies top-performing products you might want to promote or compete with.
  • Market Analyzer Gain Deep Insight Into Your Market Analyzes a market in detail across a variety of market indicators and provides an overall market score.
  • Competition Profiler Discover How Well Your Competitors Are Doing Analyzes competitor websites and funnels and provides performance insights that you can use to your advantage.
  • Niche Profit Press Launch Beautiful Web Pages in Minutes Point-and-click landing page builder with modern, full-customizable templates, including opt-in pages, sales pages, webinar pages, and more.
  • Traffic Advantage Redirect Social Traffic To Your Funnel With Ease Identifies pockets of free, targeted, highly-responsive social traffic online that you can easily redirect back to your website.
  • Social Leads Builder Viral List Building On Autopilot Motivates your audience to refer your website across social networks, forums, blogs and more.

BONUS 4:- The Info Product Mastermind

In this series of 3 live workshops, you’ll learn a proven, step-by-step system for planning, creating and launching your first profitable information product. The dates of this training will be announced once the live 60-day Niche Profit Blueprint training has concluded.

BONUS 5:- Traffic & Revenue Multiplier LIVE

In this live-streamed 2-day event, you’ll learn a series of advanced techniques and strategies for scaling your niche business to the $100k/month level and beyond. We’ll have guest speakers, student case studies, special training, live Q&A and MUCH more!

BONUS 6:- The Growth Automation Formula

In this exclusive video series, you’ll learn how to unleash the full potential of your niche business. First, you’ll learn the simple formula required to keep your niche business growing automatically. You’ll then learn how to outsource everything to someone else!

How Will Niche Profit Fast Track Help You Earn an Income?

The program takes a handholding approach when it comes to helping you make money online. As long as you take action, you can make money using this program. It not only provides you with the knowledge but also the resources which you need to create and run a website. That is why; there is no missing piece in the puzzle which you need to figure out. You can make money with this program.

Is Niche Profit Fast Track a scam?

Good question. You should always ask that question before staring anything new. However, this program is offered to youRisk-Free. If within a 30-day period you are of the opinion that it is not for you they will refund ALL your money.

Now since you should be earning a good income by then, I cannot imagine why you would come to this conclusion, but you can join this program knowing that whatever happens you come out on top.

If the team behind Niche Profit Fast Track were not pretty convinced that you would succeed, it would make no sense to offer this guarantee.

Pros & Cons of the Niche Profit Fast Track Program


>The program takes a holistic approach
>>60-Day live training
>>Plenty of resources on offer
>>Suitable for beginners as well as experts
>>Access to mentors
>>Credible creators


>>Training and resources have a learning curve
>>The enrolment fee is too high especially for low-income class, and students. (But Worth Every Penny If Put To Work)
>>It’s not a magic product – you need to put in real efforts to get results (because you are building a real business).

Money-Back Guarantee?

60 days risk-free money-back guaranteeThey are so certain you will absolutely love the Niche Profit Fast Track Program, They are giving you a chance to try it out for 30 days risk-free money-back guarantee, and they promise you will absolutely love it, or they’ll buy it back from you. No hassles. No problems.


The Niche Profit Fast Track is one of the best programs when it comes to generating passive income online. It provides you with A to Z training and resources to create your websites and to monetize them and make a significant income online. With every base covered, as long as you follow the blueprint as highlighted in training, you will be able to make money. That is why, if you’re on the fence regarding this program, it is a definite buy.