5 Best Free Email Marketing Tools 2018

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When it comes to internet marketing, social media usually takes the crown. However, there is another alternative that has been there for quite a while. This is the use of email in marketing. As a tool, it has not found that much use in the recent years. However, with the proper know-how, it becomes quite the effective tool. Here are a few good tools that you can use to achieve your marketing goals.

  1. Target Hero

This is one of the more diverse tools that offer exactly what they say. It comes with a collection of image hosting, text editing, HTML and plain text email alternatives. There are also other features that make your email marketing more convenient.

If you have a business with a smaller subscriber list, but needs a larger amount of features for the marketing, then this is the best alternative for you. It, however, comes with the need for account verification through a signup and authentication process. This is one of the email marketing tools with the option of a free plan that offers 1000 contacts with unlimited emails.

  1. Vertical Response

This is a marketing tool that allows you to conveniently connect your marketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This takes the campaign past your contact list to a much greater spectrum. You can either opt to use HTML tools to build your campaign or go with the email wizard. This email marketing tool comes with the ability to send 4000 emails each month to 1000 contacts for free.

  1. Cake Mail

Email marketing tools for campaign don’t get any better than this for the free price range. It has the capability to do A/B testing which helps in the determination of appropriate mailing lists. A google integration tool helps in keeping track of the different campaigns.

With the help of this Email marketing tools, the sending of emails is little more than the click of a few buttons. Select a campaign title, mailing list, design an appropriate email then set a sending time. Advanced HTML features prove helpful when you need to rearrange, delete or add sections to your email. It has a free starter plan that offers 500 emails to 500 contracts.

  1. Flashissue

This is a good tool for newsletter emailing. Curation of content and emailing are conjoined in a simplistic interface. Sign in is simple and through your social media accounts and emails can then be automatically forwarded to your contacts. There is a lot of functionality in this email
marketing tool with the ability to share your newsletter through platforms like Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook among others.

This is one of the email marketing tools that offer unlimited emails on the free plan. However, this is limited to 45 contacts.

  1. Mailjet

In email marketing tools, Mailjet is the best when it comes to template-based marketing strategies. Integration with the rest of your existing apps is not a problem thanks to their SMTP servers. Their libraries are supported in several languages like Python, PHP, and Ruby. Technical support is also available for the app 24/7.

The Email template designer is exceptional. This, combined with the A/X teasing, allows you to test over 10 different email versions. The interface helps you to manage your templates, statistics and email lists. On the free plan, you get 6000 emails a month and 100,000 contacts.

These are but a few of the free email marketing tools that you can take advantage of when looking to advance your email marketing take the advantage of any that meet your specific needs.

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